Surgical Pump

Surgical Pump
Model: Rolla Endomat
Condition: New
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Company: Spark Meditech
Country: IN India
Rank: Regular Supplier
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The Rolla Endomat is a peristaltic pump which employs a totally non-contact method for pumping irrigant into human organs at preset pressures and flow rates. This finds application as a Hysteromat for diagnostic as well as operative hysteroscopy procedures. In urological procedures it works as a uromat for dialating the ureter. In arthroscopy it finds application as an arthropump for pressurizing the knee/shoulder cavity


•Intra organ infusion pressure settable in steps of 1mm Hg
•Easily detachable and fully autoclavable tubing and metal connections
•Totally non-contact method of pumping ensuring high sterility
•Capable of withstanding wide fluctuations in line voltage.
•Output remains steady throughout working time.
•Imported high quality pump and transducer used as original parts
•Preselectable values for irrigation pressure and flow are retained while the unit is switched off and will be redisplayed when it is switched on again.


•As a Hysteromat in hysteroscopy
•As an Arthropump in arthroscopy
•As an Uromat in urology


•Intra Organ Pressure range (settable) : 50 to 225 mm Hg
•Liquid flow rate (variable): 10 to 1000ml/min
•Power supply (fluctuation compatible): 170 to 250 V, 50 Hz.
•Power Consumption: 100 watts

Standard Accessories

•Pressure chamber assembly with HM 17 tube - 1 set
•Silicone rubber tube set - 1 pair
•Bottle Puncture Cannula - 1 no.
•Spare Pressure tube HM 17- 1 no


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Tags: [Surgery], [Other]

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