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Mobile Digital Mammography Unit

The MAMMOEXPRESS vehicle-based mobile digital mammography unit has the potential to reduce breast cancer morbidity and mortality by improving access to screening for women in hard to reach or medically-underserved communities. The MAMMOSCAN digital mammography system installed in the unit is designed with a high level of resistance to environmental factors, providing users with a high level of reliability that is not usually available in flat panel systems.
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X-Ray System

The THERAD 100 X-ray system enables accurate and safe treatment by delivering curative dose to the disease site while minimizing the dose delivered to surrounding healthy tissues and adjacent healthy organs. The tube head is equipped by easy changeable filters and offers a customized selection of tube current and high voltage depending on the disease being treated, with the selected parameters displayed on a separate touchscreen PC.
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Imaging Table

The T-300 is a 4-way float top carbon fiber imaging table with radiolucent top that is battery operated for a full workdays use (8 hours) on one battery charge. It boasts of a 594 lbs (270 kg) evenly distributed weight load capacity and comes with locking casters on front wheels.
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PACS System
Opal-RAD Software

The Opal-RAD Software is a feature-rich, scalable and flexible picture archiving and communication system (PACS) that enables advanced digital image interpretation, management and archiving. The Diagnostic Image Viewer screen provides a wealth of tools and options to assist in reading and manipulating high-resolution medical images.
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DR Panel
Hybrid Flatpanel DR Panel

The Hybrid Flatpanel DR Panel featuring true Flatpanel technology made wireless and tethered, all in one device, has an imaging area of 17" x 17". The cassette sized DR panel weighs 9.50 lbs and has a battery life of more than 3.5 hours.
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Specimen Radiography System

The Trident Specimen Radiography System revolutionizes breast tissue imaging by incorporating a micro-focused tube, unique specimen image processing algorithms and amorphous selenium direct digital detector, resulting in sharp, high quality images for rapid specimen verification. It features an intuitive user interface ideal for non-technical operators, with one-touch X-ray automatic exposure control (AEC), a lighted specimen X-ray chamber and large active imaging area. The system incorporates easy-to-use software with a simple, yet robust toolset.
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Ultrasound Exam Step
Compact Ultrasound Exam Step

The Compact Ultrasound Exam Step allows for lower extremity ultrasound exams and position patients to allow sonographers to capture the images. It has a 350lb weight capacity and users have to simply rotate the platform 180° using the nylon sliding feet to switch legs.
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C-Arm with Image Intensifier
Ziehm Solo

The Ziehm Solo comprises a compact and versatile C-arm, full-size monitor and intuitive touchscreen user interface with all the functions required for optimal image acquisition, processing and archiving integrated into the C-arm. Its versatile viewing options enable the physician to configure the unit according to the needs of the application, individual requirements, and local conditions. The Ziehm Solo delivers optimal performance for pain management, orthopedics and lithotripsy, and is the first choice for small operating rooms.
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C-Arm with FPD
Ziehm Vision RFD

The Ziehm Vision RFD C-arm with flat panel detector features the latest CMOS FD technology and is equipped with a powerful generator for optimum penetration. It features Advanced Active Cooling to enable longer procedures and an intuitive operating concept for high clinical standards. The Ziehm Vision RFD is the preferred model for highly demanding orthopedic, trauma or cardiovascular interventions that require more information in one image.
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Trolley B/W Ultrasound System

The Ecare-5200 trolley B/W ultrasound system features the latest micro-electronic technology and image processing techniques to deliver efficient operation workflow and confidence in ultrasonic diagnosis. It integrates cutting edge ultrasonic imaging processor, modern computerization technology and broadband, and multi-frequency probe with THI to deliver superb image quality and user-friendly, efficient operation workflow.
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Cardiovascular Doppler Ultrasound

The EC100D cardiovascular color Doppler trolley ultrasound system is equipped with the latest ultrasound image processing technologies, and delivers excellent performance and versatility through a wide range of imaging modes, software packages and transducers. It is built on Ecare’s new generation ultrasound platform with intelligent algorithm, powerful parallel processing and advanced emission & reception to guarantee superb sensitivity and resolution.
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Color Doppler Ultrasound

The EC50D touchscreen color Doppler ultrasound system delivers crystal clear images, grab-and-go portability and an intuitive user interface that allows clinicians to visualize and gain vascular access into peripheral veins and arteries with more confidence. It features a 12.1 inch high resolution LED monitor that delivers superb image quality, boots up within 30 seconds and has two hours of battery working time.
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Portable Ultrasound System

The Ecare-3200 portable ultrasound system is equipped with the latest micro-electronic technology and image processing techniques for delivering efficient operation workflow and confidence in ultrasonic diagnosis. It integrates cutting edge ultrasonic imaging processor, modern computerization technology and broadband, and multi-frequency probe with THI to deliver superb image quality and user-friendly, efficient operation workflow.
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Trolley Ultrasound Scanner

The PL-2018CIV trolley ultrasound scanner displays images in real time, as well as frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up/down conversed, and shift depth in real time. It features a 19-inch LCD color display for high-resolution image capture and the capacity to store one million images and diagnostic reports together.
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Full-Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound
PL-8018 4D

The PL-8018 4D is a high end full-digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic imaging system equipped with advanced technologies to provides authentic images with rich details. With its powerful standard PC platform and ergonomic control panel, the system easily meets all clinical diagnostic requirements.
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