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Temperature Recorder

The GB TempCard portable temperature recorder features an external temperature sensor for fast reaction time to temperature changes and is designed to endure hard damages. Its alert indicator provides a warning if the monitored temperature moves out of set limits and also offers customization of alert settings to suit a particular application in order to minimize the chances of false alerts.
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ECG System

The IE12 12-channel ECG is equipped with a newly-developed acquisition box to filter the physical noise generated by the human body before transforming to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. It displays the ECG and the patient's data on an 8.9-inch TFT LCD touch screen and can be used with adults, children and newborns in hospitals, clinics and ambulances.
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Negative Inspiratory Force Meter

The NIFometer range of negative inspiratory force meters connect directly to the ET tube, thus eliminating the need for separate tubing and connectors. It includes a built-in occlusion button that can be simply depressed during the test and is meant for single patient use.
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Medical Tablet PC

The MIT-W101 medical tablet PC features a 10.1-inch WXGA, projective capacitive multi-touch display and Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core processor. The Windows-based, medical-grade certified tablet PC comes with an IP-65 rating and can be used in the most critical environments like operating rooms, intensive care unit and emergency room.
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Portable Defibrillator
HeartSave AS

The HeartSave AS portable defibrillator delivers an electric shock preceded by an audible warning if it detects life threatening fibrillation so that there's no need to press the shock button. Its easy-to-understand voice feature prompts and guides first aid personnel step-by-step through the rescue procedure.
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Diagnostic Station

The DS20 diagnostic station is a networked device with seamless connectivity to EMR, PACS, HIS or Schiller’s SEMA3 Cardiology Information System, and features vital signs and ECG all in one device, with an integrated final report. It immediately detects connected sensors and automatically displays the corresponding value for easy addition or removal of parameters.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The CLEO table top vital signs monitor measures pulse oximetry, pulse, non-invasive blood pressure and rapid temp oral temperature and features a touch-screen LCD display. It operates by a re-chargeable lithium battery or AC power, making it well suited for both continuous bedside monitoring and spot check monitoring.
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UV-C Disinfection System

The 6LOG pulsed UVC system features a XENON tube which generates pulsed UVC energy to kill 99.99% - 99.9999% (4 - 6 logs) of pathogens in a few minutes. The disinfection procedure can be performed via the touch screen provided on the device or wirelessly through a tablet, with different modes available for selection as per the required environment, such as OR, ICU, patient room, etc.
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Patient Monitoring System

The YM6000 patient monitoring system tracks various parameters including 3 or 5 lead ECG, respiration, NIBP and SpO, and comes with rechargeable battery as well as optional built-in printer. Its six-color coded keyboard and trim knob allows clinicians to quickly access monitoring function controls and it can be connected to a central monitoring system.
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The A15 semi-automatic defibrillator features an open lid switch for quick start and comes with a 4.2Ah/15V battery sufficient for 200 shocks or 10 hours of monitoring. It also has an adult/pediatric mode switch and offers various features such as voice prompt, action icon (LED) indicator, status LCD and battery level indicator.
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The D500 multi-functional defibrillator and monitor uses advanced biphasic technology to offer pacing and complete monitoring in one portable device. It comes with paddles for defibrillation and offers features such as manual and AED operation, non-invasive pacing mode and 12 lead ECG monitoring.
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eSeries Ventilators

The eSeries ventilators comprise the e500, e600 and e700 electronically-controlled, pneumatically-powered models, which provide a range of ventilation solutions for all types of patient requirements and all levels of pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals. All the three models come with an easily changeable, long lasting and self-contained battery pack and standardized controls for ease of use.
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Disposable Bag-Valve-Mask

The SMART BAG MO disposable bag-valve-mask allows the provision of consistent ventilation while almost completely eliminating the risks associated with conventional BVM ventilation through an actuating mechanism hidden inside its neck bushing. It responds to the rescuer’s squeeze and the patient by limiting the excessive flow of gas into the airway to significantly reduce the risk of gastric insufflation by effectively lowering the airway pressure generated.
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Patient Monitor
BeneVisionTM N12//N15/N17

The BeneVisionTM N12//N15/N17 models from the BeneVision N patient monitor series further optimizes monitoring experience with a super large touchscreen, cool rotatable landscape & portrait layout, ultra slim main unit as well as plug-n-play modules. The user interface, which includes multi-window flat menus, infographic alarm indications and online user guide, offers intuitive patient data, ease-of-use and auto screen brightness.
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Wearable Medical Smartglasses
Eyes-On Glasses 3.0

The Eyes-On Glasses 3.0 wearable medical smartglasses improves IV access success rates by incorporating multispectral light and apps-based ultrasound onto a comfortable stylish head mounted see through display. The battery powered unit provide hands-free, cart-free imaging for vascular access, making it ideal for pre-hospital, hospital, outpatient surgery centers and wherever accurate fast IV access is required.
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