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POC Monitor

The POC-W212 features a 21.5-inch screen with a fanless and slim design. The highly integrated system is capable of displaying crystal clear images, and provides a rich selection of high-speed I/O connectors, user-friendly function keys, and customizable features.
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Transport Monitor

The PHYSIOGARD Touch 7 emergency transport monitor enables continuous ECG monitoring and 12-lead ECG diagnostic recording, as well as measurement of SpO2, NIBP and temperature. It features a large 7-inch touchscreen for optimal display readability and highly responsive operation, even when wearing gloves, and can directly transmit data during and after the intervention.
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Emergency Defibrillator
DefiMonitor EVO

The DefiMonitor EVO 12-lead emergency defibrillator provides complete preclinical and clinical patient monitoring, and is always fully functional, even in adverse weather conditions. Its high-capacity batteries provide 10 hours of operational readiness without a mains connection, and its modular product design allows for various opti­ons ranging from basic configuration to fully equipped in order to meet individual requirements.
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Temperature Recorder

The GB TempCard portable temperature recorder features an external temperature sensor for fast reaction time to temperature changes and is designed to endure hard damages. Its alert indicator provides a warning if the monitored temperature moves out of set limits and also offers customization of alert settings to suit a particular application in order to minimize the chances of false alerts.
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Central Station Monitor
VM4000 Central Station

The VM4000 Central Station monitor features a 24-inch wide screen LCD display for simultaneously viewing 16 beds and a dual screen option for simultaneously viewing 32 beds. It displays the trend for all parameters for the last 72 hours with a trend graph and table analysis, and up to 64-waveform presentations.
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NICU Infant Incubator
Vision Advanced 2286

The Vision Advanced 2286 is an NICU infant incubator featuring a double-walled hood with frontal and back access and provides the newborn with a stable micro-climate with uniform heat distribution. It allows the neonate to be treated and monitored without removing them from the incubator, while its two control panel options offer total visibility of the monitored parameters at the operator's height.
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Neonatal Incubator
Duetto 2386

The Duetto 2386 operates as both a neonatal incubator and an open radiant heat intensive care unit, with its heating system strategically positioned outside of the unit near the hood to minimize the risk of contamination through slots when in incubation mode. The hybrid incubator features an adjustable bed that can be positioned to sitting level, furthering mother-baby contact, along with a touchscreen control panel that suggests the best environment for the infant.
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PG V5000D

The PG V5000D ventilator offers various ventilation modes, such as VCV, PCV, SIMV+VCV, SIMV+PCV, SPONT, and NPPV, and shows useful controlling parameters in each ventilation mode. The main controlling parameters can be adjusted directly through the main screen while the functions for adult and pediatric patients in the ICU can be adjusted using the main membrane buttons.
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Incubator / Warmer
Babyleo TN500

The Babyleo TN500 provides optimal thermoregulation for neonates in open care, closed care and transition. With the combination of three heat sources, it protects the infant so they can grow while proving quick and comfortable access to the baby to make workflow easier.
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Respiratory System

The SmartLab system with Insight software is a flexible system for measurement/analysis of respiratory signals in research. The base module can accept up to 4 sensor modules for measuring flow/pressures. Optional inputs include an oximeter, CO2 sensor, temp and humidity and digital I/O.
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Airway Clearance System
Vest System 205

The Vest System 205 removes retained secretions by dislodging mucus from the bronchial walls. It is ideal for assisting patients suffering from airway clearance dysfunction, secretion retention and/or ineffective cough or secretion clearance due to immobility, deconditioning or muscle weakness.
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Isis PRO/Eazy Pro

The Isis PRO/Eazy Pro allows health professionals to personalize the parameters to be applied in the treatment. It provides audio orientation and automatically diagnosis arrhythmia, considers clinical variables and, if recommended, requests confirmation before safely applying the shock.
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Pulse Co-Oximeter

The Rad-97 features a color display with user-friendly multi-touch navigation, allowing clinicians to easily customize the device to best suit their needs. It allows users to rapidly configure the device for accommodating different patients, and provides built-in wireless connectivity.
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Desktop Spirometer

The Spirolab offers a wide range of selectable parameters, along with a fast and silent built-in printer with customizable format. Its 7-inch touch screen allows each function to be easily activated, and it is capable of storing up to 10,000 spirometry tests or 900 hours of oximetry recordings.
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Patient Monitor

The KMO-121 monitors vital signs such as ECG, SPO2, NIV BP, respiratory rate and temperature, with options for monitoring invasive blood pressure and ETCO2 (end Tidal CO2). It has a 12.1-inch color LCD display, and records and displays 480 hours of trends in graphic and tabular form.
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