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Negative Inspiratory Force Meter

The NIFometer range of negative inspiratory force meters connect directly to the ET tube, thus eliminating the need for separate tubing and connectors. It includes a built-in occlusion button that can be simply depressed during the test and is meant for single patient use.
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Medical Tablet PC

The MIT-W101 medical tablet PC features a 10.1-inch WXGA, projective capacitive multi-touch display and Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core processor. The Windows-based, medical-grade certified tablet PC comes with an IP-65 rating and can be used in the most critical environments like operating rooms, intensive care unit and emergency room.
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Portable Defibrillator
HeartSave AS

The HeartSave AS portable defibrillator delivers an electric shock preceded by an audible warning if it detects life threatening fibrillation so that there's no need to press the shock button. Its easy-to-understand voice feature prompts and guides first aid personnel step-by-step through the rescue procedure.
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Defibrillator / Monitor

The DEFIGARD Touch7 is the first emergency monitor/defibrillator equipped with a touch screen, making it the most intuitive device available. Other features include enhanced software, a seven-inch display, lightweight design, regularly performed self-tests, and an RFID transponder.
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The IE15 ECG is integrated with VCG module and simultaneously displays 12/15 leads on a 12.1 inch TFT LCD touch screen. It comes with a standard 2GB TF card with SD adapter, and is ideal for applications in coronary-related injury and ventricular hypertrophy.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The CLEO table top vital signs monitor measures pulse oximetry, pulse, non-invasive blood pressure and rapid temp oral temperature and features a touch-screen LCD display. It operates by a re-chargeable lithium battery or AC power, making it well suited for both continuous bedside monitoring and spot check monitoring.
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Professional Defibrillator
HeartSave AED-M

The HeartSave AED-M professional defibrillator displays action time, ECG curve, heart rate, detected VF as well defibrillations generated and BLS instructions on its monitor. Other features include voice prompts in four languages, a six year lithium battery, a compact flash card and ECG viewer.
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Transport Monitor/Defibrillator

The PHYSIOGARD Touch 7 emergency transport monitor/defibrillator enables continuous ECG monitoring and 12-lead ECG diagnostic recording, as well as measurement of SpO2, NIBP and temperature. It features a large 7-inch touchscreen for optimal display readability and highly responsive operation, even when wearing gloves, and can directly transmit data during and after the intervention.
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Anesthesia Workstation

The A7 anesthesia workstation provides comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, auto-detection of five anesthetic agents, as well as BIS & NMT, and offers a full range of ICU grade ventilation modes. Its digital gas mixer allows users to directly set the total flow and O2 percentage, or the flow of O2 and the balance gas, respectively.
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SynoVent E5

The SynoVent E5 ventilator can deliver tidal volumes in the range 20-2000 ml and supports up to 14 ventilation modes, including SIMV, PRVC, APRC, DuoLevel and NIV. Its 12.1-inch screen displays up to four simultaneous waveforms or two loops as well as 25 monitored parameters, making it suitable for use in both infant and adult care.
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Transcutaneous Monitor

The TCM5 FLEX transcutaneous monitor provides continuous measurement of oxygenation and ventilation status of patients, and features a color touchscreen display for easy viewing of real-time trending measurements. It allows data to be stored, shared and managed to major patient monitoring systems, and is suitable for neonatal and pediatric patients, adult ICU patients and patients undergoing non-invasive ventilation.
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Point-Of-Care Terminal

The POC-W181 point-of-care terminal features an 18.5-inch display and a 5.6-cm thick body weighing 5.8 kg with Intel Core i7 processor, cable-free and fanless design. It is designed for nursing carts, anesthesia and respiratory machines and other medical equipment where an ultra-slim, lightweight design with a cable-free implementation is required.
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Patient ECG Monitor
ToucECG HD+ Digital System

The ToucECG HD+ Digital System comprising of 12-lead PC-ECG solution software for tablets or all-in-one “touch-screen” PC-computers and a HD+ acquisition unit is designed to maximize efficiency and simplify medical workflow in the most stringent environments. It reduces learning time for clinicians and improves patient comfort, making it suitable for telemedicine, homecare and emergency units, as well as hospitals and private doctors.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The vsign200c multi-parameter monitor captures the patient’s vital signs, such as non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, ECG up to three channels and respiratory rate in real time. It is specially designed for efficient patient care in a non-acute clinical environment as well as emergencies.
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Lifeline PRO AED

The Lifeline PRO AED manual and semi-automatic defibrillator allows the physician to manage the defibrillation independently using the built-in color screen, which shows the ECG waveform and a full-motion video on how to perform different rescue phases. It comes with voice prompt, pre-connected electrodes and an integrated carrying handle for easy and safe transportation.
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