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Portable Co-oximeter
Avoximeter 4000

The portable Avoximeter 4000 system provides rapid, accurate assessment of true oxygenation status at the bedside in less than 10 seconds. A comprehensive and complete evaluation enables critical decisions and treatments within seconds.
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NT-proBNP Quantitative Antigen Test

The NT-proBNP-CHECK-1 quantitative antigen test is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) immunochromatographic rapid test. When used in combination with VEDALAB Easy reader+ instrument, it can detect and quantify amino terminal fragment of the Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) to assess cardiac disorders such as congestive heart failure. The test can be performed on whole blood, serum or heparinized plasma samples.
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Closed Suction Catheter
Closed Suction Catheter

Shaoxing Undis’ newly-designed catheters with the closed suction system have a unique suction control switch and an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip, enabling easier and quicker suction action for caregivers. They also offer the convenience of single-hand operation to lock/unlock the suction switch, thereby preventing accidental activation.
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12-Channel Resting ECG
CardioCare 2000

User-friendly interface & diagnosis • Last acquisition data AUTO save mode: 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute • 120 types of interpretation algorithm integrated • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 180 minutes operation / 200 pages printout Network & Data management • Wired/Wireless network connectivity to HIS/EMR with easy DHCP interface • BMS PLUS connection for data management from PC through LAN & for data transfer to HIS (PACS/EMR) with various file format: JPEG, BMP, XML, PDF, MFER
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3-Channel Electrocardiograph

The HB1003A is a 3 channel electrocardiograph that offers two ECG display modes (single channel and three channel) and five ECG record modes (1 channel, 1 channel + rhythm lead, 1 channel + Ⅱ channel + V5 channel, 3 channel, 3 channel + rhythm lead). Its automatic diagnosis function allows ECG waveform to be measured and analyzed automatically and its built-in SD memory card enables storage of over 2000 patients information.
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Infant Incubator

The TRBI-100A infant incubator offers air mode and baby mode that are servo-controlled by a micro-computer, and displays the set temperature, air temperature and baby temperature separately. It comes with a cabinet and guard rail, hood with four access doors and two iris doors, adjustable inclination of the bassinet and multiple failure alarm indication.
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Powered Ambulance Cot
Power-PRO 2

The Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot is the industry’s first connected ambulance cot that allows hospitals to automatically track cot health and remotely manage the fleet through one convenient, interactive dashboard. It allows users to perform a true, unassisted lift and reach optimal loading height using smarter hydraulic assembly with load-sensing capabilities and increase maneuverability using an extended transport handle.
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nCPAP (Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
EasyFlow nCPAP

The EasyFlow nCPAP is precisely tailored to the needs of premature and newborn infants for providing gentle, non-invasive ventilation. Available in various easily adjustable sizes with adjustable length and/or height, its self-adhesive forehead pads require no additional fixation and can be applied immediately after birth using Velcro fasteners and fixing straps.
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ICU & Transport Ventilator

The EVE IN is an easy-to-use flexible ventilator for ICUs and intra-clinical transport that is designed and equipped to function autonomously. Using state-of-the-art turbine technology, EVE IN produces air for patient ventilation independently and can be easily and safely attached to patients’ beds and transport trolleys.
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Portable 6-Channel ECG
CardioExpress SL6A

The CardioExpress SL6A is a portable and lightweight 6-channel ECG recorder with a built-in rechargeable battery for portability, pacemaker detection and 5.6-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen. Using the secure and scalable Sentinel cardiology information management system to facilitate analysis and reporting, it fulfills all diagnostic ECG needs to support a true and accurate analysis of the patient’s ECG data.
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Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor
Mini-Torr Plus

The Mini-Torr Plus non-invasive blood pressure monitor with its combination of reliability and flexibility provides a reliable platform for long-term NIBP monitoring needs. It easily adapts to meet departmental monitoring needs, with options ranging from a lightweight roll stand or IV pole mount, to a built-in printer, pulse oximetry and Welch Allyn SureTemp temperature.
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Infusion System
Plum 360

The Plum 360 infusion system provides automatic safety along with unmatched efficiency and interoperability in one connected IV system. Its unique delivery system draws medication directly from the secondary container, eliminating the risk for common secondary setup errors.
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Infusion Management Software
PharmGuard Server Infusion Management Software

PharmGuard Server Infusion Management Software promotes continuous quality improvement (CQI) of infusion therapy by capturing the event history so clinicians can trace infusions, clinical events and medication errors that were averted. It provides evidence-based information management to assist in clinical practice improvement decisions.
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Syringe Infusion Pump
Graseby C9

The Graseby C9 syringe infusion pump has a flat and compact design, which is stackable, along with a wide syringe size compatibility including 5mL and 10mL, which are critical for the NICU. It delivers medication as a continuous infusion at rate between 0.1 mL/h to 1500 mL/h providing safe, reliable and easy to use infusions for a range of clinical therapy areas, including ICUs, OR and general wards.
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12-Channel Electrocardiograph
SE1200 Lite

The SE1200 Lite is a 12-channel electrocardiograph featuring an 8.4-inch color TFT full touch screen along with anti-defibrillation and pacemaker detection. It comes with auto measurement and auto diagnosis function and enables 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, amplification and recording.
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