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10 Mar 2017
POCT Market Reaches USD 18 Billion in 2016
Sales of point of care (POC) diagnostic testing, both professional testing and self-testing, reached USD 18.4 billion in 2016, driven by emerging technological innovations in smartphones, biosensors, lab-on-a-chip and wearable devices that aim to provide expedited diagnosis where the patient is seen or in the patient’s home. These new technologies are allowing POC devices to generate quantitative lab-quality test results and transfer them automatically to an information system, a remote caregiver service for consultation or an electronic medical record.
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10 Mar 2017
Collaboration Improves Diagnosis and Monitoring of Multiple Myeloma
The Binding Site Group Ltd. has entered into a collaboration agreement with Mayo Clinic to develop a clinical laboratory test for the identification and accurate measurement of monoclonal proteins present in B-cell diseases. Both the organizations have been involved in collaborative activities for more than two decades with the aim of improving the testing, diagnosis and monitoring of patients with multiple myeloma and related conditions. The output of the latest collaboration will build on combining The Binding Site’s antibody- and assay-development expertise with Mayo Clinic’s clinical excellence and its recently patented approach to improving multiple myeloma patient monitoring.
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Brazil is the largest medical device market and among the top 10 in the world. The widening coverage of Brazil’s public healthcare system and expansion of its private health insurance sector has resulted in higher demand for improved medical care and increase in spending on medical devices.
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