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Flat Panel Detector

The VIVIX-S 1717V is a wide and slim flat panel detector for digital radiography featuring Vieworks’ proprietary AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) function with reliable performance. It has a short booting time of 15 seconds and has the same size as a film or a CR cassette for simple and easy upgrading of a conventional X-ray system.
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CT Phantom
Mercury 4.0 Phantom

The Mercury 4.0 Phantom meets all advanced CT testing recommended by AAPM TG-233, including automatic exposure control, noise power spectrum, modulation transfer function task transfer function, detectability, cone-beam artifacts and superior-inferior resolution. Its five-tiered sections reflect canonical patient sizes, and it includes a stand with a handle and leveling feet, along with a wheeled case.
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B/W Ultrasound System

The CTS-6600 is a B/W ultrasound system with a scanning depth up to 252 mm and a probe frequency range from 2.5 to 10.0 MHZ. It features a 15-inch LCD monitor, two USB ports, 500 GB memory and two probe connectors as standard.
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Ultrasound System
DUS 60

The DUS 60 is a compact ultrasound system, providing superb value and the best quality across the entire range of applications, with enhanced support for PW imaging to meet higher diagnostic requirements. It comes with a 12.1-inch LCD monitor, two transducer connectors, 256-frame cine loop memory, 504 MB built-in image storage and two USB ports.
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Ultrasound Transmission Gel

The AQUASONIC 100 is an ultrasound transmission gel for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound and is recommended for all procedures where a viscous gel is required. Completely aqueous, it does not stain clothing or damage transducers and is acoustically correct for a broad range of frequencies used.
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CR System

The REGIUS ΣⅡis Konica Minolta's smallest and lightest computed radiography system with a footprint of only 0.31 m2 and weighing merely 28 kg. It supports pixel sizes of 87.5μm and 175μm for all cassette sizes, achieving a maximum resolution of 4020×4892 pixels (14×17 at 87.5μm), and has an energy consumption of 100VA.
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Contrast Media Injector
OptiStar Elite

The OptiStar Elite MR Contrast Delivery System is a very simple, reliable MRI contrast media injector incorporating advanced performance features, thus reducing operating costs and improving patient throughput. Simple, battery-free and meant for use with prefilled syringe and vials, it tests the vein prior to injection and tests the injection to confirm protocol.
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X-ray QA System
X2 Solo R/F

The X2 Solo R/F is an X-ray test and quality assurance system for all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements and features sensors that are ready for measurement without special settings. It features a large touch screen display for simple operation and provides a comprehensive overview of all the measured parameters.
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nexaris Angio-CT

The nexaris Angio-CT is the first hybrid suite with Instant Fusion that seamlessly integrates angio, CT and ultrasound images, allowing then to be displayed side-by-side on the large display. The system makes it easier than ever to perform challenging, multi-modality procedures, streamline workflows and advance therapy outcomes with the peace of mind every pioneer needs.
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BW Ultrasound System

The S11BW is a high performance BW ultrasound system featuring one-key image optimization function for intuitive operations, greatly shortening the examination time. It offers 2D, M, 2B, 4B, B/M, PW, and HPRF imaging modes, supports 4D and can be upgraded to a color system.
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Display Monitor

The MODALIXX - G202MDL is a 20.1-inch grayscale LED display that can autosync to any legacy grayscale or color analog modality and up-scales it to clear, sharp, and vivid high bright two mega pixel resolution. Armed with a complete set of input options, it is compatible with almost all medical modality applications and is the ultimate grayscale high bright medical LCD solution for modality CRT monitor replacement.
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Diagnostic System: Accu-Gold+

For Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, Dental and Survey. The Accu-Gold+ is a member of the Accu-Family Instruments.
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Diagnostic Ultrasound System

The WED-9618CII is a full digital diagnostic ultrasound system that adopts multiple technologies such as micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), and real time dynamic aperture (RDA). It is available in six display models and with various measurement packages, including general measurement, cardiac measurement and obstetrics measurement.
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Ultrasound Doppler
ES-100X MiniDop

The ES-100X MiniDop is an ultrasound Doppler used for intraoperative and non-invasive applications to momentarily detect blood flow sounds before and after vascular, cardiovascular, laparoscopic, and plastic and reconstructive procedures. The compact & battery operated unit can also be used with a non-invasive probe for standard lower extremity sounds.
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Dynamic Cardiac Phantom

The Dynamic Cardiac Phantom is a precision instrument that simulates the realistic motion of an average human heart by providing known, accurate and repeatable 3D motion of a solid heart model inside the tissue-equivalent thorax phantom. It is designed as a comprehensive image analysis tool for calcification detection, iodine contrast resolution and ECG signal gating.
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