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Microplate Reader 7" LCD touch screen

●Display: 7" TFT LCD 800X480 pixels ●Detection method : Absorbance ●Microplate types: 96-well plate ●Measuring system:8-Channel optical ststem ●Reading speed: 5s single wavelength ●Light source: Based on mono-LED illumination. Life for more than 100,000 hours ●405nm,450nm:492nm,630nm,2 free positions for additional filters ●Large memory:1200 times of testing for 96 well results ●Reading range:0.001-3.500Abs ●Measurement range: 0.001-2.500Abs ●OEM is available
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Medgyn Vacuum Pump Model MVP-100

The MVP-100 MedGyn Vacuum Pump is designed for safety and convenience. It features a push switch linked directly to the pump and a trap bottle to control overflow.
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Hematology Analyzer

The ADVIA 360 offers a compact footprint and easy-to-use interface, and generates reliable and accurate results. The system measures 22 parameters, including a 3-part white blood cell differential, provides storage capacity of 10,000 results, and runs up to 60 samples per hour.
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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System
Maglumi 600

The Maglumi 600 features options such as three modes of operation, sample loading for up to 16 sample tubes, four reagents on board, and clot detection. The system is considered ideal for IVD, with a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour with first results available in only 12 minutes.
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Cardiac Assay

The H-FABP assay is a biomarker of myocardial ischemia, and is detectable as early as within 30 minutes of release after an ischemic episode. The assay can speed up treatment, and the rapid return to baseline within 24 hours offers potential use with patients with suspected reinfarction.
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Chemistry Analyzer
Respons 910

The Respons 910 fully automated system is designed to make routine lab operations more efficient while streamlining workflow. Features include a unique container system for liquid-stable reagents, reduced costs, low maintenance, and a throughput of up to 30 samples in one run.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
Stat Profile Prime

The Stat Profile Prime is compact, lightweight, and simple to operate with a color touch screen, and can be used in a fixed location or on a mobile cart. Key features include automated, true liquid QC, and continuous electronic self-monitoring, designed to save time and labor.
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Strest Test

The database offers generous internal storage, holding over 10,000 40-minute full disclosure exercise tests. Hospitals & Physician offices PE schools & Exercise Physiology institutes Physical status assessment Athletes screening
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A2O from Advanced Instruments

The A2O from Advanced Instruments is a fully automated, multi-sample osmometer. The A2O combines functional design, exceptional analytical performance, and an intuitive software control package to fully automate osmolality testing. It is ideally suited for today's busy laboratories.
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PCR Test
Simplexa HSV 1 & 2 Direct

The Simplexa HSV 1 & 2 Direct assay is designed for the direct detection and differentiation of HSV-1 and HSV-2 in cerebral spinal fluid. The test can provide results in about an hour, and is intended to positively impact patient management and survival statistics.
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Biochemistry Analyzer
Zenix 2200

The Zenix 2200 features comprehensive software, reduced costs and maintenance, independent agitator, and a high-quality optical system. The system offers enhanced security, 48 BIONEX reaction cuves, real-time results, and a throughput of 200 tests per hour.
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Blood Cell Counter

The HEMIX 5 is a five-part differential instrument that features both open and closed tubes. The system offers higher confidence in results, advanced flagging for leukocyte immature populations, enhanced specificity and sensitivity, and better prediction for pos/neg results.
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Blood Cell Counter
Hemix 3-30

The Hemix 3-30 features powerful and comprehensive software, full traceability, and cost-effectiveness. The practical and user-friendly system offers precise and reliable results, a robust instrument that is easy to maintain, and a safe working environment.
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Hematology Analyzer WHY6480

●Display:10.4" color touch screen ●Test Principle:Electric resistence for counting and Cyanide free method for HGB ●Chambers:Two channel ●Throughput: 60samples/Hour ●Chamber:2 ●Mutli-language:English,Spanish,French and Chinese ●Suit for:Neonatal,Child,Adult ●Clot Clear:High voltage burn and high pressure flush ●Sample Volume:Whole blood:10uL, prediluted:20uL ●Parameters: WBC, HGB, LYM%, LYM% , MON%,MON% ,GRA%, GRA%, HCT, RBC,MCH,MCV,RDW-CV,MCHC, RDW-SD,PLT, PCT, MPV , PDW, P-LCR, RBC histogram , WBC histogram, PLT histogram
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Portable Hematology Analyzer WHY6280

●23 Parameters: WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#,LYM%,MID%, GRAN%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, MPV, PDW, P-LCR and Histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT ●Working Principle: Electronic impedance, SFT method for hemoglobin ●Throughput:≥60 samples / H ●Analysis Mode: Optional venous blood, anticoagulant blood and prediluted blood ●Sample Consumption: Anticoagulant whole blood ≤9.6µL ●Anticoagulant capillary blood ≤9.6µL ●Prediluted capillary blood ≤20µL (the sample consumption above are for repeating two times testing and avoiding second sampling) ●Alarm: Automatic system diagnosis, self testing, fault and reagent shortage alarm ●Automated Maintenance: Wash automatically during power on and power off, reducing the blockage rate ●Standby Protection: 24 hours switch on, sleep and wake up automatically ●Storage: Large quantity test results storage, at least 400,000 test results with comprehensive information. ●Extended SD memory supported ●Control Mode: Quality control mode of L-J, X-B and X-r. Westguard quality control regulation ●Calibration Mode: Manual and automatic calibration. Fresh blood calibration is available. ●Reference Value Setting: The appropriate reference value range could be automatically selected according to the inputted age and sex including children, adults and the aged ●Display: TFT LCD (Touch Screen is optional) ●Input Mode: mouse and keyboard (standard). Optional bar code reader and touch screen ●Print Mode: Internal high-speed thermal printer. External printer is optional ●Report Format: more than 8 kinds ●Reagents System: POWEAM reagents OR Open systems are optional ●Connection Port: USB, RS-232, network interface, LPT
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