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Display Monitor

Modalixx GC212HB is the ultimate color high bright medical LCD display solution for modality medical CRT monitor replacement.
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Point-Of-Care Terminal

The POC-W212 is a 21.5-inch widescreen point-of-care terminal with a fanless and slim design that runs on an Intel Core i7 4650U 1.7 GHz processor and chipset. The highly integrated system is capable of displaying crystal clear images and provides a rich selection of high speed I/O connectors, user-friendly function keys, and customizable features.
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Medical Monitor

The FS-S4601DT 46-inch touchscreen medical display shows images with accurate color and features a multi-touch screen for precise image manipulation. It displays artifact-free, broadcast quality video, with near-zero latency, offers fast signal recognition using robust built-in timing settings, and uses picture-by-picture to display two video signals from different medical devices on the same screen.
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Viewing Station

The PaxeraView is a multi-modality viewing station that can work within any PACS environment (or can co-exist as a standalone solution) to handle all the modalities inside the healthcare facility. It is equipped with various features and tools that enhance studies’ handling and management, and help operators work out diagnoses in an easy, efficient and intuitive way.
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Medical Viewer

The PaxeraUltima is a powerful browser-based, all-encompassing multi-modality medical viewer that delivers a consolidated work list and an easy to use universal viewer with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools – all from a single login. It comes with an enhanced Paxera-3D and incorporates the latest radiological tools, including critical results notification module that improves effectiveness of communication among caregivers.
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Medical Diagnostic Display

The MD302C6 is a 30-inch color 6-megapixel medical diagnostic display with LED backlighting that features an IPS panel for precise grayscale reproduction and wide viewing angles. Built for healthcare professionals in medical imaging and multi-modality PACS, it also features an integrated front sensor which constantly monitors and adjust brightness to maintain the factory DICOM GSDF calibration.
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Diagnostic Monitor

The MDC3-BNDA1 diagnostic monitor is comprised of two medical-grade 21-inch color 3-megapixel LED-backlit displays, a dual display port/single DVI output, AMD FirePro W5000 video card, and GammaCompMD QA calibration software. Its superior screen performance and built-in ambient light sensor makes the dual-screen color setup ideal for healthcare professionals for radiology and PACS applications.
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Mammography Monitor

The KT-D213V5E mammography monitor is equipped with extremely high density LCD panel and innovative image controller rendering 14-bit DICOM LUT compliant 16,384-shade grayscale for accurate and crisp imaging performance. Using technologies such as sub-division uniformity and image quality enhancement, the high-density and high-luminance LCD monitor guarantees high-quality images for increased diagnostic confidence.
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Medical Panel PC

The POC-19i-HM55 PC features a 19-inch multi-functional medical panel with touchscreen and is powered by high-performance Intel mobile Core i7/ i5/ i3 CPU with Intel HM55 chipset. Its system memory supports DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM up to 8 GB and its HDMI interface provides second display with vivid image quality.
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Medical Grade Monitor

The MLW-2150HD medical grade monitor with a 21.5-inch screen comes with a whole range of features, including quick response time (less than 5ms), 170 degree vertical viewing angle, and support for a variety of languages. It comes with built-in speakers, HDCP encryption engine and DVI, HDMI input, making it ideal for general use in post-production and broadcasting.
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Medical Display

The IMAGE DISPLAYS 2in1 is designed for simultaneous assessment of two X-ray images, allowing for more reliable and accurate diagnosis as both the images are displayed with exactly the same color temperature and resolution. The absolutely homogeneous color and grayscale across the whole display, along with a 4 megapixel resolution, makes it suitable for processing of all radiological and nuclear medical images.
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Medical Monitor

The FS-L3202D 32-inch medical monitor is designed to reproduce multi-modality imaging, using an extensive selection of input connections, and comprehensive signal timing tables. It allows picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture screen layouts to be fully adjusted for size and position, giving surgeons the flexibility to work with video images tailored to their preference.
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Vital Signs Monitor
Scalis M

The Scalis M vital signs monitor tracks basic parameters such as 3/5 leads ECG, respiration, NIBP (GH), SpO2 (GH), pulse rate and temperature. It features a full touchscreen for quick menu setting and data review, fan-less design cooling system for noiseless performance, and a remote controller to control 16 bedside monitors.
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Medical Monitor

The MR2217 features backlight stabilization for accurate reviews and an easy to share screen with 60-degree swivel capabilities. It is easy to clean with a vent-less design that minimizes trapping of dirt, and is built to address the needs of healthcare professionals.
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Medical-Grade Monitor

The PDC-W210 features a high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and gloved operation responsiveness. The monitor is equipped with a hotkey for switching between DICOM and Gamma calibration, and is ideal for use in critical hospital environments, such as ORs and ICUs.
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