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Steam Sterilizer
MST V 600 Series

The MST V 600 Series of steam sterilizers is optimized for throughput and workflow efficiency and can be installed side-by-side, with no side or rear service access required. With a capacity of up to 12 standard trays, a width of less than 40 inches, and options for fully integrated steam generators, they are ideal for ORs, surgical centers, and sterile processing departments.
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Stat Fax 2200

The Stat Fax 2200 is a compact and easy to use programmable incubator/mixer with a capacity for two standard 96 well microplates or strip trays, round or flat bottom wells. It uses microprocessor control for temperature and mixing speed with eight mixing modes (575 to 1500 rpm) and comes with a cover for protection from light and dust.
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Dispensing System
Systec Mediafill

The Systec Mediafill is a dispensing and pouring system for automated dosing and filling of microbiological culture media in petri dishes with diameters of 35, 60, 70 and 90 mm, as well as for Bi-plates and Tri-plates and for the automatic metering of liquid media into test tubes. The system is simple and intuitive to operate and the sterile automatic dispensing is performed precisely via an integrated peristaltic pump.
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Media Preparator
Systec Mediaprep-120

The Systec Mediaprep-120 comes with a number of useful components that not only make it a practical media preparatory, but also ideal for sterilizing large quantities of liquids such as waste-water. It features the flexible PT-100 temperature sensor and integrated agitator, along with touch display and USB port for documentation.
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Systec HX-150

The Systec HX-150 autoclave features touchscreen, guarantees more precise work, is easier to maintain, and offers up to 25% faster autoclaving processes. It comes with an Ethernet port as standard and optional Wi-Fi hardware to optimize updating processes, remote maintenance, and remote control of the device via a computer network.
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MTPL Reader
E-LizaMat 3000

The E-LizaMat 3000 MTPL-Reader features a sliding plate cover that protects the user from biological contamination and eliminates reading errors. The open system with a built in mixer function is suitable for standard 96 well micro titer plates and strip trays which can be read in both directions.
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MTPL Analyzer
E-LizaMat GS (ELM GS)

The E-LizaMat GS (ELM GS) is a 2-plate fully automated open platform featuring positive identification sample racks, continuous barcode reading and on-board optics for remote trouble-shooting access. It offers bi-directional interface that is compatible with any LIS system, along with user-friendly, flexible, and customizable software that makes automation possible for any EIA application.
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ELISA Processor
E-LizaMat 8882

The E-LizaMat 8882 is a fully-automated 2 plate ELISA processor that is able to operate the dispensing, incubation, reading, data processing and storage of results. The open system offers 80 sample positions, eight different assays, two microtiter plates and auto-dilution in one session.
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Microbiology Software

The ErbaExpert intuitive microbiology software is intended for the evaluation of microbiology samples with full modularity of different modes to meet the requirements of each laboratory. It operates in connection with or independently of the ErbaScan reader and offers a tutorial-driven environment that guides users through the whole evaluation process step by step.
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ELISA Washer
DYNAWASH Automatic

The DYNAWASH Automatic is a small, compact and fully automated ELISA washer with a compact design that brings space saving to the laboratory and offers smart assays programming via PC. The processing area within the device is protected with a transparent lid which prevents aerosol from escaping while the working area is illuminated during the procedure.
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Flow Cytometry System

The BD FACSCanto flow cytometry system delivers reliable performance, accuracy, and ease-of-use for today's busy clinical laboratories. It has 10-color capability, optical enhancements and a 4-3-3 configuration for delivering high sensitivity and resolution for accurate results.
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Liquid Handling Platform
VERSA Spotter

The VERSA Spotter is an automated liquid handling platform, capable of performing automatic pipetting for sub-microliter dispensing and arraying applications in contact printing applications. It enables the reliable synthesis of different peptides in a simple and reproducible manner with extremely high yield and accuracy.
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UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
UV-Vis 230

The UV-Vis 230 is an intelligent ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer for qualitative and quantitative analyses in laboratories and operates over a wavelength range of 190 – 1100nm with a 5nm bandwidth. It offers extraordinary flexibility and high resolution as well as simple operation and high reproducibility, making it a cost-effective analytical solution.
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Nucleic Acid Purification Workstation

The VERSA 10 Nucleic Acid Purification Workstation is a compact, automated liquid handling workstation for labs carrying out magnetic bead-based nucleic acid preparation and PCR plate setups. It has six deck positions to accommodate 96- and 384-well plates, tip racks, temperature control positions, magnets and shakers, and an eight-channel syringe pipettor with single-channel function.
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Feces Analyzer

The AVE-551 is a semi-automated feces analyzer that combines the automated microscopy and immunochemical method to detect RBC, WBC, fat globule, crystal, parasitic ova and other feces-formed elements. Its uniquely designed and patented sample preparation cup guarantees more efficient collection of pathological elements, especially parasite ova, from the feces sample.
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