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23 Nov 2018
AI Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease Years before Diagnosis
A new study on the application of deep learning (DL) to detect changes in brain metabolism predictive of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has found that artificial intelligence (AI) improves the ability of brain imaging to predict AD.
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23 Nov 2018
UK to Set Up New GBP 10 Million Centre for Medical Imaging and AI
The UK’s London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre for Value-Based Healthcare will train sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms from NHS medical images and patient data, to create tools that will help clinicians speed up and improve diagnosis and care across a number of patient pathways, including dementia, heart failure and cancer.
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Brazil is the largest medical device market and among the top 10 in the world. The widening coverage of Brazil’s public healthcare system and expansion of its private health insurance sector has resulted in higher demand for improved medical care and increase in spending on medical devices.
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