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Monitor Arm
7500 – Deluxe Monitor Arm

The award-winning 7500 deluxe monitor arm provides users with effortless positioning their monitor exactly where it’s needed. The monitor arm suspends a heavy duty flat panel monitor above the desk surface and reclaims valuable space.
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Medication Management Software
MedLink Pro

The MedLink Pro next generation medication management software retrieves and displays patient data, and aids in the secure delivery of medication by healthcare professionals to promote patient safety. The software is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed-loop medication system.
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Wall Station
V6 Wall Station

The V6 Wall Station combines exceptional space-savings with ergonomic design for comfortable caregiver computer use, whether seated or standing, and supports a monitor and keyboard along with hardware, shelves and accessories. A range of ergonomic adjustments allows caregivers to easily position for a healthy computing experience and facilitates their engagement with patients.
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All-in-One Computer
Rheda 220H AIO

Rheda 220H AIO All-in-One computer is designed for clinical use in a healthcare environment and features a fanless design to reduce the amount of noise within the hospital. Designed to operate for long sessions at a low consumption rate, it features a low power consumption solid state drive for reliable performance and speed.
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Medical Grade Monitor
Symposia Displays and Monitors

Symposia Displays and Monitors, an integral part of Symposia integrated OR and Sympasia Surgical Video system, are medical grade monitors that enhance the surgeon’s vision. The offer high brightness display with a high contrast ratio and are medical grade, front IP-65 rated with top IPX1 for easy cleaning.
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Medical Grade Computer

POC-W212C is a medical grade computer that runs on an Intel Celeron ® J1900 Quad-core processor and chipset capable of displaying crystal clear images on its 21.5” wide-screen display. The system with a fanless and slim design is highly integrated and provides a rich selection of high speed I/O connectors, user-friendly function keys, and customizable features. Housed in a slim 6.5 cm casing, it weighs only 7 kg and optionally accommodates a 2-points resistive touchscreen.
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Point-of-Care Terminal

The POC-424 Point-of-Care Terminal is equipped with an integrated NVME SSD that facilitates real-time data processing and storage. Compliant with IEC/EN60601-1-2 Medical EMC standards for electrical devices, POC-424 is built for reliable operation in a wide range of healthcare environments.
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Adjustable Table Mounting System

TBSD-WS1502 adjustable table mounting systems are designed for multipurpose applications. The VESA 75x75 mm mounting supports a single monitor of various sizes.
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Patient QA Software

VERIQA is a modular software platform for comprehensive patient QA that takes workflow efficiency to the next level by automating repetitive tasks and manual steps in patient QA. It streamlines all operations from data collection and analysis to approval and documentation, generates reports upon task completion, sends email alerts and notifications where actions are required, and exports QA results to Track-it for comprehensive data management fully automatically
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Monitor Suspension

The GD4020 monitor suspension provides single monitor support for one 15-17 inch display with VESA adapter 100 mm and external cabling. It has a high load capacity of up to approximately 10 kg and adjustable tilt feature to allow a wide range of different viewing angles.
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OR Medical Display

The JUSHA-ES42 medical display for the operating room features widescreen full HD LCD panel that offer accurate color rendering, excellent layering, smooth and dynamic images and an expanded visual scope for clear and precise observation of surgical sites during minimally invasive surgery (MIS). It features a white frame, water-proof design, antibacterial treatment, compliance with electromagnetic compatibility and multiple video input/output interfaces, making it perfectly suited for various kinds of endoscopic surgeries in the operating room and ICU.
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Medical Grade Panel PC

The POC-17C-ULT3 is a 17-inch medical grade panel PC features a projected capacitive touchscreen that supports multi-touch, anti-bacteria cover and IP65 compliant front bezel. It is powered by Intel® Skylake-ULT platform Core™ i5-6300U and Celeron® 3955U and comes with optional 3-in-1 card reader, handle module with barcode scanner and reading light.
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Surgical Monitor

The FS-E2101D surgical monitor features an intuitive, full- featured on screen menu for image and layout settings and provides crystal clear high definition images, making it equipped to handle tasks in the demanding OR environment. It features rapid video signal detection, image pan, zoom, freeze, picture-in-picture, all in a fanless enclosure. Multi-modality options let doctors view two images at the same time and its lightweight design is ideal for boom or spring-arm mounting.
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Computing Workstation
Trio Computing Workstation

The Trio Computing Workstation offers a refined, ergonomic design style coupled with innovative advances in ease of use, maneuverability, and power system runtime. It supports a variety of storage options including standard bins or the new MaxBin system, while its configurable storage supports both simple and complex medication administration workflows and the highest security requirements.
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Modular Mounting System
Novos 2000

The Novos 2000 mount features a height adjustable arm module which allowing it to move vertically as well as horizontally. The arm module has a changeable gas strut which provides assisted lift for the arm to support all types of monitors and medical devices.
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