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Fecal Occult Blood Testing System

The HM-JACKarc is a fully automated fecal occult blood testing system to measure the amount of hemoglobin present in stool for screening and early detection of colorectal cancer. The compact and light system has a processing speed of 200 samples per hour and a maximum loading capacity of 80 samples (10 samples/rack, 8 racks).
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Tissue Oxygenation Monitor

The NIRO-200NX is a tissue oxygenation monitor that uses near infrared spectroscopy and uses safe, low light to measure the Tissue Oxygenation Index (TOI). It shows the oxygen saturation level, the Normalized Tissue Hemoglobin Index (nTHI), and the percentage change in the amount of initial hemoglobin.
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Whole Slide Scanner
NanoZoomer S360

The NanoZoomer S360 is a whole slide scanner that rapidly scans glass slides to converts them to digital data. Its high throughput of 82 slides per hour for both 20× and 40× mode makes it ideal for use in hospitals and clinical laboratories.
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Near Infrared Fluorescence Imager
pde-neo II

The pde-neo II near infrared fluorescence imager uses a camera system to observe invisible near-infrared images, which makes it possible to observe the epidermic area or distribution of fluorescence reagent inside the tissue. The handheld camera features manual adjustment options, and allows the user to easily switch between a black and white fluorescent image to a full color image.
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PCR Instrument
Gene Touch

The Gene Touch is a PCR multifunctional instrument with powerful functions to ensure stable and reliable results. In addition to an LCD color touch screen for clear display and easy operations, it also features password protection and memory functions for data security.
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Nucleic Acid Extractor
Gene Pure Plus

The Gene Pure Plus nucleic acid extractor uses the magnetic separation technology and allows for automatic selection of the corresponding kit from various samples. It is equipped with a tablet computer, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, and heating module functions, and is easy to operate.
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Calprotectin Reader
Quantum Blue Reader

The Quantum Blue Reader analyses colorimetric tests by reflectometry and is designed for use with the BÜHLMANN lateral flow cartridges for the quantitative determination of calprotectin from feces, ascites and serum. The compact, bench top device ideal for point-of-care, clinic or low throughput laboratory settings for screening and monitoring of patients.
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DL-GBS Culture Detection System

The DL-GBS culture detection system is designed to incubate and detect Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in DL GBS selective chromogenic medium at 35.5-38.5. It can detect after incubation for more than or equal to 18 hours in vaginal-rectal swab specimens obtained from antepartum pregnant women.
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Microbial Analysis System

The DL-96II microbial analysis system contains a set of detection device and embedded control device, and is used to identify isolated bacteria and fungus and determinate its MIC to different antibiotics. It detects and analyzes the specimen in the test card by colorimetry and nephelometry, and automatically generates the results of bacterial species and antimicrobial MIC semi-quantitative analysis.
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Auto Microtome
Tissue-Tek AutoSection

The Tissue-Tek AutoSection automated microtome automatically aligns, trims and sections blocks, including Tissue-Tek Paraform, offering precision sectioning and consistent high quality for every single block and tissue type. It enables thin, consistent high quality sections, and precisely orients blocks while dramatically reducing the risk of losing tissue.
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Tissue Embedding System
Tissue-Tek TEC 5

The Tissue-Tek TEC 5 tissue embedding console system consists of two modules that together create an ergonomic workstation for the production of paraffin blocks. The system is fully programmable, with automatic start-up and shutdown capability and precise temperature control of all areas.
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Slide Stainer
Tissue-Tek DRS 2000

The Tissue-Tek DRS 2000 multiple slide stainer offers multiple staining protocols in a true random access mode and can handle up to 11 sets of 40 slides at a time. It has a throughput of up to 440 slides per hour and allows the operator to select from 20 methods stored in the memory, press START and walk away.
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Spin Tissue Processor
STP 120

The STP 120 spin tissue processor uses a patented and unique technique that combines several movements for the tissue to achieve perfect infiltration results similar to those obtained with vacuum systems. It features an LCD display that shows all the parameters throughout the process and ergonomically arranged buttons on the control panel for easy handling.
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Tissue Embedding Center
EC 500

The EC 500 modular tissue embedding center for paraffin blocks features white LED light illumination, eight heated holes for forceps wells and two built-in paraffin trimmers. It also has two front drawers for surplus paraffin, and an integrated connector for electrically-heated tweezers and a five-liter paraffin reservoir.
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Digital Pathology Solution
Digital Pathology Solution

Sectra’s Digital Pathology Solution helps clinicians make quick and accurate diagnoses of histopathology and cytology cases. The high-end digital review application gives clinicians the right tools to perform daily tasks and reduce the pain points associated with time-consuming manual workflow.
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