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1.5T MRI System
ECHELON Smart Plus with ‘REALISE Plus’

ECHELON Smart Plus with ‘REALISE Plus’ is a 1.5T MRI system with a new version of the SynergyDrive Automation Suite which is designed to address bottlenecks in the MRI workflow, accelerating scanning and simplifying the key processes to achieve quick and consistent results coupled with high quality images. The new version of the system offers a ‘Plus’ in speed, quality and application to reach unprecedented scan speeds, combined with SoftSound technology for very quiet examinations, offering a remarkable patient and user experience.
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Ultrasound Transmission Gel
Sterile Aquasonic 100

The Sterile Aquasonic 100 ultrasound transmission gel is recommended for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications when sterility is indicated. Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used in medical ultrasound, it is completely aqueous and does not stain clothing or damage equipment.
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Thorax Motion Phantom
Dynamic Thorax Phantom Model 008A

The CIRS Dynamic Thorax Motion Phantom is a precision instrument for investigating and minimizing the impact of tumor motion inside the lung. It provides known, accurate and repeatable three-dimensional target motion inside a tissue-equivalent phantom. It is designed for comprehensive analysis of image acquisition, planning and dose delivery in image-guided radiation therapy.
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Desktop Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler System

The BT-250 is a desktop ultrasonic fetal Doppler system that measures fetal heart rate, which is displayed on an LCD screen, and outputs the fetal heart sound through a built-in speaker. It measures the fetal heart rate using Doppler ultrasound that can be saved in internal memory for later reference and also provides the heart sound of the fetus.
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DR Retrofit Solution
DR Retrofit Solution

Agfa’s vendor neutral DR Retrofit solutions allows X-ray rooms and mobile analog units to easily upgrade the existing X-ray modality to direct radiography (DR) while protecting their current investment. With DR Retrofit, both mobile and stationary X-ray systems – including standard Bucky tables, floor stands and neonatal incubator trays – can become high-productivity DR systems, providing a cost-effective way to implement DR technology across departments.
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Ultrasound Exam Step
Compact Ultrasound Exam Step

The Compact Ultrasound Exam Step enables sonographers to place a patient in the optimal position for safe and easy capture of the highest quality ultrasound images of the lower legs. Two handrails ensure a stable and safe platform, for positioning patients at the ideal working level for the sonographer’s comfort. The Compact Ultrasound Exam Step with a weight capacity of 350 lbs is easy to maneuver in small exam rooms, with built-in rollers and nylon sliding feet.
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High Frequency X-Ray Generator

The SHFR high frequency X-ray generator for ceiling, floor mounted, universal, and chiropractic systems is controlled by multiple microprocessors for providing increased exposure consistency, efficient operation and improved image quality. It provides all the advantages of high frequency waveform generators, including lower patient dose, shorter exposure times, and greater accuracy and consistency.
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Universal Swivel Arm X-Ray System

The SEDECAL X URS is a universal swivel arm X-ray system composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turn able arm with variable height center that allows for exposures of patients in the standing, sitting or lying position. Designed for maximum flexibility and productivity, the general radiographic system is easy to operate and enables swift radiographic procedure, a feature which applies to all conventional exposure techniques on all parts of the body.
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Ceiling Suspension X-Ray System
Challenge X

Challenge X is a new generation integrated ceiling suspension system for all conventional radiographic applications in combination with a high frequency generator, radiographic table, and wall Bucky with digital control system. Designed for flexibility and user-friendly operation, the system can be configured depending upon exact clinical requirements, including chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography (optional) studies.
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Handheld POC Ultrasound

P09 is a handheld visualization tool especially designed for point-of-care ultrasound diagnostics. The system has the potential to help redefine the way doctors examine patients and ultimately help improve patient care by enhancing the physical exam and enabling more rapid diagnoses.
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Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System
Mirror5 Touch

Mirror5 Touch is a digital color Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system that is designed with multiple applications to satisfy different users with varied needs on patient care. In addition to offering a strong performance with versatility, flexibility, and ease of use, it supports several cutting edge technology and functions.
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Ultrasound System
HERA W10 Elite

The HERA W10 Elite is a premier ultrasound system for obstetrics and gynecology applications that offers elegant images, intelligently automated precision features, fast operation, and ergonomics for diagnostic confidence. The up-to-date system features powerful AI functions to free healthcare professionals from repetitive tasks and simplify workflow by automatically measuring and annotating numerous views with a simple click of a button.
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Data Management Platform

The Track-it browser-based data management software manages all QA data on one single, easy-to-access platform. By automating workflow steps, the smart QA data management in radiotherapy and imaging saves time and ensures data consistency across the organization.
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Motorized 3D Water Phantom

BEAMSCAN MR is the first motorized 3D water phantom suitable for clinical use in a 1.5 T MR environment and comes ready to use on a single carriage, including everything needed. Built to the highest quality and technology standards, it is exceptionally robust, incredibly versatile and straightforward in its operation.
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Elevating X-Ray Table

The PROGNOST F elevating X-ray table can be delivered as single Bucky table (for replacement of existing Bucky table) or with matching column tube stand, which provides optimal synchronization of the X-ray tube assembly and the Bucky by means of a special clutch system. Its floating table-top is made of composite or carbon fiber to provide outstanding stability and longevity, the best possible translucency, reduced radiation exposure for patients and less wear and tear of the X-ray tube.
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