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Market for qPCR Exceeds USD 3 Billion

Market for qPCR Exceeds USD 3 Billion

The market for real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction was valued at about USD 3.2 billion for 2013 according to Kalorama Information an increase from USD 2.8 billion in 2011.   more...
[19 Nov 2014]
Eurofins Genomics Buys VBC-Biotech Businesses, Establishes Austrian Subsidiary

Eurofins Genomics Buys VBC-Biotech Businesses, Establishes Austrian Subsidiary

Eurofins Genomics has acquired VBC-Biotech's oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing businesses, and an Austrian subsidiary is being established.  more...
[18 Nov 2014]
Aperiomics Launches Novel NGS Services

Aperiomics Launches Novel NGS Services

Aperiomics, founded in October 2013 to bring ground-breaking solutions that address disease challenges, has launched its first commercial services with its breakthrough Absolute-NGS Pathogen Detection Platform.   more...
[17 Nov 2014]

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Global Respiratory & Anesthesia Monitors Market 2009-2013

Respiratory & Anesthetia monitors are patient monitoring devices that interpret the available clinical data. These monitoring devices help recognize present (as well as predict future) mishap or unfavorable system conditions pertaining to respiratory disorders.

Respiratory & Anesthesia...more...

Global Patient Monitoring Systems Market 2009-2013

The Patient Monitoring Systems market is witnessing rapid technological advancements, leading to innovative product offerings enhancing patient outcomes. Further, the incorporation of wireless and digital technology is enabling the healthcare providers to remotely diagnose and effectively...more...

The Outlook for Medical Devices in South East Asia

dependent and still maintaining good growth levels, the markets of SE Asia offer enterprising companies good opportunities. However, they must meet the challenges of widely differing operating environments.

Why invest in South East Asia?
Like all other sectors, the medical device markets in...more...

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