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Surgical Light

The SL-300 surgical lights consist of fiberglass flame-retardant domes designed for high performance in the operative field and features a focusing system adjustable through a removable and autoclavable focusing handle. Its LED bulbs are specially designed for medical applications with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5000K and connected in parallel so that even if one bulb fails, the others remain on.
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Electrosurgical Unit

The SRD3000 electrosurgical unit is integrated with innovative control technology of dual closed-loop auto power and offers the perfect combination of smooth & refined cutting and rapid coagulation effect. Designed for gynecologic and laparoscopic operations, it features a convenient smoker tube holder and in-built smoke evacuator with low working noise.
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aScope 4 Broncho

The aScope 4 Broncho is a single-use bronchoscope that gives clear visibility of the near and distal bronchial segments, along with adaptive light control to make identification of lung anatomy and navigation in the bronchial tree easier. Its high bending angles and precise tip motion enables easy navigation into all segments of the lung, while its lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy to use.
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Double Lumen Tubes

The VivaSight-DL is the new generation of Double Lumen Tubes (DLT) with integrated high-resolution camera, making placement of the DLT fast and effective and providing continuous visual monitoring throughout the procedure. Malpositioning and dislocation are easily detected with the real-time high resolution video image transmitted to the aView monitor.
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Camera Processor
MATRIX Spectar

The MATRIX Spectar is the first adaptive camera processor which allows the operation of all current and future camera heads, all rigid and flexible video endoscopes as well as video compact systems for 2D and 3D endoscopy – along with the highest image quality. Designed for native sensor resolutions up to 4K, it offers brilliant, life-like image display with optical and electronic zoom, as well as reduced service and maintenance costs.
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Trocar System
TRINOX Trocar System

The TRINOX Trocar System offers a high degree of functionality and reliability, and is easy to handle with no additional handle to open/close. Made of stainless steel and almost indestructible, it is available in all necessary types, lengths and diameters along with a large range of accessories.
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Video Nasopharyngoscope
Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD

The Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD has a shaft diameter of just 3.6 mm, allowing it to deliver true-color, high-contrast images that are accurate in detail and feature good depth of field. Its ergonomically angled handle, an image sensor featuring global-shutter technology, and a built-in microphone make it suitable for routine use in ENT and laryngeal stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics.
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Minor Procedure Light
Green Series 600

The Green Series 600 minor procedure light with the ability to control the light output is designed specifically for demanding viewing conditions. It features three white LEDs in a wider head with an integrated handle for easy maneuverability with the aim of improving patient exams while reducing environmental impact.
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Video Laryngoscope
GlideScope Ranger

The GlideScope Ranger video laryngoscope provides a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway and enhanced maneuverability for fast intubations. Its unique anti-fogging mechanism heats up rapidly to resist clouding and secretions, and it enables faster intubation in fewer attempts than direct laryngoscopy.
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Airway Visualization System
GlideScope Core

The GlideScope Core is a comprehensive and flexible airway visualization system for video laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and multimodal airway procedures. Designed around a 10-inch high-definition, touchscreen monitor and comprehensive workstation, the all-in-one system delivers elevated visibility and improved workflow.
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GlideScope BFlex

The GlideScope BFlex is a single-use bronchoscope designed with exceptional image quality and maneuverability for difficult airways and routine bronchoscopy procedures that connects with GlideScope Core and compatible GlideScope video monitors. It allows consistent image sharpness and brightness to be experienced from 50mm to 5mm away, while its distinct design provides the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for optimal maneuverability.
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Gynecological Table

The JM-4F gynecological table is suitable for any kind of gynecological examination and operation, and makes ergonomic examination and diagnosis possible for the doctor. It features Visco elastic seamless mattress that ensures hygienic conditions and patient comfort, and can be easily cleaned in accordance with hospital decontamination rules.
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Mobile Operating Light

The DL-2MB mobile operating light features high LED technology to fulfill the lighting requirements of any kind of operation and allows for maximum lighting level by a single button. Its battery system runs automatically in case of electricity failure and provides continuous energy for 2.5 hours, while its multi-functional control panel allows for monitoring of battery status and adjusting lamp functions.
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Operating Table

The OP-2P operating table features a design which can be adjusted to arrive at a suitable position for carrying out all surgical operations and maximizing operational efficiency. Its telescopic body specifications enable height adjustment at different levels and it features a wheel system made of ABS plastic with high multi-directional mobility.
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Instrument Trays
InstruSafe da Vinci SP

The InstruSafe da Vinci SP comprises eight new trays designed to accommodate the newest da Vinci Surgical System Instrumentation and consists of instrument, procedure and accessory trays, each holding a range of one to six instruments. The trays provide 360 degrees of protection for instruments during sterilization, transportation and storage, and are validated for steam sterilization in the sterile wrap configuration for the da Vinci SP instrumentation.
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