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Temperature Recorder

The GB TempCard portable temperature recorder features an external temperature sensor for fast reaction time to temperature changes and is designed to endure hard damages. Its alert indicator provides a warning if the monitored temperature moves out of set limits and also offers customization of alert settings to suit a particular application in order to minimize the chances of false alerts.
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Medical Tablet PC

The MIT-W101 medical tablet PC features a 10.1-inch WXGA, projective capacitive multi-touch display and Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core processor. The Windows-based, medical-grade certified tablet PC comes with an IP-65 rating and can be used in the most critical environments like operating rooms, intensive care unit and emergency room.
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Portable Defibrillator
HeartSave AS

The HeartSave AS portable defibrillator delivers an electric shock preceded by an audible warning if it detects life threatening fibrillation so that there's no need to press the shock button. Its easy-to-understand voice feature prompts and guides first aid personnel step-by-step through the rescue procedure.
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Portable ECG Device

The CARDIOVIT FT-1 portable ECG device featuring an 8-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen and an integrated thermal printer records all 12 channels for up to four minutes. It offers bi-directional Wi-Fi communication for easy data access and fast transmission of ECG reports to EMR/HIS systems, while its optimal signal quality also makes it ideal for pediatric ECG.
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Pulse Co-Oximeter

The Rad-97 pulse co-oximeter features a high-resolution 1080p HD color display with user-friendly multi-touch navigation, allowing clinicians to easily customize the device to best suit their monitoring needs. It allows users to rapidly configure the device for accommodating different patient populations using customizable profiles, and provides built-in wireless connectivity, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as built-in wired options.
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Syringe Infusion System

The FREEDOM60 syringe infusion system uses DynEQ (Dynamic Equilibrium) which automatically slows the pressure in sites in case of an increase and maintains a highly accurate constant pressure pump of 13.5 psi for safe delivery. It features a spring-loaded syringe holder that locks the syringe into the pump and maintains proper syringe orientation to prevent inadvertent removal during infusion.
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Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets

The HIgH-Flo subcutaneous safety needle sets are designed specifically to work with RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing and a Freedom Pump as a total infusion system, with options for every patient. The sets are available in single, double, triple, quad, penta and hexa configurations with needles lengths of 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 14mm.
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Anesthesia Information Management System
Anesthesia Touch

The Anesthesia Touch is an automated medical record-keeping system that streamlines the capture of real-time anesthesia data throughout the pre-operative process, thus enabling anesthesia providers to deliver safe, effective care to patients. Built for anesthesia providers, anesthesia physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and office-based surgery settings, the anesthesia information management system is built to go anywhere.
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Patient Monitor
Life Scope VS

The Life Scope VS patient monitor series offers two basic models (the 12.1-inch BSM-3500 and 15-inch BSM-3700) as well as a selection of different SpO2 technologies (NIHON KOHDEN, Nellcor und Masimo). The integration of two/three SMART connectors, available expansion with optional recorder and external device interfaces allow them to provide high monitoring flexibility and make them suitable for all care areas.
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Medical Review Monitor

The MR2416 medical review monitor featuring a 24-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio offers superior grayscale viewing with DICOM-ready images for precise clinical review. Designed to meet the IEC 60601-1 standard for medical design and safety requirements, it features anti-reflective, edge-to-edge glass and a smooth, fully sealed enclosure that is IP-32 rated and stands up to ethyl alcohol cleanings.
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Bedside Monitor
Life Scope G9 CSM-1901

The Life Scope G9 CSM-1901 is a full-featured bedside monitor that provides comprehensive parameter observation and allows clinicians to quickly and easily customize the monitor to each patient regardless of health status or care setting. Its integrated 12-lead ECG capability minimizes the need to change electrodes and it provides quick clinical access of patient data with drag-and-drop screen layouts that can be tailored for individual patients.
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Emergency Defibrillator
DefiMonitor EVO

The DefiMonitor EVO 12-lead emergency defibrillator provides complete preclinical and clinical patient monitoring, and is always fully functional, even in adverse weather conditions. Its high-capacity batteries provide 10 hours of operational readiness without a mains connection, and its modular product design allows for various opti­ons ranging from basic configuration to fully equipped in order to meet individual requirements.
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HeartSave 6/6S

The HeartSave 6/6S defibrillator provides emergency monitoring from 6-lead ECG to SpO2 and goes in automatic mode once switched on, but allows the user to switch to manual mode at the touch of a button. If a QRS complex is detected in manual mode, synchronous markers are automatically assigned to the R wave and cardio-version is enabled.
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ECG System

The CARDIOVIT MS-2015 is an advanced ECG system with touch screen technology that allows users to record, select and print highest quality 12-lead ECG. It features a large 15-inch full color touch screen high-resolution display and offers one-touch workflow configuration.
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Intensive Care Ventilator
GRAPHNET advance

The GRAPHNET advance ventilator offers advanced modes like PRVC, APRV, MMV+ Pressure Support, PSV+ assured Volume, and features a proximal flow sensor for neonatal patient category. Its 12-inch touchscreen displays waveforms and loops simultaneously, and is ideal for adult, pediatric and neonatal application in the ICU.
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