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Sweat Collection System
Macroduct Advanced

The Macroduct Advanced Sweat Collection System features a friendly, straight-forward touch-screen user interface and provides a step-by-step visual guide of all aspects of sweat induction and collection, further enhancing the standardization of the sweat test. An integrated timer conveniently monitors the 30-minute collection time, and exportable test data helps verify correct performance of the tests, while its elliptical design with straps that are easy to adjust and better fit small arms optimize sweat collection.
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Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer
Impulse 7000DP

The Impulse 7000DP Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer ensures proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment. A sleek and rugged exterior is paired with first-class technology, making the defib tester superior in compliance, technology, efficiency and ease of use.
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Medical Display

The PDC-W215 is a 21.5-inch medical display with a 2.3 megapixel color image LCD monitor and supports Full HD 1920 x 1080, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. It features 8-bit Look-Up Table (LUT), IP65-rated, cleanable front bezel, IPX1-rated rear cover and a 12 VDC power input for mobile nursing carts.
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Body Cooling System

The Kool-Kit contains three high-quality cooling blankets and wraps, and self-sealing hoses keep water from spilling when disconnecting the blankets. The random flow design of the blankets/wraps ensures therapy will be constantly delivered regardless of the patient.
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Glucose Meter System
StatStrip Glucose

StatStrip®Glucose is the only glucose monitoring system cleared by the FDA for use in all patients, including the critically ill, for capillary, venous, or arterial samples. Hospitals benefit from using one meter and one process for all patients with streamlined clinical decision making, workflow, and testing.
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Vacuum Delivery Pump

The HVP-100, composed of the MedGyn reusable pump and a choice of two silicone cup options, is a hand-held vacuum delivery pump to safely assist medical personnel during vaginal deliveries. The reusable vacuum pump is manually operated to produce the required vacuum and maintain accurate vacuum pressure.
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ECG Monitor
iE 10

The iE 10 is a mobile ECG monitor featuring a 7.0-inch LCD with capacitive touch screen that allows for selection of horizontal or vertical screen and a built-in rechargeable battery for up to four hours of continuous work. Other features include 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, up to 300 seconds of rhythm analysis for easier arrhythmia locating and onboard storage capacity of up to 1,500 files.
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Infusion Pump

The HP-60 infusion pump uses the patented single-step IV loading method and automatically identifies the tube status, making the infusion tube installation safe and convenient. Its self-adapting peristaltic system makes automatic adjustments for each infusion, ensuring the accuracy and safety of infusion.
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ECG Machine

The TE60 is a six-channel electrocardiograph featuring a 5.7-inch TFT color screen and powerful analysis and diagnostic software for automatic measurement and interpretation. It offers three work modes (manual/automatic/rhythm of heart) to choose from and runs on a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery with at least two hours of working time.
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Chloro-Chek Chloridometer

The Chloro-Chek Chloridometer is designed to work with the Macroduct Sweat Collection System for analyzing sweat chloride for the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and is easy to operate. It features an intuitive touch-screen interface with simple prompts and leads the operator through the entire process of measuring chloride levels of sweat samples to deliver results in less than 20 seconds.
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Neonatal Sweat Analysis System
Nanoduct Neonatal Sweat Analysis System

The Nanoduct Neonatal Sweat Analysis System simplifies the sweat test to make possible reliable laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in the first days of life, and integrates sensitive and robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of all system functions. The compact and ergonomic system updates the classic method of inducing sweat by pilocarpine iontophoresis, followed by continuous-flow analysis using the unique Nanoduct sensor cell with results appearing quickly on the display.
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Resuscitation System
Kompak 190 NXT

The Kompak 190 NXT resuscitation system comes in an epoxy powder varnished aluminum panel with a protective lining made of washable nylon. The cover is divided into sections to allow easy access to the internal apparatus along with some internal pockets for the positioning of accessories.
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Cinco Mas

The Cinco Mas is a compact, lightweight self loading stretcher with five adjustable heights created for maximum ease of use and an operation mode designed to prompt the operator for correct use when changing configuration. Unlocking of the varying heights is done by a molded frame positioned along the entire front of the stretcher, while its legs bend independently during loading and open automatically during unloading to improve the operator’s performance.
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Infusion Pump

The CADD-Legacy PLUS infusion pump for continuous and intermittent therapies features an easy-to-read-and-understand display screen which provides information for programming adjustments and troubleshooting. Its cassette detection sensor detects cassette attachment, while its upstream and downstream occlusion sensors alert the patient and clinician if interruption of fluid delivery occurs.
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Infusion Pump

The CADD-Solis VIP ambulatory infusion pump is the first multi-therapy infusion platform that is safe, simple and smart, providing clinicians with the confidence of reliable pump performance, accurate medication delivery and ease of use. Designed to promote patient care and safety for a variety of adult and pediatric patients and clinical care areas, it can be programmed with a protocol configuration consisting of a therapy, qualifier and drug information.
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