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Digital Radiography System
Evidence Dream

The Evidence Dream is a fully-digital imaging system equipped with a remote-controlled table and a full-field Flat Panel Detector (FPD) for both radiography and fluoroscopy (RF). It ensures excellent image quality and fast examinations for radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures.
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Mobile X-Ray System
MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version

The MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version is a digital mobile X-ray system that offers outstanding drivability and maneuverability, along with the ability to view images only two seconds after exposure. The main cart unit includes a large LCD monitor with more storage space, while a newly-accommodated LED light indicates the irradiation field more clearly.
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Surgical C-arm System

The Garion is a high-performance surgical C-arm system with a 1K X 1K high resolution camera and a digitalized system controlled by software to provide precise image output and efficient workflow. It delivers sharp medical images with the ability to store still and motion images in HIPAA-approved format.
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DRF System
Allengers DRF

The Allengers DRF system comes with a single detector for radiography and fluoroscopic examinations, and uses dynamic flat panel technology to deliver uniform high resolution and high contrast image quality. An active size of 43 cm x 43 cm ensures full coverage of the patient’s anatomy without the need for mechanical movements or re-positioning the patient during examination.
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Digital Radiographic Systems
Q-Rad Digital systems

The Q-Rad Digital DRX series of fully-integrated digital radiographic systems features Carestream DRX technology, along with an operator touch-control center. The series offers the flexibility of wireless or wired DR solutions in either ceiling or floor-mounted configurations, and provides advanced operational and ergonomic features, with virtually unlimited positioning capabilities.
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Mobile DR System
Keen Ray DR50M

The Keen Ray DR50M is a mobile digital radiography system featuring a light weight design and a user-friendly workstation with a 15-inch LCD touch screen. Its foldable arm allows for fast bedside imaging, making it suitable for X-ray in a vehicle, the patient’s house, and outside areas.
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Universal Arm DR System

The DR2200UF is a universal arm digital radiography system featuring a rotating tube-head and arm with 32KW rated power for wide clinical applications. It uses low dose imaging technology and offers advanced APR function with pre and post processing of imaging fountain.
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Digital X-Ray

The iXRS AirDRc features a radiographic stand with four motorized joints and pre-programmed data for automatic positioning. A total of seven safety sensors are located over the U-arm, detector and tube slide for controlling the speed or positioning in order to protect against collision.
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Ceiling DR System

The GC70 ceiling digital radiography system features cutting-edge digital enhancements, such as the S-Vue imaging engine, which provides high image quality for more precise diagnoses. It simplifies operation with auto-tracking, smart control and S-Guide, reduces diagnostic time and allows more patients to be served.
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Radiography/Fluoroscopy System

The OPTIMA Radiography/Fluoroscopy system is equipped with a full field dynamic detector that is capable of high quality images for all types of examinations. Its fully motorized tube can be used to image on a second imaging panel (CR cassettes, Wi-Fi detector, etc), adding to the overall flexibility of the room, and its intelligent design allows it to be transported in a "folded" position.
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Digital Radiography System
DelftDI Trauma DR Plus

The DelftDI Trauma DR Plus is a digital radiography system with motorized support for Z-movement and an improved C-arm that allows for easy and better positioning. It is available with an extensive portfolio of Canon CXDI flat panel detectors and offers fast and efficient workflow for trauma examinations.
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Mobile Radiography System
ATRAD – M Series

The ATRAD – M Series is a mobile radiography system that is compact and flexible enough to cover radiographic examinations at the patient’s bed. The system is particularly designed for small space management in clinics and hospitals.
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Digital Radiography System
ATRAD – C Series

The ATRAD – C Series is a premium digital radiography system with overhead tube crane and six-way floating tube. Its dual detector support and synchronized up-down movement of wall bucky and tube head allows for high productivity and performance.
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Floor Mounted DR System
Sharp Ray LWX-20P

The Sharp Ray LWX-20P is a floor mounted conventional radiography system with 20KW rated power for wide clinical applications and low dose imaging technology. It offers wide movement of tube for easy positioning of X-ray, advanced APR function, user-friendly workflow, and digital upgrade option.
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Ceiling Suspension DR System
Keen Ray DR 2800F (Apollo)

The Keen Ray DR 2800F is a ceiling suspension digital radiography system featuring one touch position function and automatic tracing system. It uses low dose imaging technology and allows the operator to move the column through remote as well as manual control.
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