SleepOne Pro SV

SleepOne Pro SV
Model: SleepOne Pro SV
Condition: New
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Company: Kare Medical and Analytical Devices Ltd. Co.
Country: TR Turkey
Rank: Gold Supplier
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Active Patient Control on Breath-by-breath basis:
SleepOne ProSVTM is an active and also proactive device which responds to patients breath by breath changes. Patient who suff ers from Cheyne-Stokes Ventilation, Central Apnea, Obstructive Apnea or Complex Apneas can benefit from the active / proactive algorithm of ProSV. Device monitors several parameters from the patients and adjust pressure and breath rate according to the change. Patients who don’t get enough from standard Bilevel therapy, or Auto-Bilevel algorithms can find the ProSV is a problem solver for complex patients.
Patient Focused Flexible Algorithm:
ProSV targets to keep the patient flow to the %90 of the 3 minute moving average. During a normal breathing cycle, in which patient’s respiratory eff ort is minimum, device keeps the pressure level to a minimum also. If there is no respiratory eff ort, patient is forced with the backup rate. According to the measured patient flow, ProSV categorizes the events. During complex apneas, device does not respond. Obstructive apneas are responded with a pressure increase after multiple events. Hypopneas are also responder events with pressure increase after multiple events. Snores are also responder events. Pressure increase is monitored and the amount is interactively chosen by the algorithm. ProSVTM decreases the pressures during no-event times. Patient is always treated with necessary pressure. High Leak Flows, Periodic breathing (Cheyne-Stokes Ventilation) and all other events are recorded for reporting.


Servo Ventilation + Auto Cpap + Respiratory Backup = SleepOne ProSV

- Auto Pressure Support
- Auto EPAP
- Auto Backup Rate
- Can also work as CPAP Mode Servo Ventilation
(Min Pressure Support = 0)


Technical Specifications

Pressure Range: 4-35 CmH2O
Working Mode: ProSV Active Servo Ventilation, CPAP
Ventilation Type Leakage Ventilation
Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC
Humidifier: SleepOne Heated Humidifier

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