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Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology
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Radiosurgery System
CyberKnife M6

The CyberKnife M6 provides clinicians with an enhanced SRS/SBRT solution that targets tumors noninvasively with high doses of radiation that spares healthy tissue. The M6 can also direct beams from a wider angle around the patient, and offers a streamlined user interface for treatment delivery.
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Immobilization System
Body Pro-Lok One

The Body Pro-Lok One stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) immobilization system is designed to enable customized set-ups in SBRT for varying patient types. Key features include both tilt and lateral offset options, as well as enhanced contour for improved clearance of the gantry.
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Image Guidance System

The eTRAX needle tip tracking system tracks the needle tip using electromagnetic technology and real-time navigation in the interventional suite. The system allows safe and accurate placement of instruments during each procedure as the needle advances to the center of the target.
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Treatment Planning Application

The TAVI precision planning application uses 3-D imaging to provide preprocedural, high-precision positioning to treat aortic stenosis ailments. The application is available as part of the IntelliSpace Portal 6, and offers an option for high-risk patients who were deemed nonsurgical candidates.
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Radiotherapy System

The Pinnacle3 Proton treatment planning system is designed for external beam radiotherapy. Specialty tools and seamless integration provide functionalities that include composite proton-photon planning, fast commissioning, automated contouring and re-planning.
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Interventional X-Ray System

The NeuroSuite consists of a biplane interventional X-ray system with two detectors, and comes equipped with AlluraClarity, which can lower radiation dose by up to 73%. The system is designed to address the difficulty of visualizing smaller devices for minimally invasive intracranial work.
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Proton Beam Therapy System

The PROBEAT-RT treatment system combines spot scanning irradiation and real-time tumor-tracking radiation therapy. The system enables the precise irradiation of targets in motion, achieving high dose delivery while significantly minimizing exposure to normal tissue and organs.
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