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Hospital Infrastructure

Hospital Infrastructure
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Enterprise Imaging Platform

The Exa offers a diagnostic quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM images that minimizes unwanted exposure to data. The platform provides hospitals and imaging centers the ability to view images across departments and facilities, regardless of image source.
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Intelligent Power System

The iPS-M100 is a medical-grade intelligent power system comprising of dual hot-swappable power modules that use 100Wh lithium-ion batteries to provide a total power supply of 200Wh. The lightweight system features a fanless cooling mechanism that protects against water and dust ingress and can be installed on medical carts to power vital sign measurement machines, blood pressure monitoring devices, and other healthcare equipment.
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Medical Display

The MODALIXX G202MDL is designed for enhanced clarity and brightness in LED-lit images offering user-friendly OSD, low power consumption, and a wide viewing angle. It is considered ideal for cath lab, MRI, CT, CR, PET scanners, RF rooms, C-arm, and portable X-ray applications.
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Medical Grade Tablet

The AIM-55 is a medical-grade tablet that features a stylish appearance and advanced computing technologies to provide a superior device for mobile computing in healthcare environments. Designed to streamline hospital workflows and improve patient care, its functionalities can be easily expanded with the addition of diverse extension modules, such as a barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, and RJ45 connector, according to specific application requirements.
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Healthcare Infotainment Terminal

The HIT-W183 is a healthcare infotainment terminal featuring an Intel N4200 processor, dual operating systems (Windows 10 IoT and Android 6.0.1), and an 18.5 inch 16:9 widescreen display with projected capacitive (PCAP) 10-point touch control. In addition to a 5MP camera, it features an IP65-rated true-flat front panel which protects against water and dust ingress and can be cleaned easily to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and infection control.
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Outdoor Critical Trolley

The KWT is an advanced outdoor critical trolley that offers safety protection to patients and operators, as well as enables smooth patient transfer operations even in the presence of crowds. The raised positioning of the IV-support guarantees the operator an obstacle-free working environment for patient treatment along with correct fluid dynamics.
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Cordless Imager

The DS6878-HC cordless imager enables hospitals to automate data capture, improve data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline everyday processes in patient rooms, laboratories and the pharmacy. It combines an intuitive and ergonomic design with dependable and rapid capture of barcodes and other images, while its matchless feature set meets the unique requirements of healthcare facilities.
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The DS8100-HC imager features user-selectable feedback modes to instantly notify healthcare workers that a barcode was properly captured without disturbing the patients. It also features a purpose-built housing using special plastics to help prevent the spread of bacteria and allow for safe wipe-downs with a wide selection of disinfectants used in hospitals.
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Mobile Computer

The TC51-HC mobile computer can capture virtually any barcode in any condition and scan the most problematic barcodes found in pharmacies, labs, and at the point of care to help improve productivity and efficiency. The mobile computer with Android can replace multiple devices needed to perform tasks such as calling/texting co-workers, receiving calls via PBX, accessing patient records, scanning barcodes and increasing medication administration accuracy.
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BBP Decontamination Station
North BBP Decontamination Station

The North BBP Decontamination Station is a disposable, wall mounted BBP Kit that offers all the tools necessary for blood-borne pathogen decontamination, including instructions that can be used as a template when developing one’s own exposure control plan. The one-time use disposable kit is simple to assemble, clean with and dispose, and can quickly decontaminate potentially harmful blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV, H1N1, Norovirus, TB, and others.
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Portable Emergency Eyewash
Fendall 2000

The Fendall 2000 is a 100% sterile portable emergency eyewash with comfort features, ergonomic design, and an alarm system to help ensure compliance with the ANSI 15-minute requirement. The sterile saline solution adheres to FDA requirements for providing sterile eyewash solution in self-contained emergency eyewash stations.
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Patient Data Management Software
Digistat Suite

The Digistat Suite is an advanced patient data management software system comprising a large set of modules that can either work alone or be fully integrated to provide a complete solution. Designed specifically for use by clinicians, nurses and administrators, it can be used in a wide range of clinical environments from the ICU to the ward and from the OR to the administrative department.
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Patient Transfer Hoist
Hoyer Presence

The Hoyer Presence lift can lift residents from the floor as well accommodate transfers to higher surfaces and also displays the lifting activity using Smart Monitor technology. Its lightweight aluminum construction, 500 pound safe working load, and greater spatial area make the lift a perfect fit for larger residents.
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Storage Cart

The BAC-30W extra-wide cart provides maximum mobile storage with 30 inches of configurable drawer space and can be customized by adding favorite accessories. The extra-wide drawer space provides ample space for endoscopy, anesthesia, or cast cart supplies.
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Storage Cart

The BAC-21C storage cart includes the same features as its larger counterparts, with a large variety of accessories and drawer organizers. It includes high mobility casters and a standard bumper, making it ideal for tight spots or space-restricted areas.
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