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DRX-L Detector

The DRX-L Detector makes it easy to capture high-quality, long-length images of legs or spine can be difficult, especially with pediatric patients or patients with limited mobility who find it hard to remain still for an extended period of time. It allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure, while reducing patient dose, saving exam time and speeding workflow, and decreasing retakes.
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DR and CR Software
DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software

DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software for quality image capture eliminates the need to use multiple programs, and offers a broad range of options to meet specific needs. Powered by Carestream’s Eclipse Engine, the robust software offers one common platform to support more consistent exposures and fewer retakes, enabling faster diagnosis and enhanced care for patients.
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Digital Radiography System

The Aceso+ premium digital radiography system provides high image quality, clinical flexibility and superior workflow for a complete range of radiographic applications. Its ergonomic design and sophisticated auto-positioning technology help maximize patient throughput and its advanced applications such as auto-stitching make Aceso+ an optimal imaging solution.
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Ultrasound System
Xario 100/MX-Edition

Combining excellent image quality with simple operation, Xario 100 ultrasound system provides high performance in your clinic or examination room. The system's outstanding mobility and consistent high performance across clinical specialties make the Xario 100 MX Edition also the ideal imaging device in wards and mobile settings.
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Multipurpose Ultrasound System
Aplio i-series Prism Edition

Aplio i-series Prism Edition is a truly multipurpose ultrasound system with consistently high-quality imaging, streamlined workflow and expert tools for a very wide variety of clinical specialties. Its modular concept and the fully programmable user interface make it easy to customize features and functions to exactly meet all needs now and into the future.
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Mobile Leaded Barrier
Mobile Leaded Barrier

Burlington’s opaque mobile leaded barriers are portable and provide full-body protection against scatter radiation. They feature a 2.0mm lead-equivalent 10″ x 12″ lead glass window, a 2.0mm lead-equivalent opaque panel and steel legs with heavy duty smooth rolling casters.
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Mobile Barrier
PS PTO-003

The PS PTO-003 mobile barrier with torso cutout offers 45 degrees of rotation, allowing the shield to be fitted into exam rooms of any size. The powder-coated alloy construction makes it resistant to corrosion and its offset design enables the shield to be placed anywhere around the patient for full protection during an examination.
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Digital Radiographic System

The BRS-DR is a versatile and effective digital radiographic system with a large SID range from 100 to 180 cm (even on lateral views) and a 43×43 cm flat panel detector. It offers a wide selection of mobile tables for standard and lateral exposures within a SID range of 140 cm and comes with integrated high frequency X-ray generator and digital acquisition system.
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3D Imaging C-Arm Table
3D Imaging C-Arm Table – 820

The 3D Imaging C-Arm Table – 820 is designed and equipped for use with 3D C-Arm for seed implantation, urology, thoracic/vascular and other general C-Arm and O-Arm applications. The narrow, low-attenuation carbon-fiber tabletop is cantilevered to accommodate portable 3D C-Arms. Its functional design provides unrestricted access with minimal radiation exposure to clinicians.
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Surgical C-Arm Table
Surgical C-Arm Table 846

The Surgical C-Arm Table 846 provides a cost-effective option where stable, precise, quiet and vibration-free positioning is needed. A cantilevered low attenuation carbon-fiber tabletop, with choice of contoured or rectangular design, accommodates portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms. Its large radiolucent area, motorized actuation of height, and free-float tabletop make it ideal for pain care, cardiovascular and interventional radiology applications.
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Ultrasound Table

The Econo ultrasound table is designed to make it easy for a sonographer to achieve quality images without discomfort to the patient or sonographer. Its motorized height and Fowler positioning which accommodates natural body extension and sitting position, along with a height range as low as 23 inches to allow wheelchair transfers and a hand controller make the imaging experience easy.
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Portable Ultrasound

H1300 is an 8-inch portable ultrasound with replaceable high-efficiency Lithium-ion battery that serves as a portable diagnostic device. It comes with several image optimization features along with smart finger gestures and multi-touch user interface that make it easy to operate.
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Contrast Injection System
MEDRAD Salient

The MEDRAD Salient contrast injection system is designed for use during CT examinations, including contrast enhanced mammography. It is available with single head configuration which injects contrast media only and dual head configuration which can flush with saline.
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Fluid Management Injection System

The MEDRAD Avanta fluid management injection system for X-ray angiography was specifically designed with the contrast administration needs of interventional cardiology in mind. It allows controlled delivery of radiopaque contrast media and common flushing solutions for interventional imaging purposes. The injector facilitates contrast delivery in fixed or variable flow mode and saline flushing at a fixed rate. It utilizes dedicated disposables that include multi-patient components and single-patient components.
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DICOM Images Transfer App
aycan mobile iPad app

aycan mobile iPad app is designed for the easy, fast, and secure transfer of DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to on-call and other radiologists and referring physicians with an iPad. It is ideal for anyone who wants easy, fast, and secure access to DICOM images from any remote location.
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