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Hospital Infrastructure

Hospital Infrastructure
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POC Terminal

The POC-W243L is a 24-inch clinical grade widescreen point-of-care terminal featuring the latest computing capabilities in a slim design and the IPS (in-place switching) display that allows users to view the images from any angle. The panel computer housing is water & dust proof to prevent unwanted incursions and aid in infection control, making it suitable for multiple healthcare applications within hospitals and clinics such as hospital administration, pharmacy information systems and electronic medical record access.
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Medical Monitor
Sony LMD-X310MT

The Sony LMD-X310MT 31-inch medical-grade widescreen LCD monitor can display very high-quality 4K Ultra HD color video images in 3D and 2D from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes and other compatible medical imaging systems. Offering four times the pixel count of Full HD, it provides a clearer view of fine details than conventional medical monitors and features an ergonomic design that is optimized for environments such as hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics and doctors' offices.
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POC Management Solutions

The AegisPOC Point of Care Management Solutions is a web-based, open platform which connects point-of-care (POC) devices located in the hospital or community with the laboratory. It allows the laboratory to better manage and share data from POC devices on one flexible, scalable middleware.
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Data Management Software
DMS 2.5

The DMS 2.5 data management software is a multi-language Windows application featuring a clear interface that allows users to enter patient information, order tests, and receive operating instructions for the CLA-1 device. The powerful software also records patient data and test results, providing physicians with easy access to complete patient histories, and eliminating repetitive data entry.
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Cart Washer
CS 750

The CS 750 cart washer is optimized to clean and dry case carts, containers and basins as effectively and as fast as possible, ensuring that sterile processing departments stay ahead of demands. It has a full cycle, including wash, rinse and complete dry, in only six minutes and a tank wash system with rinse water recycle that reduces water use to about eight gallons per cycle.
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Steam Sterilizer
CA 9600 Series

The CA 9600 Series carriage loading steam sterilizer is designed around the basic principles of workflow improvement, maximizing resource efficiency, and lowering operating costs. Available in three high capacity sizes ranging from 16 trays to 24 trays, it is ideal for sterile processing departments requiring large capacity systems for maximum throughput.
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Washer Disinfector
WD 290 IQ

The WD 290 IQ is a single chamber washer with a high volume water flow and lower pressure, providing a better way to clean while using very little water and resources. It features two large, intuitive, 10.4-inch touchscreens for independent operation and interface, along with a patented process display which gives a quick visible cycle status.
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Power Lift
I-Lift 450

The I-Lift 450 power lift offers superior maneuverability, ease of use and safety features, including a swivel bar with double loop aluminum clips and wrapped cover for safe operation. Its wide-opening manual base accommodates several bariatric wheelchairs and its premium electronics provide valuable usage details for the caregiver’s peace of mind.
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Computer Cart
Cynergy All-In-One

The Cynergy All-In-One computer cart accommodates any all-in-one computer from major manufacturers, as well as LCD flat panel monitor paired with a mini PC. This configuration is the ideal choice for end users looking for advanced ergonomics and exceptional performance from a mobile computing power system.
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Computer Cart
Fusion iPath

The Fusion iPath computer cart accommodates all laptop or tablet sizes and also comes with an optional tablet mounting that accommodates various tablet mounts. This configuration is the ideal choice for end users looking for advanced ergonomics and exceptional performance from a mobile cart.
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Hospital Workstation
Omni Center All-In-One

The Omni Center All-In-One workstation offers endless possibilities of configurations and customizations to accommodate all computer equipment, specific needs and applications or work area requirements. It is made from sturdy and long-lasting materials with a choice of either 3/4" laminate with bump resistant T-mold or high density polyethylene in stylish color options to match the décor.
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Nurse Workstation
CareLink RX Nurse Workstation

The CareLink RX Nurse Workstation elevates mobile computing to the next level, with improved communications, N-Stride steer assist, and N-Sight, an intelligent platform for proactive cart fleet management. It provides ergonomic features, fully configurable storage and organization options, and workflow solutions that simplify the daily tasks associated with providing patient care.
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Procedure Cart
Avalo Procedure Cart

The Avalo Procedure Cart offer a wide selection of organization accessories, large capacity, and a choice of models in four-drawer, five-drawer, or custom configurations. It is adaptable to various healthcare applications, including trauma, airway, dressing, cast, or a general supply cart.
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Hospital Cart

The SlimCart non-powered, ultra-lightweight cart has a compact profile and four casters, allowing for simple mobility through doorways, in patient rooms or in hallways. It provides a generous work surface with a slide-out mouse surface on the left or right side, and is configurable with the user’s choice of laptop, tablet, or lightweight computer monitor.
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The aView is a portable high resolution monitor that is compatible with all of Ambu´s single-use flexible scopes and displays clear, high resolution images, making the navigation and identification of anatomical landmarks easier. Easy to use and set up, and ready within seconds when turned on, its intuitive user interface allows images or videos to be stored for later reference.
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