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Cordless Surgical Headlight
Stille Visi

The Stille Visi cordless surgical headlight offers adjustable brightness ranging from 40,000 all the way up to 125,000 Lux from one single LED, with an adjustable aperture to ensure the perfect light for every procedure. It offers full mobility in the OR for gynecology, urology and general surgery procedures such as orthopedic, plastic, neuro and cardiovascular surgery.
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Surgical Imaging Table
STILLE Medstone

The STILLE Medstone line of surgical imaging tables range from floating to fully motorized tables for vascular, electrophysiology, gastro (ERCP), pain management and urology to suit all needs. They contribute to enhancing efficiency in the OR, while representing an affordable solution with quality and reliability provided by Swedish technology.
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Surgical Imaging Table
STILLE imagiQ2

The STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table is optimized for advanced mobile Hybrid OR procedures as well as more conventional office-based endovascular repair and is built on a new and unique carbon fiber table top design that offers significantly reduced radiation attenuation. The polymer structure allows X-ray to pass through with unbeatable transparency which enables reduced dose levels and increased safety for patients and clinicians without compromising image quality.
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Patient Positioner
Olympic Vac-Pacs

The Olympic Vac-Pacs patient positioner is made of a soft, polyvinyl outer layer filled with thousands of tiny plastic beads and offers a safe, fast method for improved surgical positioning of patients for surgery. It provides more stable and comfortable patient positioning by keeping the patient stable and secure, and preventing pressure points, and saves valuable time for the OR team due to its fast, easy set-up.
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Surgical Light
Maquet PowerLED II

The Maquet PowerLED II surgical light brings clear, shadow-free illumination to the conventional or hybrid operating room (OR), improving tissue visualization for better surgical outcomes. It ensures the clearest and brightest light for surgeons, without distractions from glare and integrates innovative solutions that improve working conditions in the OR.
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Surgical Suction Unit
BORA UP 2080

The BORA UP 2080 and BORA UP 2080 OP are portable surgical suction units that quickly and reliably evacuate large quantities of blood and serous liquids from the wound area and from artificial body orifices. With a high flow rate of 42 liters free flow/minute and a high vacuum of up to -90 kPa, they are ideally suited to the most varied tasks in the areas of surgical aspiration and septic fluid aspiration.
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Wound Therapy System
NPWT System

The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System is a simple, efficient and safe way for healing wounds by accelerating healing, and reducing the infection rate and length of hospital stay. It removes exudates and infectious materials, reduces edema, bacterial load and wound margins, and increases blood flow to the wound.
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Surgical Display

The S553/S553T is a 55-inch multi-function 4K surgical display with a wide viewing angle thanks to IPS-Pro LCD technology and a P-cap touch screen that makes it easy to clean and disinfect. Other features include high-bright LED backlight with backlight stabilization system and built-in multiple display modes (endoscope, X-ray, etc.) that can be used for applications such as endoscope, ICU and operating room, etc.
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OB/GYN Delivery Table
DT 100

The DT 100 is a flexible squatting delivery table designed for use in maternity wards and labor rooms that comes with an array of user-friendly features, such as height adjustment, detachable calf supports and leg rests, and U-cut seat. It has an optional emergency CPR release feature on the back rest designed for critical situations and optional battery backup that supports up to 50 movements.
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LED Operating Light

The NEXUS operating light with an LED light source feature light-weight, ergonomic light heads as well as comfortable handles to enable easy and precise set-up and positioning during surgery. Its ergonomic shape minimizes disruption of laminar airflow in the operating theater, while its resistance to environmental factors guarantees ease of disinfection and maintenance of hygiene.
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Operating Table

The VIVAX OT-02 operating table is powered by an electro hydraulic system which can control a range of table movements, including height adjustment and table top tilts. It features a standard “T” base with five antistatic castors and foot-operated central brake, and table top, base and column covers made of matt polished stainless steel.
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Operating Table

The FENIX OT-01 operating table is powered by a hydraulic system, operated via a foot position selector and foot levers to control a range of table movements, including height adjustment and table top tilts. Optional table tops and bases, along with a wide range of additional accessories, make the operating table suitable for generalist and specialist surgical procedures.
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Video Laryngoscope

The APA video laryngoscope is a multi-functional device with interchangeable Macintosh and Difficult Airway blades that is designed to aid intubation for both routine and difficult airways. Its 3.5-inch high-resolution viewing screen provides real-time, wide-angle viewing during the intubation procedure, resulting in faster and more successful intubation.
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Endoscopy System

The ELUXEO 7000 endoscopy system features Fujifilm’s innovative 4-LED multi light technology that supports advancing the standards of endoscopic imaging and is outstanding in terms of longevity and low energy consumption. The new LED light source reduces time-consuming and frequent changes of light bulbs with an average life expectancy of 10,000 hours for the LED lamps.
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Video Colonoscope
EC-760ZP-VM / VL

The EC-760ZP-VM / VL slim video colonoscope from the Eluxeo 700 series features the easy-to-operate multi zoom with 135 x maximum magnification to provide exceptional details of the mucosal and vascular patterns. Like the routine scope, it features the full range of functionalities, including flexible adjustment even with its slim diameter of 11.8 mm.
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