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    26 May 2016
    Turkish Group to Purchase Equipment Worth EUR 10 Million for Cancer Treatment
    A human care company has announced a EUR 10 million deal with one of Turkey’s largest private healthcare networks for the procurement of sophisticated cancer treatment equipment and related software.
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    16 May 2016
    Quality Cardiac Care for an Aging Population in Remote Areas of the Tropics
    A renowned specialist healthcare and research facility in Malaysia has taken up the challenge of providing quality cardiac care for aging patients in remote areas of the country who have minimal access to healthcare institutions.
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    11 Apr 2016
    Medical Image Guidance Systems Developer Reports Demand for Systems in Q1 2016
    The developer of an innovative guidance system that can improve the accuracy and clinical outcomes for spine and brain surgery procedures, has announced demand for its systems during the first quarter of 2016. 
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    29 Mar 2016
    Leading Ultrasound Guidance Device Manufacturer Acquires Ultrasound Transducer Disinfection Equipment Company
    The market leader for high-level ultrasound transducer disinfection products has been acquired by a leading manufacturer of ultrasound guidance devices and infection control products. 
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    27 Mar 2016
    HTG Molecular Diagnostics Announces IVD Development Agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific
    HTG Molecular Diagnostics, a provider of instruments and reagents for molecular profiling applications, have announced that it has entered into a long-term agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific under which HTG will have the right to develop a number of in vitro diagnostic tests for use with Thermo Fisher’s next-generation sequencing Ion PGM Dx System. 
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    02 Mar 2016
    Agreement Signed for a New Medical Image Management Cloud Platform in China
    A new medical image management cloud platform will be built in China under a strategic partnership agreement signed between a large international healthcare imaging systems and IT company, and a Chinese Healthcare IT provider.
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    14 Feb 2016
    Arquer and Euro Diagnostica Partner on Noninvasive Test for Bladder Cancer
    Arquer Diagnostics, a company which has developed a high-sensitivity, high-specificity, ELISA-based urine test for cancer, has signed an agreement with Euro Diagnostica for the manufacturing and supply of Arquer’s Mcm5-ELISA test for the diagnosis of bladder cancer. 
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    14 Feb 2016
    ResMed Finalizes Purchase of Inova Labs
    Respiratory device manufacturer ResMed has completed the acquisition Inova Labs, a developer of oxygen therapy products. Financial terms were not disclosed. 
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    08 Feb 2016
    KIMES 2106 to Showcase Korean Medical Industry
    The 32nd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show will offer participants the chance to identify and confirm future prospects of the medical industry. 
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