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Gas Flow Analyzers
VT650 and VT900

The VT650 and VT900 gas flow analyzers, which include one-channel, full-range air flow functionality that streamlines testing, offer the highest accuracy and reliability on the market for gas flow and respiratory medical equipment testing. The all-in-one portable gas flow analyzers allow biomedical technicians to save time and avoid errors with customizable test profiles and data recording using on-board memory.
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Hemostasis Valve

The range of hemostasis valves offers good sealing performance and ease of use, with one-handed operations enhancing the efficiency of clinical work. They are available in a variety of specifications, such as normal bore, large bore, etc., to meet the needs of various clinical applications.
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ECG Machine

The IE15 ECG machine is integrated with state-of-the-art acquisition technology and VCG modules and simultaneously displays 12/15 leads. Featuring a laptop design and a 12.1-inch TFT LCD touch screen, it provides a wide range of comprehensive applications including coronary-related injury and ventricular hypertrophy.
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POC Terminal

The POC-WP213 widescreen POC terminal is a PC-based system with a 21.5-inch wide screen TFT LCD display, single VGA port, HDMI out, dual on-board 10/ 100/1000 PCI-E Ethernet controllers, and one LAN port. Powered by the latest 6th Gen Intel Core i processor that delivers up to a 30% increase in graphics performance, it can support multiple displays for complex imaging-related healthcare applications, such as surgical modeling, radiology, and endoscopy.
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Instrumentation System

The SmartLab with Insight software is a flexible system for measurement/analysis of respiratory signals in research. The base module can accept up to three sensor modules for measuring flow and pressures. Optional items include an oximeter, CO2 sensor, temp and humidity and digital I/O.
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Transcutaneous Monitor
TCM CombiM

The TCM CombiM transcutaneous monitor provides non-invasive monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation status of patients in neonatal, pediatric and adult ICUs. It displays real-time changes in pO2 and pCO2, allowing caregivers to better manage ventilator settings and ensure fast and immediate clinical intervention to critical changes.
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Neonatal Ventilator

The GIULIA neonatal ventilator features improved nasal ventilation techniques which lowers the intubation rate in preterm infants, thus reducing morbidity and costs. It allows to easily choose between invasive or non-invasive ventilation, giving doctors the freedom to find the best mode to help newborns without compromising.
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The BABY SHUTTLE incubator is driven by a microprocessor, which controls all the parameters necessary to obtain the ideal microclimate for the premature baby in any environmental condition. It is equipped with the smooth tilt bed positioning system which allows for the continuous and smooth adjustment of the posture bed, while its crushproof hood grants the maximum strength and thermal insulation.
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Fetal Doppler
Atom Fetal Doppler

The Atom Fetal Doppler features easy to use functions with a patient-friendly design and weighs less than 2 kg. Its internal high-capacity rechargeable battery enables approximately 8 hours of operation.
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Transport Incubator
Atom Transcapsule V-808

The Atom Transcapsule V-808 transport incubator features a powerful warming capacity that enables it to maintain air temperature at 34 degrees Centigrade or higher even when the ambient temperature is 0 degree Centigrade. The head-end admittance panel and drawer-type mattress platform enable functional treatment of the infant, and the incubator comes with an oxygen monitor, skin temperature monitor and built-in pulse oximeter.
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Infusion Pump
Atom Infusion Pump P-600U

The Atom Infusion Pump P-600U features simple operations for enhanced ease of use and allows the infusion line to be easily connected by anyone. Other key features include alarm functions, easy level setting for occlusion pressure alarm, easy checking of operation history and simple display design that prioritizes visibility.
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NIRS Equipment

The OEG-17ADP functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) equipment is the only device specifically developed to measure the head in its entirety utilizing fNIRS technology. Its lightweight and portability make it easy to mount and position the embedded sensors wherever necessary.
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Optical Encephalography Unit

The OEG-Sp02 Optical Encephalography unit measures hemoglobin changes and Apparent SpO2 (Apparent Arterial Oxygen Saturation) occurring at multiple points in the brain. Designed for use on the frontal lobe, the portable instrument weighs only 250 grams and allows for easy and pain-free patient analysis.
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NIRS Equipment

The OEG-16H Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) equipment features the Ultrahigh SNR technology originally developed by Spectratech and can exhibit ultra-weak pulse waves, while also allowing users to perform multi-channel brain localization analysis. It also features monitor and measurement tools, including an index of Apparent SpO2 (Apparent Arterial Oxygen Saturation), to help researchers better understand how cerebral circulation/metabolism to brain function can be influenced by the Ultrahigh SNR technology.
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Optical Encephalography Unit

The OEG-16 Optical Encephalography unit is designed for use on the frontal lobe to measures the change of in vivo blood in a multi-channel method by simultaneously utilizing light absorption characteristics of near infrared to red light. Compared to conventional technology in this field, it is more cost-effective and portable, making it a popularly sought after product in modern brain mapping.
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