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3D Surgical LCD Display

The FS-P2607D is a 26 inch medical grade 3D surgical LCD display monitor that features advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing, enhanced low-angle processing, improved low-motion detection, and advanced 3D noise reduction. It includes excellent 3D comb filter performance for use with PAL and NTSC applications, and leads the way in technology, clarity, and reliability in today’s interventional procedure facilities and minimally invasive surgery suites.
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Backlit Medical Display

The CCL210 is a 21.3-inch, 2MP color LCD with DICOM calibration function. Key features include high contrast, a wide viewing angle provided by the IPS panel, and enhanced, stable luminance for a long period of time with a built-in luminance stabilizing circuit.
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Bedside Information Terminal (BIT)
Bedside Information Terminal (BIT)

The Bedside Information Terminal (BIT) provides the nurses and patients different kinds of services. Through the BIT, the patient information can be seen, and remarks and the name of the medical team are displayed on the main screen. It also offers request feedback function, announcement information, and card function.
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Bedside Monitor
SVM-7600 series

The SVM-7600 series of bedside monitors feature an intuitive touch screen with an onscreen guide and saves up to 120 hours of review data. Its interbed function provides vital information and alarm status of all monitors in the network to provide quick access for checking any patient.
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Bedside Terminal

The JAO18 bedside terminal featuring anti-bacterial plastics, an easy-clean design, and a front screen that is IP-65 rated, fully complies with the latest hygiene and safety standards. Designed specifically for use in a clinical environment - by patients as well as clinical staff - it offers multi-touch access to a host of tools and services all presented on a multi-touch screen 18.5-inch LED panel.
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The LEO-L02 is a BLT tag for Real-time Locating System that is small, thin, and light, with various fasteners for attaching to equipment, assets or personnel, and sends a proprietary signal using Bluetooth Low Energy communication technology that allows a specific location engine to track its position. It automatically enters “sleep mode” after the tag has stopped moving for more than 10 minutes, while its robust plastic housing allows it to be cleaned with various cleaning solutions and its IPS5 rating enables washing or even showering.
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Bone Suppression Software
Imaging Software

The imaging software offers IHE dose reporting capabilities, as well as image quality and productivity enhancements for CR and DR systems. The software will be available for DRX systems, and Directview Classic, Elite, and Max CR systems.
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Cath Lab
Modalixx G202MD

Modalixx G202MD is the ultimate grayscale High Bright medical LCD solution for modality CRT monitor replacement. G202MD will autosync to any legacy grayscale or color analog modality and up-scales it to clear, sharp, and vivid high bright 2 mega pixel resolution. Armed with a complete set of input options, G202MD is compatible to nearly all medical modality applications. Replacing grayscale legacy modality Medical CRT monitors to medical LCD displays has never been easier. Covering Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, C-Arm, and Portable X-Ray, applications. Modalixx display series are compatible with many manufacturers such as: GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu, Philips and other modalities. Modalixx G202MD medical LCD is capable of accepting any combination of BNC connections, including single to 5 BNC, as well as DVI-D. At any resolution from 525-1600 horizontal pixels, G202MD can accept from low line to high line video signals through BNCs or DVI-D inputs.
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CCU Noise Reduction Solution
Calm Critical Care

Ascom’s Calm Critical Care filtered noise reduction solutions for Critical Care Units (CCU) intelligently filter alerts from monitors and other bedside equipment to mobile CCU staff, ensuring they go to the right person at the right time. Each Calm Critical Care solution is unique; tailored to a hospital’s specific needs and resources, but typically incorporates an Ascom nurse call system, Ascom Unite and Digistat softwares and applications, and Ascom handsets.
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Central Monitor

The CNS-9601 central monitor features a 19 inch medical touch screen with nine different review screens time synchronized with each other for reviewing same patient event in different ways. The parameter can be changed with a touch or click, and a multi patient alarm event window helps reduce false alarms.
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Central Monitor System
Central Monitor System

The Central Monitor System has a beside monitor connecting capacity of up to 64 and comes with three grades of sound and light alarms, along with adjustable alarm volume. Its dual display allows to view patient records and bedside monitoring information, with multiple screen layouts available.
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Central Station Monitor

The DS-8900 central station monitor features a 26-inch Full HD touch display with dual screen capability and enables continuous visual monitoring of up to 32 patients. It provides clear patient data and alarm identifications, with up to 120 hours of full disclosure storage.
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Clinical Display

The GD-W213L is a high-resolution 16:9 widescreen monitor with a 21.5-inch full HD (1920x1080) LCD screen having a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and 250 cd/m2 brightness for clear images. It features an HDMI interface and anti-glare screen with an LED backlighting source for mercury-free operation and low power consumption.
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Clinical Displays

The Brilliance LCD monitors with clinical D-image are designed to ensure images are shown consistently with high quality for reliable interpretations. The 24-inch and 27-inch displays also use JIS Z2801-compliant antimicrobial additive in their housing to combat germs.
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Clinical LED

The CL8MPS color clinical LED is ideally designed for PACS review, modality image viewing or as a PACS work list display with DICOM 3.14 compliance. With a sleek and slim design, it provides multiple diagnostic modes and a variety of inputs to allow versatility throughout the hospital enterprise.
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