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Patient Care
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Medical 7inch handheld tablet pc

Introducing the 7 inch Pocket Pad, a revolutionary, handheld mobile computing platform designed especially for use in mobile healthcare and medical equipment applications such as EMR, BCMA/CLMA, CPOE, PACS and Mobile Workstation on Cart. It is a perfect extension of an existing hospital information system (HIS), and is ideal as a PDA as well. Pocket Pad can be used as a handheld device, but can also be mounted to medical equipment and nursing carts. It’s durable and flexible, with an IP54-rating, runs the latest Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-T processor, and is certified for Microsoft® Windows 8.1. The lightweight unit has an embedded 1D/2D barcode scanner, front and rear cameras, and a host of connectivity options.
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Five Function Three Function Electric Manual Hospital bed Tolley Stretcher
PM-858 series

Multi function electric hospsital bed Five function electric hospital bed Three function electric hospital bed Manual hospital bed All kinds of cart,trolley etc hospital furniture
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F6 Fetal Monitor

These monitors offer powerful patient information management and centralized monitoring system compatibility.
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BP Monitoring System
BR-102 plus

The BR-102 plus ABPM device combines the auscultatory and oscillometric methods for reliable readings every time. The device also offers a user-friendly, Windows-based program that allows maximum flexibility for configuration, analysis, interpretation, and ABPM reporting.
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CO2 Detectors - StatCO2®, Mini StatCO2®, Neo-StatCO2 Kg®

Fast, durable colorimetric breath indicators for visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation.
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Electric Bed
B-2000 PLUS

An amazing electric bed with five functions, back up battery, CPR function, side rails controls with touch keyboard, nurse control with touch keyboard, and weight scale.
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Patient Monitor
A.1 Omni

The latest version of A.1 Omni monitor offers a new level of performance, customization, and connectivity with the inclusion of the 2014 version A.1.0 vital signs software. The Omni line is designed to easily accommodate a full range of acuity levels for all areas of patient care.
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Vitals Surveillance System

The EarlySense monitors patients who have their vital signs taken once every four hours. Using a sensor placed under the mattress, the EarlySense measures heart and respiration rates, patient movement in bed, and patient bed entries/exits.
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MedGyn Laminaria

Safely utilized for over a century, Laminaria provides gentle, gradual dilation. After harvesting, the plant is dehydrated. Once inserted into the cervical canal, Laminaria absorbs liquid, swelling to several times its initial dried diameter, gently dilating the cervix.
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MedGyn Disposable LED Speculum

A single-use, reliable and safe speculum. Features cordless LED illumination for improved visualization of exam area and greater convenience. Made of polystyrene with see-through clarity. Smooth one-handed operation for easier insertion. Single patient use eliminates cross-contamination. Self locking feature speeds examination and saves time.
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Pessary Fitting Set

Packaged in an attractive case, the set includes six popular Ring pessaries and an embossed cross-reference chart to use in selecting the appropriate pessary. One set can be used for multiple patients because the latex-free rings can be sterilized. Methods for cleaning are included with every Pessary Fitting Set.
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Cube Pessary

The Cube pessary, available without drains, may be used to relieve the symptoms of a cystocele or rectocele as well as a second or third-degree uterine prolapse.
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Transport Infant Incubator with cylinder,trolley,battery TP-2000

This unit is used for transporting the newborn babies between sickrooms or hospitals; AC Power and DC Power can be used alternatively and the device can be connected with Power 12V or 24V. Air-temp or skin-temp servo-controlled by micro-computer; double walls hood could prevent heat losing from hood and prevent the influence to the incubator from exterior heat resource; quite operation windows can reduce the disturbance to the baby during nursing with oxygen cylinder and oxygen supply system;; touch switch panel with LED digital display, set-temp, skin-temp, real-temp, storage battery voltage are displayed separately; indicated electricity-offer mode; night light, luminescence design; seven self-checking alarms with audible and visible; heating power rate indicates 0-100%; shockproof and adjustable stand with cylinder and three steps height.
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Loop Electrodes

MedGyn offers a full range of tips and sizes to suit most electrosurgical procedures. Made of high quality Tungsten wire, for superior shape and integrity.
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Amino Hook

MedGyn’s easy-to-use, disposable amnio hook is a safe, clean instrument used to rupture the maternal amniotic sac.
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