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Examination Light
Merilux X1

The Merilux X1 examination light features excellent color rendering index (RA 94), compact design, sterilizable handle and articulated arm, fulfilling the high quality and hygiene requirements of small procedures and examinations. Available as mobile floor model, as well as ceiling and wall-mounted versions, it is best suited for use in emergency rooms, examination rooms, recovery rooms and ICUs.
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Support Arm System

TENO is a support arm system for holding examination luminaires, minor surgery lights and for flat screens or patient multimedia systems. Its individually adjustable spring-supported arm allows optimum support – independently of the attached carrying load, while its minimalist design makes the support arm system easy to clean.
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Room Pressure Controller
PresSura RPC30

The PresSura RPC30 room pressure controller is designed to maintain a constant pressure differential in hospital rooms and uses a thermal-based pressure sensor for accurate, precise, and stable measurement. It is suitable for continuously measuring room pressure, verifying proper airflow and pressure direction in Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Rooms, Protective Environment (PE) Rooms, and Operating Rooms (ORs).
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Morgue Refrigeration Units
KZM 40/0200

The KZM 40/0200 morgue refrigeration units are made of sturdy, self-supporting walls, floor and ceiling elements, and are delivered in separate components for assembling on site by means of slot and key joints and integrated galvanized hook fasteners. The components of the morgue refrigeration cells are manufactured in a sandwich building system made of 80 mm CDC-free polyurethane rigid foam, while their surface is manufactured of white powder-coated galvanized steel plates.
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Autopsy Table
STV 10/850

The STV 10/850 autopsy table is made completely of stainless steel and mounted onto a central support column with two inspection openings. It has an adjustable height from 770 to 1070 mm and features a three-piece, removable, perforated work top through which all unsanitary vapors are safely vacuumed downward.
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Medical Cleaning & Sterilization Solutions

The Protect line of proprietary cleaning solutions is specially formulated for all steps of the decontamination process and protects patients, staff and the environment. The cost-effective medical cleaning and sterilization solutions have been specially formulated to boost the cleaning power in Belimed’s low impingement washer/disinfectors.
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Instrument/Cart Washer
WD 750

The WD 750 large scale instrument washer/cart washer offers a full instrument cycle with A0 3000 disinfection in less than an hour and has the highest throughput of any instrument washer at 48 trays per cycle. It meets the stringent washing requirements of ISO 15883 and is not limited to simple instruments such as forceps and clamps.
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BBP Decontamination Station
North BBP Decontamination Station

The North BBP Decontamination Station is a disposable, wall mounted BBP Kit that offers all the tools necessary for blood-borne pathogen decontamination, including instructions that can be used as a template when developing one’s own exposure control plan. The one-time use disposable kit is simple to assemble, clean with and dispose, and can quickly decontaminate potentially harmful blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV, H1N1, Norovirus, TB, and others.
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Portable Emergency Eyewash
Fendall 2000

The Fendall 2000 is a 100% sterile portable emergency eyewash with comfort features, ergonomic design, and an alarm system to help ensure compliance with the ANSI 15-minute requirement. The sterile saline solution adheres to FDA requirements for providing sterile eyewash solution in self-contained emergency eyewash stations.
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Radiology Imaging Workstation
Anthro Carl’s Table CT15

The Anthro Carl’s Table CT15 is a radiology imaging workstation desk with an electric monitor control system that moves the entire bank of displays up and down, forward and back to the perfect focal distance. The table’s height and tilt can be controlled with the push of a button so that the operator can work sitting, standing or reclining to stay energized.
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Healthcare Scale
DR Series – BMI

The DR Series – BMI is a healthcare scale featuring 0.75 inch (19 mm) high LCD digits, selectable units, and a Lock/Release key for holding weight after the patient has stepped away from the scale. It quickly calculates Body Mass Index by simply entering the patient’s height while weighing and its remote digital indicator comes with a mounting bracket which easily mounts on a counter top or vertical surface.
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Medical Weight Analyzer

The MedVue is a medical weight analyzer featuring a vivid 3.5-inch-wide by 3-inch high backlit LCD display screen with nearly 1-inch high weight digit readouts for easy visibility. Its 350-degree swivel mounting bracket allows the display to be tilted and rotated into position wherever it is the most convenient for the medical professional and/or patient to view.
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Bariatric Scale

The 6854DHR is a bariatric scale engineered for weighing obese and unsteady patients and features a low-profile platform and stainless steel handrails with padded grips for patient assurance. It displays height, weight, and BMI simultaneously by simply raising the digital height rod while the patient is being weighed without any keys and operational sequences.
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Examining Chair

The GET-100 is a heavy duty Examining Chair with an FRP base and aluminum top table, a side control panel with one- touch position memory and seat warming system. The chair is ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and patient comfort and its table can be operated in the front, left, and right directions using wireless remote control/footswitch.
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Surgical Lamps

Increases efficiency and save energy with the new Advanced LED Lamp, with up to 50.000 hours working life, touch screen interface control, low heat, and camera system (optional).
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