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Critical Care
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Airway Clearance System

The PneuVest airway clearance system is designed to improve secretion clearance, stabilize or improve pulmonary functions, and reduce the incidence of pneumonia and related hospitalization. It allows for automatic adjustment of pressure and frequency to improve patient experience and comes with a remote one-stop button for safety and reliability.
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Sweat Collection System
Macroduct Advanced

The Macroduct Advanced Sweat Collection System features a friendly, straight-forward touch-screen user interface and provides a step-by-step visual guide of all aspects of sweat induction and collection, further enhancing the standardization of the sweat test. An integrated timer conveniently monitors the 30-minute collection time, and exportable test data helps verify correct performance of the tests, while its elliptical design with straps that are easy to adjust and better fit small arms optimize sweat collection.
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Heat Therapy System
Micro-Temp LT

The Micro-Temp LT heat therapy system allows the caregiver to set the water temperature between 20°C and 42°C (68°F – 107°F), apply a CSZ localized temperature therapy pad, and be confident their patient is receiving the optimal benefit of heat therapy. Some of its key features include a variety of safety alarms, self-calibrating microprocessor and selection of temperature in 1°C increments.
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Glucose Meter System
StatStrip Glucose

StatStrip®Glucose is the only glucose monitoring system cleared by the FDA for use in all patients, including the critically ill, for capillary, venous, or arterial samples. Hospitals benefit from using one meter and one process for all patients with streamlined clinical decision making, workflow, and testing.
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Vacuum Delivery Pump

The HVP-100, composed of the MedGyn reusable pump and a choice of two silicone cup options, is a hand-held vacuum delivery pump to safely assist medical personnel during vaginal deliveries. The reusable vacuum pump is manually operated to produce the required vacuum and maintain accurate vacuum pressure.
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ECG Monitor
iE 10

The iE 10 is a mobile ECG monitor featuring a 7.0-inch LCD with capacitive touch screen that allows for selection of horizontal or vertical screen and a built-in rechargeable battery for up to four hours of continuous work. Other features include 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, up to 300 seconds of rhythm analysis for easier arrhythmia locating and onboard storage capacity of up to 1,500 files.
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Cerebral Function Monitor
Olympic Brainz Monitor

The Olympic Brainz Monitor is the optimal solution for fast & simple routine bedside cerebral function monitoring (CFM) and provides vital information to clinicians to assist with earlier diagnosis and treatment. It provides aEEG (amplitude integrated EEG), real time EEG and continuous measurement of impedance in 1, 2, and up to 3 channel configurations.
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LED Phototherapy System
neoBLUE system

The neoBLUE LED phototherapy system incorporates optimal blue LED technology for the treatment of newborn jaundice and its arrangement of LEDs allow light to illuminate the full surface area of the baby. It does not emit significant light in the ultraviolet (UV) range, reducing the potential risk of skin damage and in the infrared radiation (IR) range, thus reducing the potential risk of fluid loss.
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Brain Monitor
Natus Brain Monitor

The Natus Brain Monitor is the next generation advanced amplifier for EEG, Long-Term Monitoring and ICU studies, and provides 64 referential channels for scalp and intracranial EEG studies. Its higher sampling rates, wider signal bandwidth, and additional configurable inputs make it a perfect choice for all clinical settings including EEG, LTM and ICU.
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Anesthesia Machine

The Flow-e is a flexible anesthesia machine that combines innovative design with the leading features for efficient and lung-protective ventilation. It uses the Flow core technology for excellent ventilation performance and has a large workspace along with generous storage that makes work easier.
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Patient Monitor

The PulsioFlex monitor features a modular platform with intelligent visualization for advanced haemodynamic patient monitoring. Its modular expandability and efficient monitoring technologies allow the system to be adapted to each patient's individual need at any time.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The UM-201 mercury-free blood pressure monitor comes with chemical-resistant body and cuff that are easy to clean using antiseptic solutions. Other features include one-touch operation, large LCD display, Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator, and cuff holder and grip for safely and securely carrying the device.
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NIBP Module

The TM-2915 non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) module supports a wide range of devices from medical monitors to therapeutic devices. It features advanced measurement algorithms along with a compact, quiet, low-heat and flexible design that enables use with various host devices.
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Patient Monitor

The ARGUS LCX patient monitor for intensive care is equipped with a brilliant 15-inch color screen and a built-in thermal printer for 80 mm wide paper that enables on-the-spot documentation of all important events and trends. The user-friendly patient monitor can be mounted easily on a wall or medical cart and has a capacity of two hours of mains-independent operation, making it an ideal intra-hospital transport monitor.
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Ultrasound Spirometry with ECG
SpiroScout SP

The SpiroScout SP ultrasound spirometry with ECG simplifies the handling of measurements and data management for both ECG and spirometry recordings with no moving parts, filters to change, screens to catch sputum and disposables to calibrate. It features an ultrasonic flow sensor to measure the flow of air into and out of the patient’s lungs, making ultrasonic flow measurement independent of gas composition, pressure and humidity to eliminate errors related with these variables.
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