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Contrast Media Injector
CT Motion

The CT Motion contrast media injector employs patented roll pump technology in combination with two-piece tubing system for lower costs and less waste per patient. It ideally adjusts to the examination requirements while safe injection protects both the patient and the user, making it ideal for use in computed tomography.
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PACS Software
Unity PACS

Unity PACS is a unified viewing and reporting solution for automating diagnostic imaging and information management. The PACS can be controlled via speech command and it automatically import indications, measurements, technologist’s findings, hemodynamic data, risk assessment, radiation dose, contrast dose, and clinical guidelines directly into reports.
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DICOM Paper-Print Solution

The XRAY-PRINT is a plain paper print solution that is compatible with PACS and modalities using the DICOM 3.0 standard. The hardware and software have been optimized for medical imagery to achieve near film quality prints, making it ideal for sharing radiological images with referring physicians and patients.
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RIS PACS Software

SUITESTENSA is a RIS PACS imaging & information management software platform for managing the workflow of the diagnostic process in a single DB software and with a single user interface. It exploits DICOM 3.0, HL7 and FDA-XML standard communication protocols to support systems’ interoperability and avoid data duplication.
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Mobile Image Viewer

The iClarity mobile image viewer application allows healthcare professionals to securely utilize PACS and Clarity Practice software via the iPhone or iPad. Its search facility can sort by name, identification number, modality, and date, and it utilizes optimized radiographic tools like zoom, pan, window/level, cine, and measurements to manipulate images.
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CT Scanner
Ingenuity Flex³²

The Ingenuity Flex³² CT scanner offers high-resolution 32-slice, thin reconstruction with improvement in Z-axis visualization and fast acquisition times with 24 mm coverage. It improves image quality through artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution, and offers personalized image quality based on the patient’ needs at low dose.
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Flat Panel Detector

The X-FRAME DR-EZ comprises of one acquisition station, a cassette-size battery-powered detector and one access point that grants for Wi-Fi communication between the two. It can be used inside traditional bucky and cassette-holder of any analogue X-RAY rooms and is mainly used as DR upgrade for analogue traditional X-RAY.
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Flat Panel Detector
RAPIXX 4343M1/2F Wi-Fi

The RAPIXX 4343M1/2F Wi-Fi direct radiography system features a ruggedized, portable 43 x 43 cm DR-flat panel for flexibility in handling and patient positioning. Its high-end detector with the particularly adapted CONAXX 2 DR software, automatic dose detection and standard cassette format makes it ideal for DR upgrade solutions.
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Ultrasound System
WS80A with Elite

The WS80A with Elite ultrasound system features hybrid imaging engine evo combining optimal 2D and color image quality with a fast frame rate to capacitate powerful data processing and noise reduction capabilities. Its advanced S-Vue transducer technology for enhanced vision of scanned areas makes it suitable for women's health exams.
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MRI System
MagSense 360

The MagSense 360 MRI system features the company’s Inscan Technology consisting of dual operating mode which allows scanning inside the shielding room as well as in the console room. Its Affinity C-shaped magnets provide maximum openness and 330 degree OPEN feature offers more space for MR intervention surgery.
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Portable Ultrasound Scanner

The ExaPad portable ultrasound scanner comes with Echo interface and Echo Voice embedded software, which allows its main functions to be controlled by voice. Its 15-inch high resolution touch screen and battery length of more than two hours makes it suitable for ambulatory and for sedentary use.
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CR System

The REGIUS 110 HQ is a single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates per hour. It supports a high resolution read function for mammography and comes with a touch screen control station along with intuitive software tools for easy operation.
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X-RAY System
AeroDR X70

The AeroDR X70 X-RAY system with tilting wall stand and table bucky provides flexible digital X-RAY imaging solution. Based on the cassette sized, wireless AeroDR flat panel detector, it is designed to increase patient throughput and suit a variety of X-RAY rooms.
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X-RAY System
AeroDR X50

AeroDR X50 is a compact, floor mounted X-RAY system, built around the company’s wireless AeroDR flat panel detector. A ceiling suspension is not required and the X-RAY generator is located in the table base, making it well suited for facilities with a limited amount of space.
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The X2 offers sensors for R/F, MAM, CT, Survey, and light applications that are orientation independent, which removes the need for selecting ranges or special modes. Most sensors also measure waveforms that can be analyzed directly on the base unit and come with a built-in, self-test system.
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