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Nasal Irrigation Adapter

The Schnozzle nasal irrigation adapter for irrigation of the nasal passages of kids and adults is designed to flush out the nasal passages of patients so they can breathe more easily. It eliminates the need for frequent suctioning which does not adequately clear the nasal passages and can be traumatic.
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Avoximeter 4000

The Avoximeter 4000 is a portable whole blood co-oximeter that provides rapid, accurate assessment of true oxygenation status at the bedside in less than 10 seconds. It can be used in the ER to assess carbon monoxide toxicity, in the NICU to confirm the presence of methemoglobin following nitric oxide therapy, or in other critical cCare applications.
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Anesthesia Machine
GE Aisys Carestation

The GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia machine digitally controls and measures ventilation, vaporization, and gas delivery, and features highly advanced protocols that provide digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data. Featuring a modular design with upgradeable components, its large-panel displays are attached to a movable arm with 360 degree rotation, enabling displays to be re-positioned to keep vital signs and ventilation controls in view and in reach at all times.
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Tri-Matic Tester

The Tri-Matic Tester is a water temperature, water flow and resistance tester designed to accurately and conveniently verify the temperature and water flow functions of most hyper-hypothermia machines. It helps to ensure that the patient is receiving effective therapy as provided by unit specifications.
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Airway Clearance System

The PneuVest airway clearance system is designed to improve secretion clearance, stabilize or improve pulmonary functions, and reduce the incidence of pneumonia and related hospitalization. It allows for automatic adjustment of pressure and frequency to improve patient experience and comes with a remote one-stop button for safety and reliability.
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ECG Detector

The mECG-101 portable ECG detector is suitable for adult users to detect, record and replay their own heart rate and ECG waveform. It has a high ECG sampling rate and supports connection with an Android smart phone and tablet to conduct ECG detection directly via the device.
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Oro-Nasal Mask
6700 Series

The 6700 series V2 is an adult oro-nasal (full face) bi-level ventilation mask with anti-asphyxia valve (AAV), no exhaust vents, swivel port and headgear. Meant for single patient use and available in five sizes, it includes a TPE face mask, polycarbonate (yellow) swivel port and AAV.
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Fetal Doppler

The FM-200 handheld fetal Doppler features an advanced algorithm for accurate FHR detection and offers real-time, average and manual working modes. It has a large backlit LCD display, adjustable FHR alarm limits that can be saved, low power consumption design and automatic power-off feature.
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Enteral Feeding Pump

The EP-60 is an enteral feeding pump that is easy to feed and safe to use, and comes with an auto anti-occlusion feature. Other features include a four-inch touchscreen, robust housing and optional heater.
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Incu i

The Incu I is a standard incubator with high-level functionality and enhanced safety that supports a variety of medical tasks carried out in areas ranging from intensive care to obstetric care. It features a touch-panel display with a high-level operability and functionality, and reduces noise-related stress.
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Vacuum Extractor
Atom VP-450

The Atom Vacuum Extractor VP-450 is a gynecological vacuum extractor that supports a variety of medical tasks ranging from vacuum extraction to general vacuuming.
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Sunflower Warmer

The Sunflower Warmer is an open incubator with expandable functions that can be configured for use in any department according to requirements. Its dual rail configuration provides access to the patient from all four sides and allows for maximum flexibility in configuring accessories.
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Disposable Oro-nasal Mask
7301 Eagle 1 Mask and 7302 Eagle 2 Mask

The 7301 Eagle 1 Mask and 7302 Eagle 2 Mask are disposable single-patient use, oro-nasal masks intended to administer oxygen or other breathing gases into the upper airway. They are designed for short-term or emergency applications of non-invasive respiratory support or ventilation in hospitals, transport vehicles, institutional or other clinical settings.
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Reusable Face Mask
7700 Series V2 Mask

The 7700 series bi-level V2 reusable mask with headgear features an anatomically contoured design with ribbed support for a leak-free comfortable fit. The face piece with a new facial sealing flange is a single piece mask, made of clear soft silicone rubber and it features an Anti-Asphyxia Valve (AAV) for patient safety.
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Reusable Face Mask
7450 V2 Series Reusable Mask

The 7450 V2 series face mask is a reusable, multi-patient, multi-use mask for use with two-way non-rebreathing valves or other mask adapters for connection with flow measuring instruments used in lung function testing procedures with spontaneous breathing adults (>30 kg). The masks, valves, adapters and headgear are supplied clean, non-sterile for pulmonary function testing, exercise testing and respiratory research applications in hospitals and other clinical settings.
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