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ECG Machine

The IE15 ECG machine is integrated with state-of-the-art acquisition technology and VCG modules and simultaneously displays 12/15 leads. Featuring a laptop design and a 12.1-inch TFT LCD touch screen, it provides a wide range of comprehensive applications including coronary-related injury and ventricular hypertrophy.
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POC Terminal

The POC-WP213 widescreen POC terminal is a PC-based system with a 21.5-inch wide screen TFT LCD display, single VGA port, HDMI out, dual on-board 10/ 100/1000 PCI-E Ethernet controllers, and one LAN port. Powered by the latest 6th Gen Intel Core i processor that delivers up to a 30% increase in graphics performance, it can support multiple displays for complex imaging-related healthcare applications, such as surgical modeling, radiology, and endoscopy.
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Instrumentation System

The SmartLab with Insight software is a flexible system for measurement/analysis of respiratory signals in research. The base module can accept up to three sensor modules for measuring flow and pressures. Optional items include an oximeter, CO2 sensor, temp and humidity and digital I/O.
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Transcutaneous Monitor
TCM CombiM

The TCM CombiM transcutaneous monitor provides non-invasive monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation status of patients in neonatal, pediatric and adult ICUs. It displays real-time changes in pO2 and pCO2, allowing caregivers to better manage ventilator settings and ensure fast and immediate clinical intervention to critical changes.
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ECG Machine

The ELI 380 ERGO is an electrocardiograph machine with a 180 degree swivel and 120 tilt capability that allows exams to be performed without leaving the patient’s side. It features a capacitive touchscreen to makes navigation easy from any angle, and is calibration-free with a chemically-strengthened glass surface to promote easy and effective cleaning.
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The OxyMag lung ventilator features a full ventilation monitor with graphics and numerical values, and intelligent alarm systems. It is capable of ventilating neonatal, adult and pediatric patients and has a battery life of over 6.5 hours.
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ECG Device
Connex Cardio ECG

The Connex Cardio ECG is a PC-based resting electrocardiograph (ECG) is powered by Mortara and leverages the VERITAS resting ECG algorithm to provide high-fidelity data for supporting better clinical decisions. It allows the user to acquire ECGs easily and efficiently without any tether between the patient and the PC, and launch from the EMR to capture and save an ECG to the patient chart in as few as two clicks.
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Infusion Workstation

The MP-80 achieves continuous and accurate infusion by adopting a modular design that allows multi-channel extension and free combination of infusion pumps and syringe pumps. It integrates a number of cutting-edge and breakthrough innovative technologies to meet various clinical needs.
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Phototherapy Blanket
I REX Blanket

The I REX Blanket is designed for intensive double surface phototherapy as an under surface unit for treating jaundice in babies alongside the mother. It does not emit any unwanted wavelengths such as UV / infra red or cause skin rashes and weight loss, making it an ideal solution for ventilator or incubator patients requiring phototherapy.
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LED Phototherapy Machine
I REX 40

The I REX 40 LED phototherapy machine is designed for treating new born infants diagnosed with severe hyperbilirubinemia or jaundice. It is fitted with 24 specially-calibrated blue LED lamps and allows the intensity to be controlled through an electronic microprocessor to ensure faster treatment through uniform light distribution, optimal wavelength and irradiance strength.
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Baby Warmer

The ICore10-BD infant radiant warmer or baby warmer features an advanced microprocessor to provide well-monitored warmth to babies based on the skin sensor inputs. Easy to operate with all parameters cleared laid on an easy to view control panel, it contains multiple safety features such as high temperature cutoffs and clear audible alarms.
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Vital Signs Monitor
élance elite

The élance elite series of monitors are compact, slim units that monitor essential vital signs parameters – up to five waveforms and seven numerics. Their ultra bright and vivid widescreen displays enhance viewing and access to information, while the touchscreen interface and single-level menu make them easy to learn and to operate.
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Centralized Patient Monitor
Xhibit Central Station

The Xhibit Central Station provides remote centralized monitoring and alarm management for up to 48 patients and allows for the use of just one or up to four high-definition displays for detailed views of any patient on the network. Its one-touch or one-click feature quickly shows the bedside view for a particular patient on one full screen and the user can easily adjust which patients are viewed on each display.
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Blease900 series

The Blease900 series of ventilators determines flow and the end of inspiration based on the patient’s breathing rather than fixed time cycling, with the patient effort indicated by a marker on the screen. It ensures accurate control in all modes using dynamic compliance and fresh gas flow compensation, plus active control of the inspiratory and expiratory flow valves.
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Medical Ventilator

The ventiPAC medical ventilator covers the widest range of ventilation parameters, operates reliably and provides alarms and monitoring similar to those found on more sophisticated ventilators, making it suitable for the ventilation of adults, children and infants. The user can alter the inspiratory and expiratory phases of ventilation to allow for critical patient requirements and it can also provide essential ventilatory support option.
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