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Critical Care
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QA3 Emergency Trolley System – Variable Height

A specially designed version of the QA3 for Accident & Emergency departments is available. This includes an X-ray translucent platform, a medirail and the K8 Pressure Care Mattress. Optional features include a monitor shelf and a Venturi suction system
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Oxygen Concentrator

The e2 offers pure, medical-grade oxygen from room with 344 kPa supply pressure at 6 liters per minute, which is 6-10x more than other concentrators. The electronic e2 is also easy to install, quiet, durable, and energy-efficient with low operating costs and minimal maintenance.
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Gas Flow Analyzer

The VT305 is designed to evaluate gas flow and pressure devices by measuring pressure, flow, volume, oxygen concentration, and gas temperature. Key features include simple use, portability, and efficiency due to data consistency and reduced errors.
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BP Monitoring System
BR-102 plus

The BR-102 plus ABPM device combines the auscultatory and oscillometric methods for reliable readings every time. The device also offers a user-friendly, Windows-based program that allows maximum flexibility for configuration, analysis, interpretation, and ABPM reporting.
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Acute Care Analyzer
Stratus CS 200

The Stratus CS 200 is designed to facilitate rapid decision making and optimal care at the POC for cardiac patients. Key features include simple operation, as well as user-friendly touch screen, barcode reader, and bi-directional connectivity for safe and secure results transmission.
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Flow-Safe II EZ® CPAP System - Integrated Nebulizer

CPAP System with Integrated Nebulizer
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ICU Anesthesia Machine with patient monitor,2 vaporizer

PAS-200E Anesthesia Machine, with its ergonomic design, integrates a concise and smooth structure and high mobility. The microcomputer-controlled Ventilator adopts exported sensors and other components. Its scientific and proper design as well as rigorous production process are what demonstrate the inner quality of Poweam products: mechanical ventilation is made secure and visible by the folded respiratory bellows, and the security of air supply guaranteed by pneumatic transmission and measurement system. With multiple modern technologies applied, the Anesthesia Machine is both outstanding in performance and versatile in functions.  The Ventilator adopts microcomputer control with high-definition 8.4” TFT color LCD display, integrating the functions of respiratory control and displaying the monitoring parameters. It is versatile in function and excellent in performance.  The high-precision Vaporizer is designed with a stable concentration output, automatic compensation for pressure, temperature and flow rate. And it is available to choose two kinds of gas from Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane, ensuring a successful anesthesia operation.  High-definition five-tube flowmeter (oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air), designed with stoppers for oxygen and nitrous oxide to control the output oxygen concentration.  Reliable pneumatic transmission system.  Economic and proper configuration of technologies, optional as required by the Customer.  Modularized design and upgrading. Upgrading is available as required by the Customer.
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ADSII Anesthesia Machine

Infinium Medical supplies the ADS II model anesthesia machines throughout the global market place. Our anesthesia machines are thoroughly tested and retested by medical professionals in order to assure seamless operation and ease of use. Infinium Medical carefully chose the ADS II as our premier anesthesia machine based on its superior engineering and design. This anesthesia machine has been designed with both the end user and the patient in mind. They are relatively lightweight for easy mobility, yet they are compact enough to fit seamlessly into any environment.
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Body Cooling System

The Kool-Kit contains three high-quality cooling blankets and wraps, and self-sealing hoses keep water from spilling when disconnecting the blankets. The random flow design of the blankets/wraps ensures therapy will be constantly delivered regardless of the patient.
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ICU Ventilator

The MV2000 is designed as a ICU/conventional/high-frequency ventilator for patients ranging from infant to adult. Key features include an advanced AutoVent mode, hemo-dynamic with SpO2 and EtCO2, and a smart tool for system management.
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Datalys Monitor

The Datalys 760 features ECG, NIBP, SpO2, respiration, and temperature parameters, as well as optional invasive/NIV cardiac output and networking capabilities. Additional key benefits include a 10.4" color TFT touch screen display, alarm limit setup, rechargeable battery, and various mounting solutions for walls, stands, and bedrails.
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Infant Warmer
IWS A 4051

The IWS A 4051 features a resuscitation system, SpO2, scale, gas panel, LED auxiliary light, drawer for X-ray chassis, thermal mattress, and LED phototherapy. Developed according to high standards, it provides enhanced versatility for use in NICU, labor & delivery, and the nursery.
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Automated Module
EQ2 Rigel SA

The EQ2 Rigel SA Interface allows users to capture information at the point of testing before sending the data to the HEMS system to complete safety checks. The module has been incorporated into EQ2’s Enterprise software to make it fully compatible with the automated Rigel analyzer.
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Fleximag Plus

The Fleximag Plus allows non-invasive ventilation (NIV) with leakage offset in any adjusted modality, and enables the use of capnography and oxymetry. The system also keeps the operation history for the last 72 hours, and includes a battery with up to 3.5 hours of usage time.
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The CARDIOVIT AT-170 offers a robust design, fast touch screen operation, and dedicated buttons for the most common functions. The system fits perfectly in any ER or private practice, and a trolley equipped with storage bins, closed handles and suction pump support helps simplifies work.
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