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Hematology Analyzer
STA Satellite

The STA Satellite is a fully automated benchtop analyzer capable of simultaneously performing clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic assays. With an integrated barcode, continuous sample loading with positive sample identification, removable sample carousel for 20 primary tubes, and a removable reagent carousel with 16 positions, it provides a true walkaway hemostasis solution for low-volume and satellite laboratories.
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Urine Sediment Analyzer
UriSed 2

The UriSed 2 is a high throughput, automated urine sediment analyzer that produces whole field of view microscopic images of urine sediment and automatically classifies and counts urine sediment particles in the images. Working without any special liquid reagents, it performs sample preparation, takes several images of each sample through a built-in microscope, and evaluates the images using high-quality image processing software.
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Immunochromatographic Reader

The EASY READER+ is designed for the quantitative interpretation of immunochromatographic qualitative rapid test cards. It features the most advanced and up-to-date technologies, including touch screen, enhanced memory, and internet upgrading, among others.
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Hemoglobin Analyzer
DiaSpect T Low

The DiaSpect T Low hemoglobin analyzer is designed for the quantitative determination of low levels of hemoglobin in plasma and serum specimens, aqueous solutions, or stored or banked erythrocytes. It has a measuring range of between 0.3 and 30.0 g/L (0.03 - 3.0 g/dL) and delivers laboratory quality results within one - two seconds of the microcuvette being placed into the analyzer.
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DIASpot Reader

The Neptune DIASpot reader allows automation of DIASpot Neptune and DIASpot MultiQUANT Neptune strips, allowing up to 24 identical or completely different strips to be loaded on the moving arm. It allows Classic Dot strips to be mixed with Microarray strips in the same run, while its bar code system controls the right association strip/cartridge.
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Nephelometric Analyzer
Atellica NEPH 630

The Atellica NEPH 630 is a mid-volume dedicated nephelometric analyzer that simplifies lab operations in specialty protein testing. It offers the broadest menu of protein tests for assessment on urine, CSF, plasma, and serum, supporting the assessment and monitoring of cardiovascular risk, kidney diseases, neurological disorders, nutritional status, and other diseases.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

The BS-480 is a floor-standing, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer offering a constant 400 photometric tests per hour and up to 240 tests per hour for ISE (K, Na, Cl). Other key features include 24-hour refrigeration for reagent tray, reusable cuvettes with auto-washing station, two independent mixing stirrers, and clot detection and crash protection (vertical & horizontal).
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sd-LDL Assay

The sd LDL-EX assay quantitatively determines small, dense low-dense lipoproteins (sd-LDL), a sub-fraction of LDL associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. The test is automatable on any standard clinical chemistry analyzer and gives results within 10 minutes.
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Immunoassay Analyzer
FA 160

The FA 160 lateral flow immunoassay analyzer features six incubation channels, with auto timing reminder and does not require sample pretreatment. It can auto identify test items and comes with internal memory having a storage capacity of up to 10,000 sample results.
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Hematology Analyzer
QBC Reader II

The QBC Reader II is a hematology analyzer that uses dry hematology technology to perform a complete blood count without the addition of any diluent or liquid reagents. It does not require any daily maintenance and delivers results in seven minutes using just 65µL of blood from finger sticks, heel sticks, or venous draws.
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Biochip Immunoanalyzer
Evidence Evolution

The Evidence Evolution can process any required workflow including batch analysis, STAT samples, and can run 2,640 tests/hour. Features include continuous sample and reagent loading, automated on-board sample dilution, sample data entry, and a walkaway time of two hours.
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Urine Analyzer
Laura M

The Laura M features an evaluation time of 60 seconds, and a capacity of 600 strips per hour. Additional benefits include a memory capable of saving the last 2,000 measurements, making it ideal for use in clinical laboratories.
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Laboratory Software
FilmArray Link

The FilmArray Link Software allows the FilmArray System to interface with an LIS, allowing test results to be electronically transferred. The LIS-interfacing capabilities enable faster turnaround and increased accuracy, while the software optimizes workflow and ensures efficient data management.
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HbA1c/Variant Analyzer

The HB-100 uses the ion-exchange HPLC method (Gold Standard) to deliver rapid and accurate results for HbA1c and HbF in just 90 seconds. It performs direct analysis from the collection tube, does not require any incubation time, and is compatible with LIS and other lab data systems.
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Urinalysis System
Atellica 1500

The Atellica 1500 combines the CLINITEK Novus and the Atellica UAS 800 into one automated unit for the highest accuracy and efficiency. It allows more samples to be managed using less staff in a shorter time, and streamlines detection of UTIs and early kidney disease.
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