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The GB HBsAg ELISA kit (SURASE B-96) for detecting Hepatitis B surface antigen calculates intra-assay CVs ranging between 3.7% and 11.36%, and inter-assay CVs between 30.4% for an HBsAg negative sample and 23.1% for an HBsAg low positive sample. The kit with 96 tests and a shelf life of 18 months is CE marked and TFDA certified, and also fulfills the new Common Technical Specifications (CTS) of the European IVD Directive (2009 / 108 / EC).
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Erba XL 640

The Erba XL 640 fully automated, random access clinical chemistry system has a throughput of 640 tests per hour with I.S.E (Na/K/Cl) and ensures high degree precision with diffraction grating. It uses permanent hard glass cuvettes and comes with a built-in barcode reader for sample and reagent compartment.
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Coagulation Analyzer
Sysmex CS-5100 System

The Sysmex CS-5100 System performs coagulation assays using four different measurement principles on a single platform, offering a throughput of up to 400 PT/APTT tests per hour, onboard capacity of up to 3,000 tests and up to 40 reagents, and more than 11 hours of walkaway time. It allows all reaction detectors to be used for clotting, chromogenic, immunoturbidimetric, and aggregation/agglutination assays.
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Immunoenzyme Assay

The ADENOVIRUS ELISA Indirect immunoenzyme assay to test antibodies against adenovirus in human serum/plasma does not require sample pre-dilution, serum dilution and sorbent treatment. It allows for the performance of all possible combinations of IgG and IgM determinations, and suitable for automated ELISA systems.
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Hematology Analyzer

The Aquila three-part differential hematology analyzer offers a throughput of 60 tests per hour, requires a sample size of only 10µl, and consumes less than 10ml of reagent per test. It is equipped with an onboard reagent pack sufficient for approximately 200 measurements and includes a touchscreen, intuitive user interface, optional backup battery pack, and extended connectivity options.
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Chemistry Analyzer
BioMajesty JCA-BM6010/C

The BioMajesty JCA-BM6010/C ultra-compact chemistry analyzer offers a throughput of up to 1.200 tests/hour, 43 reagents and 84 sample positions. It handles a full menu of photometric and immunoturbidimetric assays as well as Na, K, Cl determination by indirect ISE methods, making it ideal for medium-sized and specialty laboratories.
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Desktop Urine Analyzer
DocUReader 2 Pro

The DocUReader 2 Pro is a desktop size urine analyzer that reads and evaluates the LabStrip U11 Plus urine test strips, and can carry out 120 tests/hour in fast mode or 50 tests/hour in normal mode. Its high accuracy, simple operation, flexibility and connectivity as well as security and quality control functions, make it ideal for point-of-care urinalysis testing at physician’s offices and smaller laboratories.
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Urine Analyzer
FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybrid

The FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybrid is a fully automated urine R&M analyzer that combines intelligent dry chemistry and imaging technology comparison to provide the user with precise data, effectively lowering the risk of both false positive and false negative results. It offers an auto loader capacity of 50 samples/ 270 samples optional, and a high throughput of 120 tests/hour, in a simplified and compact two-in-one design.
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Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

The DR-7000D is a semi-automatic chemistry analyzer that features an optical system using the new interference filters for high testing precision and system reliability. It offers real-time measurement and display of absorbance curve, and optional curve amplification function, and comes with a built-in thermal printer and interface for external stylus printer.
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Blood Group Confirmation Device

The ABD PAD is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for manual ABO/RhD blood group confirmation of donors and recipients. The ready-to-use pad needs only three steps to perform a blood group test within 30 seconds in a safe and standardized way.
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Manual Reagents
Manual Reagents

DIAGAST’s manual range of unique and efficient reagents meet regulatory requirements, with each production batch controlled in comparison to a reference batch to ensure consistent quality and released only after approval by its notified body. DIAGAST manages the whole process, from clone production to the final product, and allows users to control their budget through packaging conceived as per their requirements.
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Immunohematology Analyzer

The QWALYS 3 is a new generation fully-automated and high-throughput system for immunohematology that allows grouping, phenotyping, antibody screening, identification and cross-matching to be easily performed. Its high throughput and large load capacity makes it suitable for blood banks, blood transfusion centers and hospitals performing between 10,000 and 100,000 tests per year.
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Hematology Analyzer
D-Cell 5D

The D-Cell 5D is a quantitative, automated hematology analyzer and 5-part differential counter used for the quantitative determination of 27 parameters, 2 histograms and 2 scattegrams. It utilizes a long-lasting semiconductor laser light source with dual acceleration flow cell technology for WBC differentiation, and software that can distinguish between normal and abnormal samples.
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Coag XL

The Coag XL is a fully automated, high capacity coagulometer with eight independent measuring channels that offers a throughput of 300 PT tests per hour and 170 PT + APTT tests per hour. Other features include on-board storage of up to 1000 cuvettes, 44 cooled reagent positions, barcode reader for samples and reagents, and more than 10,000 results storage capacity.
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INR POC Instrument
Coag S

The Coag S is a whole blood INR POC instrument with self-monitoring capability and offers outstanding correlation with INR results of classical PT. Other features include a single-use safety lancet, measuring cuvette, disposable reagent cartridge, and specialized pipette for precise sampling and reagent dispensing.
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