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Multifuge X4 Pro Centrifuge Series

The Multifuge X4 Pro Centrifuge series features touch screen to enable easier programming for quicker results - plus easily access and track all runs, rotor life and centrifuge health. They come with a capacity up to 4L, including 196 blood tubes and 96 15mL conical tubes, and AutoLock for fast rotor exchange.
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CellaVision Analyzer Software
CellaVision Dashboard

The CellaVision Dashboard is a tool designed to give an at-a-glance view of CellaVision analyzer and reviewer metrics, making it easier for managers and supervisors to stay in the loop and make quick, informed decisions. The software compiles and displays a consolidated overview of key operational data. In addition, it provides efficient performance tracking across an organization that makes it easier to identify bottlenecks that affect operational efficiency.
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Blood Glucose Laboratory Analyzer
Nova Primary

The Nova Primary is a rapid, accurate, easy to use, blood glucose laboratory analyzer that utilizes a single, reusable glucose electrochemical sensor based on glucose oxidase and has a measurement range of 10-900 mg/dL. It uses a small, 25 microliter venous whole blood or plasma sample which is internally diluted and delivers results in approximately two minutes. Nova Primary’s large color touchscreen display and intuitive, icon-based graphical user interface make it very straightforward to use. A single calibrator pack uses RFID data management to monitor the pack expiration date and number of samples remaining, eliminating the need for separate reagent bottles and daily monitoring of their levels. Nova Primary fills the need for a new glucose reference analyzer to replace the YSI STAT PLUS 2300 Glucose and L-Lactate analyzer which is no longer supported by YSI, Inc.
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Hemostasis Analyzer

The ACL TOP 750 hemostasis analyzer has a high throughput of up to 360 PT/hour and can store 120 samples and 60 reagents onboard. Other features such as barcoded reagents, continuous onboard reagent-stability monitoring, and automatic QC frequency execution make it ideal for medium- to high-volume labs, including integrated lab automation systems—routine or specialty testing.
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Hematology System
CELL-DYN Sapphire

The CELL-DYN Sapphire hematology system offers fully automated, random access monoclonal antibody analysis with a reportable CD61 immunoplatelet count provided in about 5 minutes, and CD3/4 and CD3/8 immuno T-cell count in about 7 minutes. It features MultiAngle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS) technology plus 3-color fluorescence and is suitable for high-volume hematology labs.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Erba Chem 7

The Chem 7 is an advanced and versatile semi automated analyzer for all clinical chemistry, immunoturbidimetric and coagulation tests.
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Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator

The iLR105-GX i.Series Undercounter Laboratory Refrigerator is a professional medical-grade refrigerator with advanced monitoring and control that is designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as the storage of samples, reagents and controls. Powered by OptiCool technology, the iLR105-GX provides improved performance and user experience through energy efficiency, low noise levels, and stable storage environments to safeguard your valuable patient samples and more.
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Laboratory Refrigerator

The iLR256-GX Laboratory Refrigerator is a double door, upright model that provides optimal conditions for storing reagents, samples, and controls. The advanced i.C3 touchscreen provides continuous temperature monitoring, event logs, and downloadable temperature graphs. Tight temperature uniformity and reliable performance ensure that products are safely stored. Innovative OptiCool technology offers energy savings, quiet operation, and low heat output, in addition to excellent temperature stability and recovery after door openings.
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Plasma Freezer

The iPF125 is a single door i.Series Plasma Freezer. It features the i.C3® full-color touchscreen monitor with downloading, maximum temperature uniformity, and superior cabinet construction.
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Platelet Incubator

The PC4200i is an i.Series floor model platelet incubator that provides the security of a continuously controlled temperature environment with an efficient use of counter space. It features eye level controls and alarms. The PC4200i is the largest capacity platelet incubator available. It features a built-in agitator with a capacity of 396 random bags (132 apheresis bags).
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Handheld β-Ketone and Glucose Analyzer
STAT-Site WB Analyzer

The STAT-Site WB Dual Analyte Measurement System is used for the quantitative determination of β-ketones (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or βHB) and glucose in capillary and venous blood. It uses two different strips to provide results in just 10 seconds for β-ketones and 5 seconds for glucose allowing for clear and comprehensive management of diabetes patients displaying early signs of DKA to be quickly treated and then monitored on a regular basis.
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Dry Tempering System

The SAHARA 4 is a tempering system, which can be used to thaw or warm bags of frozen blood products prior to transfusion. The tempering is a dry process, without the use of water as a heat-transferring medium. Heat is conducted by a heating plate with four separate zones and via forced convection through swirled and heated circulating air.
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ICU Ventilator

The VT5230 is a high-end multi-functional ICU ventilator that combines invasive & non-invasive ventilation, making it suitable for adults, children and neonatal patients. It offers typical ventilation modes with advanced BIVENT and PRVC ventilation modes to fully meet the demands of clinical use.
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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

The new GLIMS 10 high-performance laboratory information system (LIS) builds on the huge usability and adaptability improvements of GLIMS 9, to meet the modern needs of the laboratory, today and in the future. It allows you to organize and automate all processes exactly as you want them: from order entry and instrument control to results reporting, invoicing and statistics. The enhanced efficiency enables users to keep their focus firmly on improving patient care while its rich functionality allows your laboratory to work more efficiently. You save costs and resources, while offering an enhanced service for requesters and patients – today and tomorrow.
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Automated Hematology Analyzer
Smart Count 3p

Smart Count 3p is a 22 parameters and 3 part differential automated hematology analyzer with the lowest sample volume requirement of less than 10 µL. It automatically creates a log sheet for maintenance and malfunction, and comes with features such as soak, back & forth flush, high voltage burning block-cleaning.
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