infant incubator B-3000

infant incubator B-3000
Model: B-3000
Condition: New
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Company: Beijing julongsanyou Technology Co.,Ltd
Country: CN China
Rank: Regular Supplier
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STANDARD COMPOSITION:●Servo Control Mode: air temperature,skin temperature;● Instant Parameter Displaying: set temp, air temp ,skin temp,internal humidity,heat power rate;● Audible & Visual Alarms: power failure, sensor failure, higher & lower temp, air& skin  temp override,fan failure,system failure;● >37℃ Preset Mode: power failure reset memory, alarm silence, keypad lock, self-test function;● Hood with dual slope: 6 hand-ports; left & right cabinets, top-shelf;● RS-232 Output Connector (Use for network system ).

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Beijing julongsanyou Technology Co.,Ltd (infant incubator B-3000)
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