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Medical Imaging Display

The CCL258i2 is a high-bright 2MP color display for multi-modality medical imaging featuring a 21.3-inch screen with LED backlight for image stability and energy saving. Its built-in luminance sensor in the front constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen to optimize image quality.
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Diagnostic Display

The CCL650i2 is a wide screen 6MP color diagnostic display that provides optimal functions for diagnostic viewing, while improving workflow efficiency and ensuring space and energy saving. The 30-inch wide color LCD delivers a viewing area equivalent to two 3MP displays seamlessly and allows allocation of multiple images.
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Diagnostic Display
Coronis Fusion 6MP LED

The Coronis Fusion 6MP LED diagnostic color display system features an exclusive LCD panel with the latest IPS technology, offering best-in-class image quality, and high brightness and contrast ratio to unveil the subtlest of details for accurate diagnosis. It comes with smart features that enhance control and productivity, and its large 30-inch screen real estate, wide aspect ratio, and full ACR compliance make this display the perfect fit for diagnostic imaging.
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Bedside Terminal

The JAO18 bedside terminal featuring anti-bacterial plastics, an easy-clean design, and a front screen that is IP-65 rated, fully complies with the latest hygiene and safety standards. Designed specifically for use in a clinical environment - by patients as well as clinical staff - it offers multi-touch access to a host of tools and services all presented on a multi-touch screen 18.5-inch LED panel.
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Data Management System
AQURE Enterprise

The AQURE Enterprise is a data management system with an open platform that allows the user to connect to, monitor and manage Radiometer America and third-party testing devices. It provides an overview of all devices from a single dashboard and notifies immediately of an issue, ensuring seamless integration with the hospital IT platform.
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Mammography Workstation

The AMULET Bellus smart mammography workstation provides fast display of detailed image data, including 50 μm pixel pitch images, and customized reading protocols for precise diagnosis and streamlined workflow. It displays an outline of the actual breast image in the reporting system and allows for one-click creation of “Normal” report for patients where no abnormality is detected.
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Mammography Display

The RX560MammoDuo integrates two 5 megapixel, 54.1 cm (21.3 inches) high-brightness color monitors side by side on a specifically designed stand. It offers the high-definition display necessary for breast imaging, along with a narrow bezel design to help the eyes swiftly move from one monitor to another.
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Flat Panel Detector

The VIVIX-S 1717V is a wide and slim flat panel detector for digital radiography featuring Vieworks’ proprietary AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) function with reliable performance. It has a short booting time of 15 seconds and has the same size as a film or a CR cassette for simple and easy upgrading of a conventional X-ray system.
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Medical Grade Tablet

The AIM-55 is a medical-grade tablet that features a stylish appearance and advanced computing technologies to provide a superior device for mobile computing in healthcare environments. Designed to streamline hospital workflows and improve patient care, its functionalities can be easily expanded with the addition of diverse extension modules, such as a barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, and RJ45 connector, according to specific application requirements.
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Healthcare Infotainment Terminal

The HIT-W183 is a healthcare infotainment terminal featuring an Intel N4200 processor, dual operating systems (Windows 10 IoT and Android 6.0.1), and an 18.5 inch 16:9 widescreen display with projected capacitive (PCAP) 10-point touch control. In addition to a 5MP camera, it features an IP65-rated true-flat front panel which protects against water and dust ingress and can be cleaned easily to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and infection control.
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Cordless Imager

The DS6878-HC cordless imager enables hospitals to automate data capture, improve data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline everyday processes in patient rooms, laboratories and the pharmacy. It combines an intuitive and ergonomic design with dependable and rapid capture of barcodes and other images, while its matchless feature set meets the unique requirements of healthcare facilities.
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The DS8100-HC imager features user-selectable feedback modes to instantly notify healthcare workers that a barcode was properly captured without disturbing the patients. It also features a purpose-built housing using special plastics to help prevent the spread of bacteria and allow for safe wipe-downs with a wide selection of disinfectants used in hospitals.
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Mobile Computer

The TC51-HC mobile computer can capture virtually any barcode in any condition and scan the most problematic barcodes found in pharmacies, labs, and at the point of care to help improve productivity and efficiency. The mobile computer with Android can replace multiple devices needed to perform tasks such as calling/texting co-workers, receiving calls via PBX, accessing patient records, scanning barcodes and increasing medication administration accuracy.
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Patient Data Management Software
Digistat Suite

The Digistat Suite is an advanced patient data management software system comprising a large set of modules that can either work alone or be fully integrated to provide a complete solution. Designed specifically for use by clinicians, nurses and administrators, it can be used in a wide range of clinical environments from the ICU to the ward and from the OR to the administrative department.
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Medical Displays
MD Series

The MD Series of medical displays features LED backlight for lower power and are mercury-free and longer use. Designed for easy viewing and cleaning, they offer customizable user presets for preferred display settings and are compliant with DICOM Part 3.14 standard.
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