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Protex Pro

Protex Pro is indicated for the cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces of non-invasive, non-critical and non-lumened medical devices. It is effective against bacteria, yeast and fungi, and also destroys DNA and RNA on skin surface ultrasound transducers and stations, IV poles, monitors, keyboards, counter tops and probe holders.
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Wall Mounted LED Luminarie
Sanesca LED

The Sanesca LED wall surface-mounted luminarie has looks that blend harmoniously into patient rooms and allows uniform lighting concept to be implemented over different areas due to its high flexibility. The luminaire combines indirect distribution general light with direct, glare-free reading light to support progressive and efficient patient care.
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Surgical Scrub Sinks

The SS-Series is a premier line of surgical scrub sinks that combine the best material, components, and craftsmanship available on the market today. They are available in single, dual, or triple stations with adjustable thermostatic controlled pressure regulating mixing valve (one per station).
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Moveable Autopsy Table
ST 10/500

The ST 10/500 moveable autopsy table is made completely of stainless steel and has a substructure consisting of rugged, torsion-resistant stainless steel profiles with four steerable solid rubber wheels with permanently lubricated, maintenance-free special roller bearings, two of them lockable. The supporting surface features a high, profiled surround and a seamlessly integrated basin, 400 x 500 x 200, with overflow pipe and sieve insert. The table top is equipped with sound-proofing and features a negative inclination arranged diagonally to the drain.
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Patient Isolation Room

Rediroom is a temporary, single-patient, isolation room designed to isolate infectious patients under contact or droplet precautions. An air-filtered isolation room with hands-free entry and an integrated PPE station, Rediroom is contained within a mobile cart that expands into a HEPA air-filtered isolation room with hands-free entry. Designed as an alternative to building space-consuming, single-occupancy rooms that may only be used occasionally, Rediroom enables hospitals to instantly isolate patients under contact or droplet precautions – wherever they are.
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Instant Air Purification System

Rediair is an instant air purification system that gives instant protection from aerosols without constructing a traditional, integrated HVAC system. Rediair uses an advanced composite HEPA 14 and carbon filter to trap incredibly small particles like bacteria, fungal spores, respiratory droplets and aerosols, allowing it to filter 1000x more particles than an N95 respirator and 10x more than domestic H13 air purifiers.
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Automated Room Decontamination System
Scarlet HPV

Scarlet HPV is a highly effective, easy-to-use, automated room decontamination system with proven efficacy against microorganisms and spores and kills 99.9999% of pathogens. A unique formulation of hydrogen peroxide boosted by peracetic acid (HPVPA) makes Scarlet much faster than similar HPV systems, meaning a full room turnaround in just 60 minutes.
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Plasma Freezer

The iPF125 is a single door i.Series Plasma Freezer. It features the i.C3® full-color touchscreen monitor with downloading, maximum temperature uniformity, and superior cabinet construction.
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Ultra-Llow Temperature Freezer

The iUF126 is a -86°C, single door i.Series ultra-low temperature freezer designed for the storage of samples, reagents, controls, tissue, rare-blood and other biologics with a capacity of 26 cu ft (736 L). The iUF126 is designed for optimized performance, with focus on frost reduction, oil management and intelligent information & diagnostic data.
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Medical-Grade Refrigerator
BD Pyxis ES Refrigerator

The BD Pyxis ES Refrigerator provides integrated and secure, single line-item access to high-risk and high-value refrigerated medications. The industry-first BD Pyxis ES Refrigerator with Helmer Access Technology features precise temperature management and secure locking bins accessed only via the BD Pyxis MedStation ES. This enhances care by supporting medication safety, clinical workflow efficiency and regulatory compliance, while helping to reduce waste and mitigate the risk of diversion of refrigerated medications.
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Blood Donor Bed
Horizon EL

The Horizon EL allows you to create a pleasant and rewarding experience for every patient and donor. The entertainment options provide the needed distractions for long duration procedures providing comfort during a variety of procedures (Apheresis, Oncology, and Blood Collection).
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Blood Donor Bed
Space Saver

The ASI Space Saver is specially designed to accommodate space restrictions while assuring patient/donor comfort and technician safety. Interchangeable armrests allow left or right draws from either side of the lounge. Our Space Saver comes in both manual and electric models to meet your Blood Collection, Apheresis and Oncology needs.
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Blood Donor Bed

The Hampton lounge provides exceptional value and allows you to order optional features and accessories to meet your staff and donor needs. The Hampton is built to the same rigid standards and comfort as our other lounges to meet your Apheresis, Oncology or Blood Collection needs.
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ENT Treatment Chair
ENT Treatment Chair (IC-3000)

The IC-3000 ENT Treatment Chair is a part of a unit and an electromotive chair for patients. Unlimited 360-degree rotation, an electronic brake system, a stable center of gravity, and a trustworthy design, and a detailed rotation control algorithm leads to a convenient medical examination. An ergonomic design and motion-sensing control allows exceptional comfort for the patient, while being visually pleasing in a high-quality medical environment.
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Blanket Warmer

The EC2060 blanket warmer helps maintain patient normothermia throughout the entire procedure, reducing surgical site infection risks and aiding the recovery process. The programmable, quiet and affordable blanket warmers with windowed doors are built for large capacity patient warming needs.
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