Medical pendant

Medical pendant
Medical pendant
Medical pendant
Model: BFP3600
Condition: New
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Company: Blackfish Industries Co.,Limited
Country: CN China
Rank: Regular Supplier
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Technical Data
1,Material: aluminum, color: RAL5015;
3,Mix lift range:600mm;
4,Motor Power: less than 1kw,the speed: 22mm/s;
5,Arm range(radius): 1000mm, rotation: 340°;
6,With pneumatic brake to avoid the drafting;
7,With 2 adjustable platforms and 1 draw;
8,Stops: any positions you like in 340°;


Standards Compliance: CE:MDD 93/42/EEC; ISO13485.

Installation : Ceiling mounting on concrete ceiling by using heavy duty anchors M16.

Package : plywood box.


Standard Configuration (others upon request)
1,Oxygen outlet*2pcs,
2,Vacuum outlet*2pcs,
4,Grounding terminal*2pcs,RJ45*1pc,
5,Bracket of infusion pump*1pc
6,Bracket of syringe pump*1pc.

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Blackfish Industries Co.,Limited (Medical pendant)
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