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X-ray QA System
X2 Solo R/F

The X2 Solo R/F is an X-ray test and quality assurance system for all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements and features sensors that are ready for measurement without special settings. It features a large touch screen display for simple operation and provides a comprehensive overview of all the measured parameters.
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Flat Panel Detector

The VIVIX-D 0909G is a high frame rate dynamic flat panel detector for fluoroscopy and has been designed for mobile 9-inch C-arm systems. The fast TFT detector with 30fps image acquisition speed at full resolution ensures high image quality.
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DR Room
Perform-X HF General DR Room

The Perform-X HF General DR Room is available in various system configurations to allow for a completely customized X-ray system built meeting or exceeding specific imaging needs. It is available with a variety of flat DR panels in a single or a dual cassette size detector which fits into existing cassette trays, making it perfect for DR upgrades and shared flat panel applications.
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Mobile X-ray System
AeroDR X30

The AeroDR X30 is a fully integrated mobile X-ray system that combines excellent mechanical and digital components to help carry out exams more efficiently. The AeroDR detectors allow wireless communication for effortless usage at the patient’s bedside, with images made available for further diagnosis immediately after the acquisition.
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POC Ultrasound System

The ACUSON P500 FROSK edition offers new high-end imaging technology in a compact notebook format. Weighing less than seven kilograms, it can be easily carried and positioned in almost any clinical environment, helping clinicians make quick decisions in difficult scanning conditions.
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Patient Dose Calibrator

The PDC measures DAP, DAP-rate, Dose and Dose rate of installed DAP systems, and solves problems relating to variation of DAP, Patient Dose system and AEC calibration. It allows a full check of installed DAP meter calibration over a range of field sizes, shapes and beam qualities.
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The E1 is a new hand-carried B/W ultrasound model equipped with comprehensive basic functions, which enhances its competitiveness as an entry-level ultrasound model. It not only provides satisfying diagnostics and image quality, but also offers a smooth workflow experience to users.
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Mammography Phantom
Modular DBT Phantom

The Modular DBT Phantom quality control for digital breast tomosynthesis systems evaluates image quality and quantifies targets in reconstructed planar images. Designed for acceptance testing, routine QC and research, it helps to ensure efficiency across systems and test types.
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Ultrasound System
Apogee 3300 Neo

The Apogee 3300 Neo is a digital color Doppler ultrasound system offering a compact design, abundant application packages and streamlined workflow. It uses Nanoview technology for reducing noise and artifacts, purifying tissue shading and edging, improving contrast resolution and helping early identification of tissue/structure lesion.
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Multi-Modality Display Solution

Modalixx is the only multi-modality display solution on the medical market that autosyncs to any legacy color or grayscale analog modality including Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, C-Arm, Endoscopy/ Surgical, Portable X-Ray, and Nuclear Medicine applications. The display works with a range of low line to high line video signals and will upgrade to 2 mega pixel resolution. The Modalixx LCD Display accepts any combination of BNC connections and is compatible with manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu, and Philips. Modalixx offers Grayscale (G202), Color (GC8), and High Bright (GC212HB) models
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Ultrasound System

The WED-180 is a portable all-digital ultrasound diagnostic system that adopts multiple technologies for displaying high quality, stable and high resolution images. It is ideal for clinical ultrasonography of abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, organelle, small organ, superficial organs, urology, cavity, cardiology and cardiovascular.
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Digital Mammography Phantom
Model 086

The Model 086 ACR digital mammography phantom is designed to test the performance of FFDM systems and determine if it can detect small structures which are important in the early detection of breast cancer. It provides a view of the entire detector for artifact evaluation and allows reviewers to see scores & artifacts on single image submission without the need for different WW/WL settings.
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Diagnostic Instruments
Accu-Gold Touch

The Accu-Gold Touch instruments incorporate the largest touch screen in the industry to make diagnostic x-ray QA even faster and easier. The series also provides access to the full lineup of Accu-Gold sensors, the most extensive line of x-ray QA sensors available.
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Radiography System
Perform-X Hi-Lo System

The Perform-X Hi-Lo System is a radiography system with a heavy duty four-way elevating table for easy patient transfer and dedicated pedals to drive the table top up and down. Other key features include the TS 99 family of tube stands with flexible configuration options to suit all general rad room requirements and WS 99 wall Bucky stand which accepts a variety of cassette size film/CR/DR or fixed full size flat panel DR receptors.
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X-ray Generator
Milestone 200

The Milestone 200 100 kHz high frequency X-ray generator is a non-invasive device designed to image the major systems of the body. It offers a low cost solution for integration with film-based systems or with DR flat panel detectors along with an imaging system for diagnostic radiographic imaging.
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