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Patient Monitor

The TRUSCOPE Ultra Q7 is a modular touchscreen patient monitor featuring a 15-inch screen and up to 7 lead ECG display while simultaneously displaying 10 waveforms. It offers nine different screen configurations along with a wide range of standard and optional parameters.
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Hypothermia Blanket
Maxi-Therm Lite

The Maxi-Therm Lite hyper-hypothermia blankets have a strong bonded pattern in the blanket, resulting in a long lasting seal during usage. Durable and light weight, it can be used over or under the patient and for heating and cooling the patient.
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Optical Encephalography Unit

The OEG-16 Optical Encephalography unit is designed for use on the frontal lobe to measures the change of in vivo blood in a multi-channel method by simultaneously utilizing light absorption characteristics of near infrared to red light. Compared to conventional technology in this field, it is more cost-effective and portable, making it a popularly sought after product in modern brain mapping.
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Silicone Oro Mask
7900 Series

The 7900 series of silicone oro-(mouth) mask with two-way non-rebreathing valve and headgear is available in five mask sizes and three valve size combinations. Its applications include stress/exercise testing, pulmonary function studies & metabolic measurements.
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Administration Sets
Administration Sets

ALCOR Administration Sets comprising spike sets, bag sets and gravity sets are designed to meet industry standards for safe and reliable nutrition delivery to patients. They are manufactured under stringent quality control conditions and each production lot is tested for satisfactory proof of performance prior to distribution.
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Volumetric Pump
Alaris GP Plus

The Alaris GP Plus volumetric pump offers a range of features suited to drug therapy, blood transfusions and parenteral feeding, including a large, clear display, intuitive operation, and a wide range of specialty sets. It provides a versatile and flexible platform for infusion therapy which is suitable across a broad range of applications, while its ergonomic casing allows for ease of transportation, cleaning, and a variety of mounting methods.
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Bedside Terminal

The JAO18 bedside terminal featuring anti-bacterial plastics, an easy-clean design, and a front screen that is IP-65 rated, fully complies with the latest hygiene and safety standards. Designed specifically for use in a clinical environment - by patients as well as clinical staff - it offers multi-touch access to a host of tools and services all presented on a multi-touch screen 18.5-inch LED panel.
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Patient Monitor

The BELSON MK-9000 is a multi-parameter patient monitor with a 15-inch color TFT display that supports 12 channel waves and six parameters, and displays maximum 720 hours of graphic and tabular trends of all parameters. Other features include unique voice alarm, up to 10,000 NIBP review, 200 alarm event review, and two hours waveforms review.
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Infant Warmer

The V-3200D infant warmer warms a neonate immediately after delivery to prevent the infant’s temperature from dropping during procedures. Designed for the delivery room, the illumination lamp provides enough brightness for procedures while its slim design requires limited space.
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Infusion Pump

The P-600U infusion pump features simple operations for enhanced ease of use and allows the infusion line to be easily connected by anyone. Other features include alarm functions, easy level setting for occlusion pressure alarm, easy checking of operation history and a display that prioritizes visibility.
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Infant Warmer & Incubator
Dual Incu i

The Dual Incu I performs both as an infant warmer and incubator, enabling prompt treatment at the delivery room and NICU. It keeps noise levels to a minimum and allows data to be communicated to external devices such as bedside monitors.
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ECG Unit
AsCARD Green v.06.101

The AsCARD Green v.06.101 is a 1-, 3-, 6- and 12-channel ECG unit for the ECG examinations of adult and pediatric patients to identify cardiological abnormalities, myocardial ischemia or infarction. Based on advanced microprocessor technology, it is equipped with a thermal printer, high-resolution 4.3 inch LCD display, touch panel and high-tech membrane keyboard for intuitive use and easy menu navigation.
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Digital EEG
AsTEK S201

The AsTEK S201 is a fully digital electroencephalograph that makes it possible to record, present and analyze the spontaneous bioelectric function of the brain. It ensures high quality of the recorded EEG tracings while its modular structure allows the device settings to be adjusted according to the user's needs.
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PC-based ECG
AsCARD MrAmber

The AsCARD MrAmber is a PC-based ECG that is equipped with CardioTEKA software to allow wireless transmission of 12 ECG leads to the user PC. Other features include full monitoring, registration and archiving of 12 ECG leads ECG examinations, digital filters to eliminate disturbances and on-line ECG review.
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Patient Monitoring System
Unite Connect

The Unite Connect for patient monitoring integrates with leading patient monitoring systems to enable customized filtering and to deliver alert message notifications to mobile caregivers. These alert notification messages are intended as a secondary notification system to inform caregivers of patient events captured by these monitoring systems.
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