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Transportation Systems

Transportation Systems
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Medical Cart

DETECTO’s innovative and highly customizable MobileCare medical carts offer the most advanced security level features available in the medical cart market along with nearly unlimited configuration possibilities. There are three lock types to choose from: electronic (RFID with three different frequencies available and full-color touchscreen pincode), quick release, and keyed. The innovative quick release unlocking can save lives when a patient codes, and the breakaway plastic tags and red/green flag can be reset easily by biomed techs.
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Transfer Stretcher
Manual Transfer Stretcher (Code C120039)

Manual Transfer Stretcher (Code C120039) is a single crank model with height adjustment and features a main frame made of powder-coated metal sheet, bed board and side rails made of PP material. Mounted on ø 150 mm castors with a central locking system and 5th direction wheel under the chassis, it comes with drop-down side rails and flame retardant mattress.
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Emergency Stretcher
Loading Stretcher (Code 913)

Loading Stretcher (Code 913) is made of painted steel and features an adjustable backrest. It comes with two fixed wheels with brake and two rotating wheels, foldable side-rails and belts.
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Transport Stretcher

The Famed SPARK is an economical, functional and durable stretcher for transporting patients that combines antibacterial properties of plastics and varnished elements with low maintenance costs and unsurpassed durability. Its high maximum load (SWL) of 250 kg allows for safe transport of even heavier patients with the necessary equipment while siderails protect the patient over a length of 1500 mm. The stretcher is compatible with mobile X-ray equipment (bedside X-ray, C-arm).
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Powered Mobile Technology Cart

The T7 powered mobile technology cart is built for intuitive one-hand operation with its Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusting to each caregiver’s entered height and its Power Track™ steering allowing for virtually effortless maneuvering and complete user control. With its beautifully simple design and completely encased wire management system, the T7 mitigates both clutter and infection control concerns, makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.
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Patient Trolley
Lifeguard 55

Lifeguard 55 is a versatile, high specification patient trolley suitable for trauma, patient examination and imaging, treatment, transport and recovery. Compatible with most conventional X-ray and C-arm imaging systems, it has a fully radio-translucent mattress platform, and is also equipped with a sliding cassette tray, which can be accessed from both sides of the trolley and moved longitudinally, enabling full body-length X-ray.
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Surgery Stretcher
Titan EYE/ENT/ORAL Care Surgery Stretcher

The Titan EYE/ENT/ORAL Care Surgery Stretcher features an articulating headpiece with a stainless steel design for enhanced motion, durability and sterilization; a deep well storage area for patient belongings, and an overall ergonomic design. It is built on Amico’s best-in-class, low height stretcher platform to accommodate surgical patients with limited mobility and can also serve as an interim transport stretcher for moving patients between departments.
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Multifunctional Transfer Bed

The ETB-2 multifunctional transfer bed features an open architecture for ease of cleaning and is designed to maximize infection control as well as reduce falls. It comes with an integrated bed extender to maximize staff efficiency and improve patient comfort, making it ideal for the safe and comfortable transfer of critically ill patients in emergency hospital wards, observation wards, postoperative recovery and other emergency transfers.
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Anesthesia Trolley
40340 Anesthesia Trolley

The 40340 anesthesia trolley is made of 304 quality stainless steel, has a rounded concave corner, easy to clean, and press-printed that does not allow bacteria to reside, in accordance with international hygienic norms. Designed for operating rooms and intervention rooms, it features one removable wire basket and collapsible note-taking section to provide the user more working space.
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Flexible Arm

The HF510 is a portable, hands-free solution for the caregiver who does not stay in one place and consists of a pole clamp and a flexible arm. This configuration comes with the clamp that can attach to poles such as a rounded bedrail or an IV pole and flat surfaces. When not in use, the device folds so it can easily be carried.
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Unpowered Wheeled Stand

The HF550 is an unpowered, wheeled hands-free stand that can be wheeled over to the bedside or chair with its easy to move flexible arm allowing for maximum maneuverability. Users can just place the AccuVein into the HF550 after assessing the vasculature and are ready to go.
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Powered Wheeled Stand

The HF570 extended reach powered wheeled stand is the latest in AccuVein’s family of hands-free accessories and it is ideal for any medical setting in which vein illumination needs to be brought to the patient, as the stand’s stable base and smooth gliding wheels allow it to be easily maneuvered. It eliminates the need to return the AccuVein to the charging cradle in between uses as the device charges while it is in the secure “quick cup” of the HF570 stand.
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Medical Power Shuttle Transport System
Power Shuttle

The Trumpf Medical Power Shuttle Transport System is the world's first motorized driven shuttle and was developed in collaboration with experienced surgeons for transporting patients on OR table tops. Its motorized drive system eliminates the need for physical effort on the part of OR nursing staff while transporting patients, while the ergonomic handles with built-in emergency brake enable stepless single-handed acceleration via sensors.
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OB/GYN Stretcher

The Gynnie OB/GYN stretcher can be converted from a general use stretcher to a pelvic exam table in just three steps, making it a versatile solution that can outfit an entire emergency department. It features a 4-inch thick Ultra Comfort Mattress that has clean lines and is sealed for simple cleaning and to help prevent the collection of fluids.
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Fluoroscopy Stretcher
Fluoroscopy Stretcher

Stryker’s Fluoroscopy Stretcher comes with a dual pneumatic backrest to improve imaging access and a four-wheel brake system that helps secure the treatment platform. Its U-shaped base and full-length C-arm access enhance imaging capabilities, while side rails fold down and out of the way for improved patient access.
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