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Enterprise Imaging Platform

The Exa offers a diagnostic quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM images that minimizes unwanted exposure to data. The platform provides hospitals and imaging centers the ability to view images across departments and facilities, regardless of image source.
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Outpatient RIS
Merge RIS

The Merge RIS is an outpatient system that helps outpatient radiology centers compete and thrive. The complete, certified EHR solution automates orders-to-results workflow, and provides added services that make it easier to build loyalty with referring physicians.
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Medication Management System
Pharmacy Touch

The Pharmacy Touch medication management system is designed to streamline the dispensing, labeling, charting, and reconciliation of anesthesia medications. It is the only drug cart solution built on the strengths of an anesthesia information management system and provides anesthesia providers and their pharmacies a unified solution.
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Medima Drug Editor

The software sets limits for all key infusion parameters for drug delivery, while historic versions of libraries provide a safe model of drug application. The pump displays the drug name to aid identification in case of large infusion sets and reduce misidentification of pumps for bolus delivery, and change of infusion parameters.
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Medical Image Viewer
Vue Motion

The Vue Motion is designed for clinical reading and viewing of medical X-ray exams. For added user convenience, the enhanced image viewer offers a wide range of viewing tools, and can be used on the iPhone 4, iPad 2, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy S III mobile devices.
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Bone Suppression Software
Imaging Software

The imaging software offers IHE dose reporting capabilities, as well as image quality and productivity enhancements for CR and DR systems. The software will be available for DRX systems, and Directview Classic, Elite, and Max CR systems.
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CV Information System

The IMPAX CV12 is an integrated digital solution that connects patient medical records with corresponding images, including echocardiograms, ECGs, and cardiac catheterizations. The system provides clinicians with secure and timely access to patient data, regardless of location.
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