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Continuous Nebulizers
EZflow and EZflow MAX

The EZflow and EZflow MAX are continuous nebulizers featuring a very efficient small volume reservoir, which attaches directly to an aerosol mask to eliminate the need for pole brackets and aerosol tubing. The The EZflow offers a four-hour treatment at a 3 LPM flow rate for ventilatpr patients, while the EZflow MAX provides a 1½-2 hour treatment at a 6-10 LPM flow rate when additional oxygen flow is required.
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POC Monitor

The POC-W212 features a 21.5-inch screen with a fanless and slim design. The highly integrated system is capable of displaying crystal clear images, and provides a rich selection of high-speed I/O connectors, user-friendly function keys, and customizable features.
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Urine Monitoring System
UROS Monitor

The UROS Monitor continuously measures urine output and core bladder temperature, including flow rate, temperature, interval volume, and weight normalization of the patient. EMR connectivity enables improved access to important patient diagnostic data, while the system scales with patient acuity and eliminates open drainage systems.
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Temperature Management System

The ARCTIC SUN 5000 Temperature Management System is designed to monitor and control a patient's temperature within a range of 32°C to 38.5°C (89.6°F to 101.3°F). It consists of a stand-alone electronic module with an interactive touch screen connected to conductive pads that are placed on the patient to provide thermal-energy transfer.
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Infusion Wireless Remote Control
MRidium 3865

The MRidium 3865 is a wireless remote control that allows adjustments to the infusion process to be implemented from within the control room and provides continuous visualization of all infusion parameters. It allows the user to remotely manage all programming adjustments, 'Stat' Bolus deliveries and PRN titrations, while its integral speaker audibly alerts clinicians of critical alarm violations.
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MRI Vital Signs Monitor

The IRADIMED 3880 MRI is an MRI-compatible patient vital signs monitoring system designed with non-magnetic components and other features to safely and accurately monitor a patient’s vital signs during various MRI procedures. It has a compact, lightweight design allowing it to travel with the patient, resulting in increased patient safety through uninterrupted vital signs monitoring.
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Hyper-Hypothermia System
Blanketrol III

The Blanketrol III hyper-hypothermia system offers simple programmable body temperature regulation while still keeping the control in the hands of the caregiver. Its innovative gradient program minimizes fluctuations in water temperature and maintains a stable patient temperature.
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Professional Defibrillator
Powerheart G3 Pro AED

The Powerheart G3 Pro AED is a professional defibrillator with semi-automatic operation, manual override option, and 3-lead ECG monitoring capability. It self-checks all main AED components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) on a daily basis and completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly.
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Stress Test System
system stress lite digital HD+

The system stress lite digital HD+ is a stress test system comprising of a new digital trolley, an all-in-one computer with touch display wireless keyboard and printer, RS232 port, Bluetooth, dedicated software cubestress, and a new HD+ ECG wireless acquisition unit. The system is based on high performance software capable of handling a wide range of ergometers and easy management of stress exams.
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Patient Monitor

The STAR8000H multi-parameter patient monitor performs arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, pacemaking analysis, and drug calculation, and displays multi-leads on the same screen. It features an 8.4-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and allows the adjustment of parameters and waveform colors on the Oxy-CRG interface.
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EMG/EP System
Xegis G:Neo

The Xegis G:Neo is a state-of-the-art 2-channel EMG/EP system featuring an ultra-portable and ultra-compact high fidelity amplifier. It offers unlimited needle EMG recording and playback and customizable protocols for every exam to streamline workflow, making it ideal for physicians on the move.
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EMG/EP System
Xegis Forte EMG/EP

The Xegis Forte EMG/EP range of systems is available in 5, 9, 13 and 17 channel configurations with a high fidelity amplifier for uncompromised signal quality and the ability to combine each channel to any input connector on the headbox. It offers unlimited needle EMG recording and playback, along with time-saving customizable protocols for every exam.
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CPAP System
RESmart BPAP 20T/25T30T

The RESmart BPAP 20T/25T30T is a customized solution for obstructive sleep apnea and respiratory disease, and delivers therapy pressure as well as maintains synchrony. Its unique sensitivity setting ensures user-device synchrony and maximizes user compliance.
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ECG Machine
CardioCare 2000

The CardioCare 2000 is a 12 channel resting ECG that acquires 10 full seconds of ECG data simultaneously from 10 leads to produce an accurate 12 channel printout with analysis. It provides over 80 kinds of interpretation results based on the advanced Minnesota Code to aid diagnosis and is suitable for use in private practice, the ER, or hospitals use.
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Professional Defibrillator
HeartSave PAD

The HeartSave PAD is a professional defibrillator for emergency medicine that only delivers an electric shock if life threatening fibrillation is actually detected. It uses easy-to-understand voice prompts to guide the user through the rescue procedure, thus eliminating the possibility of the device being operated incorrectly.
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