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Reagent Kit
Erba ITA

The Erba ITA is a range of liquid stable, ready to use reagents, offering a wide measuring range, with a 1 ml calibrator included in each kit. The reagents have a long shelf life stability and can be used for semi-automatic as well as fully automatic analyzers.
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The GB HBsAg ELISA kit (SURASE B-96) for detecting Hepatitis B surface antigen calculates intra-assay CVs ranging between 3.7% and 11.36%, and inter-assay CVs between 30.4% for an HBsAg negative sample and 23.1% for an HBsAg low positive sample. The kit with 96 tests and a shelf life of 18 months is CE marked and TFDA certified, and also fulfills the new Common Technical Specifications (CTS) of the European IVD Directive (2009 / 108 / EC).
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Immunoassay Analyzer
Alere Reader

The Alere Reader detects and identifies completed lateral flow assays, analyzes the intensity of the test and control line, and displays results on the touch screen. It features barcode technology to maximize data entry accuracy and minimize human error, while ensuring QC controls are tested.
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CLIA Processor

The VIRCLIA PLUS chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA) processor offers swift results with the capacity to deliver 96 tests in less than three hours. Other features include an eight-channel pipetting arm, six heated incubator slots, washable stainless tips, and clot detection.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Pictus 700

The Pictus 700 is a fully-automated, random access, floor model clinical chemistry analyzer which incorporates a 95 position patient sample tray to reduce the number of required daily runs and also offers programmable auto dilution for out of range tests. The reagents are very stable and require few calibrations, while the 72 reagent positions (75 w/ISE) and on-board refrigeration allow for a number of tests to be kept on the analyzer at the same time.
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Flow-through Hybridization System
FT-PRO Auto System

The FT-PRO Auto System is an automatic flow-through hybridization instrument for molecular diagnostics that offers speed, ease of use and accuracy in mid-resolution DNA analysis. The system is based on the detection of a DNA target by Dot blot Hybridization and is suitable for use in molecular diagnostics research labs, healthcare institutions and molecular diagnostics services labs.
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RNA Purification System
Taigen VacEZor

The Taigen VacEZor is designed for filtration-type DNA/RNA purification in low-to-medium throughput (36-sample capacity). It enables direct binding and washing steps on a vacuum manifold without having to repetitively load spin columns on the centrifuge and discard the waste, thus avoiding cross-contamination with each sample processed independently.
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STA-Edoxaban Calibrator/STA-Edoxaban Control

The STA-Edoxaban Calibrator/STA-Edoxaban Control dedicated reagents enable the quantitative determination of edoxaban plasmatic concentration. Specific, stable, and fully automated, it allows measurement in various clinical settings such as prior to surgery, emergency situations, and severe bleeding due to over dosage.
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Universal Reagent
STA-Liquid Anti-Xa

The STA-Liquid Anti-Xa is a liquid & ready to use universal reagent for UFH, LMWH, fondaparinux, apixaban, rivaroxaban, edoxaban testing. The fully automated test on STA line analyzers offers reduced handling time, no reagent wastage, no analytical mistakes and elimination of the risks of error.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Autolyser 450

The Autolyser 450 is a clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of up to 450 tests/hour without I.S.E and up to 690 tests/hour with I.S.E. It uses non-disposable optical glass cuvettes and an internal barcode reader for sample and reagents, and can store up to 500 tests plus unlimited relation tests in its internal memory.
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Coagulation Analyzer

The CoaLyser is a coagulation analyzer that performs clotting and immunoturbidimetric assays with a throughput of PT 137 tests/hour, APTT 60 tests/hour ± 20 tests/hour. It offers continuous loading of samples and features a color touch display and internal sample barcode reader.
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Urine Strip Analyzer
500 / 500 ME

The Urine Strip Analyzer 500 / 500 ME has a throughput of 500 tests/hour, a fast measurement cycle of seven seconds/test, and a memory capacity of 2000 results. It offers automatic calibration of measuring unit and comes with a hand-held barcode reader for samples and strips (closed system) and an internal thermal printer.
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Microplate Processor
Stratec Gemini

The Stratec Gemini is a fully-automated microplate processor for low throughput applications that features an absorbance reader with up to eight different filters and provides single or dual wavelength reading. It offers flexible scheduling of up to three plates and has an initial loading capacity of up to 192 samples with continuous loading feature.
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ELISA Reader

The DIA2000 ELISA Reader is a user-friendly micro plate analyzer that reads a complete plate within a few seconds and is integrated with a thermal printer. It can accommodate a flat bottom as well as a round configuration, and has a RS232 serial port output and can be connected to a laptop through a USB port.
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Rapid Test Kit
BlueDiver Quantrix

The BlueDiver Quantrix Enzyme ImmunoAssays (EIA) test kit is composed of 24 nitrocellulose strips on which the antigens have been coated in a microdot-shaped format in triplicate spotting to ensure quality and validity of the results. The strips are automated on the BlueDiver Instrument and all the results obtained are fully quantitative, thanks to a six-point built-in calibration curve including blank measurement.
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