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Patient Care
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Telemetry Transmitter

The LX-8300M is a telemetry transmitter that can measure ECG, RESP, and SpO2 while being compact and lightweight. Each measurement indication is laid out efficiently in colors on the screen and it also supports the waterproof standard (IPX8).
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Emergency Stretcher

The C120040 oleodynamic semi-automatic pedal-controlled emergency stretcher is designed for rapid and safe transfer of critical patients from the emergency room to the ward and from the ward to various diagnostic rooms. Its ease of maneuver and rapid movement are guaranteed by four swiveling 150 mm castors and a central directional wheel. It has a total brake system that perfectly anchors it to the ground can turn into a functional operating table for emergency surgery or day-hospital operations.
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Labor Delivery Bed

The LDR BED MP-7097 enables the mother to decide the best position for the birth and is designed to support the concept of humanized delivery, where all the pre-delivery, delivery and post-delivery procedures are carried out with comfort for the mother, safety and easy access for the care team. This system is known by the acronym LDR (Labor Delivery Recovery) and eliminates the need to transfer the patient to another sector of the hospital.
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Patient Transfer Trolley

The WP-09 trolley for patient transfer features a columnar structure for transporting patients in the supine position between rooms in hospitals and clinics, and also makes it possible to monitor patients with a C-arm. The trolley is equipped with four wheels with a central wheel lock system and one wheel for straight movement, making it ideal for narrow corridors and frequent change of the place of usage.
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Gynecological Chair

The FG-04 gynecological chair is equipped in electric actuators, which enable obtaining and maintaining the desired chair position. The chair sits on a mobile base with the central lock of the drive system facilitating effective movement around the treatment room and the built-in electrical actuators allowing for changing and maintaining the precise position without effort.
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ICU Hospital Bed

The LE-13 hospital bed is intended for intensive care units (ICU) and is based on three stable columns with an applied columnar base allowing for the use of C-arm with the bed. It offers side tilts for positioning therapy and several functions to facilitate handling. It offers a maximum load capacity of up to 250 kg along with reliable drive and control systems and is painted using antibacterial varnished paint as well as equipped with radiolucent segments.
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Automatic Patient Examination Chair
Entermed Patient Chair

Entermed is a fully automatic examination chair that can be rotated 350 degrees and has controls and user definable memory buttons on the side of the backrest for easy accessibility. It comes with foot control and is very stable in all positions due to its clever design, making it comfortable for both the doctor and patient.
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ENT Microscope
Avante Compass 101

The Avante Compass 101 is a high-performing ENT microscope that ensures clear and precise three-dimensional images. It is designed with an LED illumination source that guarantees a bright and long lasting light, and an excellent parfocal which provides more accurate results. Included is a superb 3-step magnification system that creates contrast and image depth for sharp images, as well as built-in colored filters for improved clarity.
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LED Examination Light
Avante Vista Pro 3

The Avante Vista Pro 3 LED examination light is a full-featured, customizable light ideal for use in ICU, dermatology and neonatal environments. It is available in spring arm or gooseneck configurations.
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Melanin Measurement Device
Soft Mini-2

The Soft Mini-2 device employs reflection photometry to measure the melanin content of skin. Readings are rapid and user-friendly and are shown on the LCD display. The device comes with an integrated 4-digit 7-segments LCD display and is powered by batteries.
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Skin Analyzer

The SoftFX is an extremely intuitive and very user-friendly skin analyzer that offers the latest rapid analysis solutions, various consultations for different areas of the body, comparison of results and images before and after treatment and delivery of results on smartphone, tablet or via email from device. It is designed to support skin care businesses and enhance professionalism, for all skin care operators.
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IR Skin Professional

The IR Skin Professional is a new videodermatoscope for high-resolution skin diagnostics featuring a 10 Mega pixel camera with six levels of zoom from 8x to 100x magnification. It comes with the latest generation PC, a double Barco medical monitor having resolution of 1900×1200 and uses the simple, intuitive and organized Body Map tool to store images.
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LED Examination Light
Coolview CLED53

The Coolview CLED53 is a LED examination light that emits a powerful 50,000 Lux of light at 0.5 meters, providing an intense, clear light source for excellent visualization. It offers five levels of brightness and comes with easily accessible and intuitive controls, making it ideal for medical consultations and examinations in primary care and medical clinics.
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LED Examination Light
Coolview CLED10

The Coolview CLED10 examination light features unique diamond optics that emits 50,000 Lux of intense bright light at 0.5m and has a large illuminated area of 180mm that makes it easy to examine large areas of tissue. It offers a 280° lamp head rotation with an ergonomic handle offering control of the light, along with a flexible arm that ensures positional accuracy and good durability.
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LED Magnifier
Optica MDV

The Optica MDV LED magnifier has a large magnifier diameter of 157mm combined with 1.9x (3.5dpt) magnification that allows the user to focus on fine details through a large scale view. 6,500°K LEDs ensure less shadow formation and optimal color rendering, while its reinforced friction joints and aluminum spring balanced arm enables a broad reach of up to 142cm without the lamp head drifting.
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