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Portable Ultrasound

The X5 features a slim laptop design and utilizes single crystal technology for more efficient scanning, improved imaging and easier enhancement. It has a 15.6-inch high definition LCD monitor, a quick boot up time of 24 seconds, and a built-in battery for three hours of continuous use.
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Ultrasound System

The Q8 color is a multi-purpose, all-digital portable ultrasound system that offers real-time 4D and hands-free 3D options. It features a 15-inch high-resolution screen and is available with convex, trans-vaginal, linear, pediatric or TEE probes.
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Digital X-Rray System
Perform-X AT

The Perform-X AT is a single or dual flat panel floor mounted digital X-ray system with motorized tube stand, wall stand and elevating four-way table that offers selectable automatic procedures, including auto-tracking, APR positioning and selectable parking positions. The motorized wall stand and tube stand ensure advanced stitching capabilities for full spine or full leg studies, while the motorized tilting mechanism of the wall stand allows accurate and easy positioning of the receptor for angulated studies.
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Video-Over-IP Solution
SigmaXG NDcoder 10G

The SigmaXG NDcoder 10G is an easy to use, fast and flexible switching system for video over IP comprising of Advantech’s medical grade panel PCs, medical displays (with integrated NDcoder) and mobile solutions for digital OR integration. All signals (video, audio, USB and more) are transported via a 10GB optical fiber, allowing instantaneous video switching to any connected display and steaming of uncompressed and lossless video up to 4K with near to zero latency for ensuring excellent hand/eye coordination.
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X-FRAME DR SYSTEMS is a complete range of digital radiography rooms featuring high device positioning automation, anatomical programs, and pre-defined working positions for significantly increasing productivity. Based on solid-state detectors and featuring a-Si technology for high quality X-ray images, they are ideal for immediate diagnosis in real time with substantial dose reduction in general radiography and emergency.
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Display Monitor
BARCO - MDCG-10130

Nothing less than filmless perfection; that's what you can expect from the Barco Coronis Fusion 10MP (MDCG-10130) display system. Equipped with proprietary 'SmoothGray' technology for a meticulously rendered grayscale curve, the Coronis Fusion 10MP makes subtle details and lesions more noticeable than ever before. Add to this exceptionally high brightness and contrast levels, truly dark blacks and perfect geometry and you begin to understand that supreme grayscale precision has a new meaning.
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G-Arm B6 Duo

The G-Arm B6 Duo medical imaging system fires two X-ray beams asynchronously to provide bi-lateral video and images, giving the user a more comprehensive picture than a traditional C-arm. It combines X-Beam technology with iC-Clear algorithms to provide the best image possible, using the smallest dose of radiation, and is compatible with all surgical tables.
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Ophthalmology Ultrasound

The WED-5000 features a 53-degree scanning angle, and a depth that can be adjusted from 20-65mm with 10 levels to better view very small parts of the eyes. The unit offers a powerful function and beautiful design, and four display models are available as B,B+A,B+B and A.
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Mobile Ultrasound Scanner

The DRAMINSKI FAST is a mobile ultrasound scanner with a back lit LED LCD monitor, a membrane keyboard, and a battery run time of 4.5 hours. It allows for fast scanning of organs and is ideal for doctors on call and midwives who perform diagnostics at the bedside.
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Digital Radiography System
ATRAD – C Series

The ATRAD – C Series is a premium digital radiography system with overhead tube crane and six-way floating tube. Its dual detector support and synchronized up-down movement of wall bucky and tube head allows for high productivity and performance.
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Wireless DR Detector
DRX-1 System

The DRX-1 System is a wireless DR detector that offers a quick, easy and affordable way to transition to digital radiography by simply sliding into existing X-ray equipment. It works across all DRX imaging equipment and allows sharing of detectors across facilities.
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Contrast Delivery System
Illumena Néo

The Illumena Néo contrast delivery system features a new console, touchscreen and display for a clearer and cleaner user interface, and a redesigned fill bar, manual knob, powerhead cover and pivot bracket. It allows the user to switch between cardio, angio and CT modes with one touch and deliver advanced patient care across an increasingly broad spectrum of patients and procedures.
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CT Imaging System

The pedCAT is a compact, ultra-low dose CT imaging system that offers bilateral, weight bearing 3-dimensional views of the foot and ankle in a scan time of one minute. It automatically generates all standard X-ray views in addition to the full CT volume and is PACS/ DICOM compatible, making it suitable for orthopedic and podiatric clinics that are required to create comprehensive treatment plans.
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Mobile Digital X-Ray System
Sirius Starmobile tiara

The Sirius Starmobile tiara digital mobile X-ray system can quickly perform imaging in various medical scenes such as emergency and infant imaging in addition to hospital wards by incorporating wireless FPD. It displays images on a large 15-inch monitor within three seconds, and offers three types of wireless FPDs (optional) from large to compact FOV to allow for imaging in the cases that fit the purpose.
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CR System For Digital Mammography

The DX-M CR system for digital mammography supports both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, and combines excellent image quality with high throughput, delivered by a unique five cassette drop-and-go buffer. Its automatic cassette handling and ability to switch between studies allows it to be used as a centralized or decentralized digitizer in the radiography department.
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