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Fetal Monitor
Fetal Monitor F9

The Fetal Monitor F9 combines high-technology fetal and maternal monitoring with the advantages of color display. It offers powerful patient information management and centralized monitoring system compatibility, with 24-hour backup memory and additional 60-hour patient info storage.
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Continuous Nebulizers
EZflow and EZflow MAX

The EZflow and EZflow MAX are continuous nebulizers featuring a very efficient small volume reservoir, which attaches directly to an aerosol mask to eliminate the need for pole brackets and aerosol tubing. The The EZflow offers a four-hour treatment at a 3 LPM flow rate for ventilatpr patients, while the EZflow MAX provides a 1½-2 hour treatment at a 6-10 LPM flow rate when additional oxygen flow is required.
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POC Monitor

The POC-W212 features a 21.5-inch screen with a fanless and slim design. The highly integrated system is capable of displaying crystal clear images, and provides a rich selection of high-speed I/O connectors, user-friendly function keys, and customizable features.
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ECG Machine

The ELI 380 ERGO is an electrocardiograph machine with a 180 degree swivel and 120 tilt capability that allows exams to be performed without leaving the patient’s side. It features a capacitive touchscreen to makes navigation easy from any angle, and is calibration-free with a chemically-strengthened glass surface to promote easy and effective cleaning.
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The OxyMag lung ventilator features a full ventilation monitor with graphics and numerical values, and intelligent alarm systems. It is capable of ventilating neonatal, adult and pediatric patients and has a battery life of over 6.5 hours.
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Pulse Oximeter

The IP-1010 is a tabletop pulse oximeter that accurately detects a patient’s pulse rate with a low perfusion and has motion-resistance against any patient movement. It offers intuitive operation and an easy-to-read bright display screen, with five hours of battery charging time that allows it to operate for more than 10 hours.
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Fetal Monitor
Smart FM

The Smart FM system brings the world a revolution of fetal monitor products. With this Smart FM, you can share the heartbeats with your love ones, be free to walk out to anywhere under WIFI environment, communicate with doctor anytime and anywhere and print reports on demand.
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Hyper-Hypothermia System
Blanketrol III

The Blanketrol III hyper-hypothermia system offers simple programmable body temperature regulation while still keeping the control in the hands of the caregiver. Its innovative gradient program minimizes fluctuations in water temperature and maintains a stable patient temperature.
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Professional Defibrillator
HeartSave PAD

The HeartSave PAD is a professional defibrillator for emergency medicine that only delivers an electric shock if life threatening fibrillation is actually detected. It uses easy-to-understand voice prompts to guide the user through the rescue procedure, thus eliminating the possibility of the device being operated incorrectly.
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Auto External Defibrillator

The ZOLL AED 3 is an automated external defibrillator that empowers rescuers with real-time feedback so they know when they are providing effective CPR. It has the ability to treat adult and pediatric patients with a single electrode pad, and guides rescuers through audio and visual prompts so it is clear when they are providing high-quality chest compressions.
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Transport Monitor

The PHYSIOGARD Touch 7 emergency transport monitor enables continuous ECG monitoring and 12-lead ECG diagnostic recording, as well as measurement of SpO2, NIBP and temperature. It features a large 7-inch touchscreen for optimal display readability and highly responsive operation, even when wearing gloves, and can directly transmit data during and after the intervention.
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Infusion Pump

The OT-711 is a versatile infusion pump that utilizes the JMS dedicated infusion set for highly accurate infusion, regardless of viscosity of solution. It is ideal for continuous infusion in the OR, ICU, CCU or general ward, chemotherapy, infusion of anti-cancer drug and oxytocics, TPN and enteral nutrition.
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Disposable Masks

The Eagle masks are designed for NIV and the administration of oxygen and other breathing gases. Features include three color-coded sizes, built-in 22mm ID port, low deadspace, simple headgear, integrated ports for scope/gases, and four optional swivels for various types of ventilators.
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Oxygen Regulator
CGA 870

The CGA 870 MRI compatible oxygen regulator is manufactured from lightweight aluminum with brass high-pressure conduits, and has been tested to 3T. It maintains 12 different preset flow settings from a full cylinder to an empty one, and features a five-lobe knob for easy hand tightening.
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Patient Monitor
IntelliVue X3

The IntelliVue X3 is a compact, dual-purpose, transportable patient monitor featuring intuitive smartphone-style operation and offering a scalable set of clinical measurements. It helps to streamline workflow and boost efficiency, making it ideal for uninterrupted monitoring at the bedside and during transport.
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