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Patient Care
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Electrical Bed
AC 200C

The AC 200C three-function electrical bed with a simplistic design and distinctive features provides caregivers the control they need in today’s medical and surgical environment. The bed features an open architecture for surfaces and removable head and foot boards to provide caregivers with easy access in the event of an emergency.
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Telehealth Solution

The AMiS-72 Telehealth Solution has a fully integrated AMiS-72 Telehealth Cart, video conferencing software and digital exam scope, and is a turnkey total solution for telehealth/telemedicine application, such as tele-consultation, tele-ICU/ER, for medical settings (e.g. primary care, nursing home). Designed for easy and fast deployment in medical settings, its easy-to-use hand-held digital scope with video system can be used for capturing images of the body and sharing images through the communication platform.
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Medical LED Lamp

The ACEMST1 medical LED lamp offers all the advantages of LED technology and is suitable for multipurpose use thanks to its flexibility. Its illumination is perfect for all kinds of examination, making it ideal for diagnostics, cosmetic medicine, first aid, recovery room and as a bed head light.
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Examination & Procedure Lamp
ErgoLite LED

The ErgoLite LED examination & procedure lamp runs on 24V DC from a 120V or 240V power supply and offers infinite focus with a light intensity of 75,000 Lux LED. The lamp head is 19cm in diameter, and infinite focus lets the field size stretch from 14cm to 25 cm, depending on the distance between the lamp and subject.
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Patient Transfer Stretcher

The TPXB02/TPXB03 patient transfer stretcher allows medical personnel to safely transfer the patient from the stretcher to the bed efficiently and with greater ease. The side-rails can be fixed at the horizontal level, where patient’s arm can be placed on for the administration of IV or other treatment.
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LED Examination Light

The EXLED 15 LED examination light features the latest generation LED technology to negate cold light that produces little heat and is more economical and environment-friendly. It comes with a clamp that allows it to be installed medical ceiling supply unit and trolley to meet all clinical requirements.
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Examination Light

The ML-40L examination light features a headlight with a total of six LED bulbs having at least 50,000 hours of lifetime to meet the lighting needs required for all kinds of examination and interventions. The lamp head is hinged and can be moved easily in all directions thanks to the handle while the spiral arm between the head and the body can be fixed and positioned.
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Multifunctional Table

TLX is a mobile and wheeled multifunctional table with a radio-transparent plane and versatile performance that ensures excellent results both in fluoroscopy and radiography examinations. Fit for a wide range of applications, it is ideal for use in conjunction with C-arm mobile image intensifiers and any other mobile or stationary X-ray system.
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Magnifier LED Light

The RLM LED is a magnifying task light with superior light intensity for detailed inspection and offers 5 diopter (2,25X) magnification and features a 14W LED ring light source with minimal heat emission. Its rugged and stable arm has adjustable joints with levers for easy and safe positioning and the light can be mounted directly or with the included C-clamp.
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LED Task Light

The SL9 is an effective 6W Power LED task light that has the same brightness as a 50W halogen light, although its LED light source has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The SL9 features the Sunnex classic flexible arm for easy, safe positioning while its low energy consumption makes it economical, environmentally friendly and suitable for a wide range of applications.
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Activ8 Sigma

The Activ8 Sigma ICU bed has been developed to encompass high performance with safety, resulting in a bed that simplifies treatment of the patient. Its removable Class III weigh scales provide accurate readings for patient weight monitoring and calculating fluid levels.
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Activ8 Vision

The Activ8 Vision ICU bed with lateral tilt, Continuous Lateral Rotational Therapy (CLRT) and weigh scales has been designed to meet the challenges of the critical care environment. Its built in dual auto-regression function is designed to increase comfort as well as reduce shear and risk of tissue damage when profiling.
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Activ8 Vivo

The Activ8 Vivo ICU bed has been designed to offer state-of-the-art advanced clinical management solutions for critical care patients and helps create a safe and more comfortable environment. One button functionality on the touchscreen control panel provides access to a full range of therapy, comfort and safety settings offering simplified solutions.
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Patient Stretcher

STS is an all-rounder patient stretcher featuring robust side guards that are easy and safe to operate and guarantee a high level of safety. Perfect control is possible thanks to a smooth-running chassis with an innovative castor concept while its antimicrobial coating with silver ions eliminates almost all germs and multidrug-resistant pathogens.
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Gynecological Examination Chair
vidan 2

The vidan 2 is the first gynecological examination chair to integrate technically advanced video colposcope with full HD and an integrated computer that guarantees the examination results can be backed up quickly and easily right on the examination chair. It can be flexibly positioned around the treatment chair, making it comfortable and efficient to use and the freely swiveling, rotating and tilting monitor provides optimal display of the examination and allows the patient to be involved in the examination.
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