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Infant Incubator

The YXK-2000G infant incubator for neonate intensive care units is designed with an advanced thermoregulation system and a double wall chamber design to prevent loss of heating and humidity. Its ultrasonic humidifier supplies low temperature and comfortable air flow inside of the incubator with humidity in the 40-80% adjustable range to provide a suitable incubation environment for patients.
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Anesthesia Machine
Anaeston 6000

The Anaeston 6000 anesthesia machine offers full electronic gas flow regulation control (FFEC) and a patented laughing oxygen linkage design that guarantees 25% of oxygen concentration. It can wirelessly integrate anesthesia depth monitoring to achieve fine anesthesia and comes with advanced features such as three-level intelligent alarm, same screen display, intelligent sorting, and split-screen display of ventilator parameters.
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Fetal Monitor

The F80 fetal monitor features a 12.1 inch LCD screen with a flip design to ensure good visibility and uses multi-chip waterproof probe that can more accurately capture fetal heart signal. It provides highly sensitive real-time monitoring of uterine and maternal contractions, and comes with twin measurement function to help accurately distinguish between different fetal heart sounds.
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Patient Monitor

The S10 patient monitor features a 10.4-inch HD LED capacitive touch screen with support gesture operation. It also features optional intelligent infusion monitoring module to improve the safety of infusion monitoring, large-capacity data storage function, and support for external USB storage devices.
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Central Monitoring System

BioVision is a Central Monitoring System designed for centralized monitoring of vital signs information from patient monitors manufactured by Biolight, through wired or wireless LAN in hospital or medical institutions. It can connect up to 64 Biolight bedside monitors and offers remote control over the monitors within the network, along with vital monitoring information, data storage and audible visual alarm.
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Patient Monitor

The P22 patient monitor comes with all kinds of modules and parameters that can help make clinical work more precise and much easier. Fast and easy to use, it features a 22-inch TFT LCD full capacitive touch screen with multi-finger gesture support, strong hardware and software, and large data storage capacity.
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Transportable Power Source
Giraffe Shuttle

The Giraffe Shuttle is a portable power source that connects to the Giraffe Omni bed, Incubator and Warmer and is designed to transport premature newborns that need a warm, stable thermal environment from the labor room to the NICU. It is clinically proven to provide better thermoregulation and reduce the risks associated with traditional intra-hospital transport.
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Anesthesia Delivery System
Carestation 650c Series

The Carestation 650c series is a compact, versatile, affordable and easy to use anesthesia platform that is designed to help clinicians deliver efficient, precise and reliable anesthesia care to solve today's toughest challenges. It features a sleek integrated design suited for constrained environments, simple user interface for improved workflows, and scalable tools and technology for diverse patient acuities.
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Bedside Monitor

The DYNASCOPE DS-8200 is a portable and powerful bedside monitor with a 10 inch wide color display that allow continuous monitoring during transport. It offers various display configurations for flexible monitoring and features a compact design to fit every critical area.
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Central Monitoring Station

The DYNASCOPE DS-1700 central monitoring station features a 21.5 inch capacitive touchscreen LCD to view up to 32 patients at once, including eight internal wireless telemetry receivers. Smaller, thinner, lighter, and equipped with the latest in Fukuda’s software and technology, it even has a built-in one-hour backup battery. The optional extended storage allows for 336 hours (14 days) of full disclosure waveforms and SpO2 drop detection. The inclusion of patient scoring (EWS, NEWS, NEWS2, and qSOFA) are calculated and displayed automatically.
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Electrical Safety Analyzer

The ESA615 electrical safety analyzer brings fast and simple automated testing in the form of a portable analyzer to healthcare technology professionals that perform electrical safety testing on medical equipment both in the field and in facilities. Whether it is simple testing or comprehensive analysis, the ESA615 is an all-in-one solution with a safety analyzer and ECG simulator in a single electrical safety test instrument.
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Vital Signs Patient Simulator
ProSim 4

The ProSim 4 vital signs patient simulator features specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections and hassle-free testing. It is perfect for on-call BMET professionals troubleshooting patient monitors throughout a hospital facility and as a grab-and-go portable tester.
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Neonatal Monitor

The PMS8000N neonatal monitor offers advanced neonatal SPO2 technology which can effectively prevent the interference of motions and improve the measurement of weak perfusion. It offers oxygen concentration monitoring and apnea self-rescue functions along with intelligent alarm system and anti-motion respiration testing technology.
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Oxygen Monitoring System
OMS Sample Draw

ETS-Lindgren's Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS) is a sample draw monitoring system that alerts and alarms when oxygen levels fall below safe limits for human health. The OMS monitors the air in MRI rooms, labs, freezers, confined spaces, and other locations where inert gases such as helium, nitrogen and argon may displace the oxygen and create a danger for patients and staff. The OMS can be used indoors or outdoors.
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Magic Loggia M

Magic Loggia M incubator has a Servo-controlled humidity and oxygen system that reaches the set value quickly (humidity up to 95% and oxygen up to 85% can be adjusted). It allows humidity, oxygen, air and skin temperature measured and adjusted values, second skin temperature measurements to be monitored at the same time.
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