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16 Aug 2018
Deep Learning-Based System Detects and Classifies Mammogram Masses
Researchers from the Kyung Hee University have developed a fully integrated computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system that uses deep learning and a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) to detect, segment and classify masses from mammograms. In a new study published by the International Journal of Medical Informatics, the researchers have described the use of their regional deep learning model, You-Only-Look-Once (YOLO), to detect breast mass from entire mammograms. The researchers then went on to use a new deep network model based on a full resolution convolutional network (FrCN), to segment the mass lesions pixel-to-pixel. Finally, a deep CNN was used to recognize the mass and classify it as either benign or malignant.
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16 Aug 2018
AI Software for Restoring Photos Could Find Use in Medical Imaging
Researchers have developed a deep learning-based approach that can fix photos originally taken in low light and are grainy or pixilated, and automatically remove the noise and artifacts by simply looking at examples of corrupted photos only. The approach can also be used to enhance MRI images, which could pave the way for a drastic improvement in medical imaging.
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