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Cooling Vest
Staff Cooling Vest

The Staff Cooling Vest helps keep the surgical team comfortable throughout a procedure and is designed to circulate water evenly and effectively without the mess of ice. One size fits most staff members and sterile gowns and/or lead vest may be worn on top of the Staff Vest.
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Suction & Irrigation Pump

The FLUID CONTROL 2225 is a suction and irrigation pump for gynecology, urology and surgery that offers free visualization and monitoring. Irrespective of the area of application, it offers a license for flexibility with a single click equipping the user for the relevant intervention – with no license fees.
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Endoscopic Camera System
ENDOCAM Performance HD

The ENDOCAM Performance HD endoscopic camera system features a powerful, easy-to-use 1-chip camera head that allows highly-detailed images to be rendered and saved. It produces incredibly sharp images, with its extremely high light sensitivity and natural color reproduction showing every single detail, making it the perfect solution for inter-disciplinary use in endoscopy.
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Endoscopic Camera System

The ENDOCAM Logic HD is an innovative endoscopic camera system with intelligent LED light course, efficient light cables, brilliant monitors and multiple camera heads. It has a large number of easily selectable application profiles that have been tested in clinical operation, making it compatible with any situation in the operating theater.
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Delivery Bed

The Optima labor, delivery and recovery bed has been designed with the mother, midwife and obstetrician in mind, focusing particularly on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create a better environment for the mother, newborn and nursing staff. It has an easy-to-clean structure with anti-bacterial coating to reduce microbial growth and offers multiple delivery positions for greater comfort levels for the mother.
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Surgical Light

The MV-100 minor LED surgical light offers low-glare illumination with neutral white light and optimal depth of illumination without the need for refocusing. It offers high color rendition for natural and accurate reproduction of the examination areas and enhanced visualization of red tissues, making it ideal for examinations and minor surgical procedures at clinics, hospitals and physicians practices.
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Operating Table
Operating Table 1650 – Special Edition

The Operating table 1650 – Special Edition operating table has been made even more durable with a more stable base and new column design, offering better access to the operation area through its improved control design. The special edition model offers versatile position possibilities, making it an economic and durable option for general surgery needs.
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Examination Lamp

The C-12A examination lamp with stable light and long working time is designed for the use in a small surgery room, outpatient examination and doctor’s office. The glass color filter creates white and soft light as natural light, making it ideal for physical-examination, small operation of ENT, gynecology and obstetrics department and outpatient department.
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Patient Positioner

The Devon Supine, Lithotomy and Trendelenburg kit (SLT kit) is designed to promote safe and proper positioning during a multitude of surgical procedures. The dual-foam system not only molds to the patient, but also provides support to aid in pressure distribution, making it an ideal solution for all robotic, gynecological, urological and laparoscopic procedures.
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Chest Drainage Unit
Argyle Thora-Seal III

The Argyle Thora-Seal III chest drainage unit (CDU) is a wet suction CDU used to reestablish negative pressure within the pleural space. It incorporates a replaceable collection chamber for monitoring volume, rate, and nature of drainage; a water-seal chamber that acts as a one-way valve, as well as a window into the patient's pleural space; and a suction control chamber to regulate suction and help re-expand the lung.
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Dissecting Forceps

The Maryland reusable dissecting forceps for bariatric surgery features a shaft with a diameter of 5mm and a length of 47cm. Other features include ergonomic handle with monopolar HF connector.
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Uterine Manipulator

The CLERMONT-FERRAND uterine manipulator offers easy manipulation and precise removal of uterus in Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH). Inserts are available in various sizes to allow for adjustments in various anatomical conditions, while five lock-in positions between 0 and 90 degrees enable precise deflection of the rod at all times.
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Laparoscopy Endo Trainer

The GERATI MAESTRO is a laparoscopy endo trainer that offers complete training and learning opportunities for learning and mastering basic as well advanced laparoscopic skills. It features a Box Trainer open design for making good use of ambient light, a light strip that can be switched on and off, and a 1MP HD camera which can be moved in forward and backward direction.
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Portable Suction Unit

The SU-991 portable suction unit is equipped with oil-less piston vacuum pump that ensures a lubrication free and maintenance free performance. It also features a 1000ml autoclaveable plastic/glass collection jar graduated in “ml” with a fluid overflow preventive stopper.
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Surgical Display

The MDSC-8427 is a 27-inch surgical display that brings impeccable 4K images to the operating room and provides a double user interface for smooth control of screen and layout configurations. The touch screen at the front offers four dedicated shortcut buttons, which can be programmed to meet the personal preferences of the surgical staff.
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