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Defibrillator / Monitor

The DEFIGARD Touch7 is the first emergency monitor/defibrillator equipped with a touch screen, making it the most intuitive device available. Other features include enhanced software, a seven-inch display, lightweight design, regularly performed self-tests, and an RFID transponder.
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The IE15 ECG is integrated with VCG module and simultaneously displays 12/15 leads on a 12.1 inch TFT LCD touch screen. It comes with a standard 2GB TF card with SD adapter, and is ideal for applications in coronary-related injury and ventricular hypertrophy.
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Phototherapy Light

The phototherapy light is intended for the treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. The product has a substantial operating life, blue LED treatment with an adjustable intensity level, and a control unit to display operating time.
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Anesthesia Workstation
Dräger Fabius plus XL

The Dräger Fabius plus XL anesthesia workstation features an electronically driven piston ventilator and allows the addition of extra monitors, gas cylinders and other accessories like infusion pumps. It comes with mounting rails for the additional equipment and displays information on a 10.5 inch color display.
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Ventilation Equipment
Elisa 800 VIT

The Elisa 800 VIT (Ventilator Integrated Tomography) is a fully integrated EIT system in an intensive care ventilator. Its non-invasive pulmonary monitoring visualizes ventilation-related complications and allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator.
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Blanket & Fluid Warming Cabinet

The TS-Series Ethernet/Wi-Fi enabled blanket & fluid warming cabinets allow the warmer to be managed remotely or locally via a smart phone app. Standard features include touch screen control, software, FDC compliant data logging with digital signatures and ability to view live trends.
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Anesthetic Equipment
TotalTrack VLM

The TotalTrack VLM 3-in-1 intubation system consists of a video-laryngeal mask for allowing patient intubation and ventilation under direct visualization through a camera of what is happening inside the glottis of the patient and vocal cords. It can also aspirate laryngeal and gastric secretions at the same time.
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Bariatric Tray
Intrusafe Bariatric Tray

The Intrusafe Bariatric Tray has a three-level system for holding all bariatric instrumentation in one tray and can accommodate any surgical instrumentation set. Using dividers and silicone holders, each instrument has its own place inside of the tray, which can be reconfigured to accommodate changing procedural and surgical preferences.
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Point of Care Testing (POCT) System
mLabs ImmunoMeter

The mLabsImmunoMeter is a touch screen reader with fluorescence detection system designed for mLabs disposable microfluidic cartridges. It can automatically tune the measurable range, and performance onboard QC, and transfer the data to the hospital information system or remote server.
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Fluid Warmer

The ivNow fluid warmer heats and maintains safe temperatures of intravenous and irrigation fluids and can automatically warm fluids up to 104°F (40°C) in 30 minutes or less. It is ideal for in patient rooms, surgery centers, dialysis/nephrology, and labor and delivery units.
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Spirobank II

The MIR Spirobank II portable spirometer performs FVC and VC tests through an icon-based navigation menu and comes with an embedded temperature sensor for BTPS conversion. The advanced version features Bluetooth connectivity for real-time testing with post-test results displayed on screen.
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Bedside and Telemetry Patient Monitor
Surveyor Central

The Surveyor Central enables continuous 12-lead ECG monitoring/trending using the VERITAS ECG algorithm with the S12/S19 monitors, X12+/T12S transmitters or Surveyor S4 monitor. Measurements and interpretation are automatically printed/exported to a data management system.
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Cardiology Defibrillator
Cardiolife AED-3100

The Cardiolife AED-3100 automated external defibrillator starts the automatic charging process immediately upon detecting a heart rhythm and indicates when to press the shock button. It features voice output which guides the user through the resuscitation procedure and is ideal for emergency use.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The ri-medic clinical-grade blood pressure monitor independently validates BP to BHS, ESH and AAMI SP10 specifications. Featuring a manual SphygMode with auto-deflate for consistent patient BP measurement, it offers readings in 30-40 seconds and comes with a full range of blood pressure cuff sizes.
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The CARDIOVIT FT-1 is ultra portable, has an intuitive 8-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen and an integrated thermal printer. Designed for users who value state-of-the-art technology, the CARDIOVIT FT-1 is a networked device providing connectivity and a paperless workflow.
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