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B/W Ultrasound System

The CTS-6600 is a B/W ultrasound system with a scanning depth up to 252 mm and a probe frequency range from 2.5 to 10.0 MHZ. It features a 15-inch LCD monitor, two USB ports, 500 GB memory and two probe connectors as standard.
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Ultrasound System
DUS 60

The DUS 60 is a compact ultrasound system, providing superb value and the best quality across the entire range of applications, with enhanced support for PW imaging to meet higher diagnostic requirements. It comes with a 12.1-inch LCD monitor, two transducer connectors, 256-frame cine loop memory, 504 MB built-in image storage and two USB ports.
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Ultrasound Transmission Gel

The AQUASONIC 100 is an ultrasound transmission gel for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound and is recommended for all procedures where a viscous gel is required. Completely aqueous, it does not stain clothing or damage transducers and is acoustically correct for a broad range of frequencies used.
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Contrast Media Injector
OptiStar Elite

The OptiStar Elite MR Contrast Delivery System is a very simple, reliable MRI contrast media injector incorporating advanced performance features, thus reducing operating costs and improving patient throughput. Simple, battery-free and meant for use with prefilled syringe and vials, it tests the vein prior to injection and tests the injection to confirm protocol.
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Diagnostic Instruments
Accu-Gold Touch

The Accu-Gold Touch instruments incorporate the largest touch screen in the industry to make diagnostic x-ray QA even faster and easier. The series also provides access to the full lineup of Accu-Gold sensors, the most extensive line of x-ray QA sensors available.
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X-ray QA System
X2 Solo R/F

The X2 Solo R/F is an X-ray test and quality assurance system for all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements and features sensors that are ready for measurement without special settings. It features a large touch screen display for simple operation and provides a comprehensive overview of all the measured parameters.
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Flat Panel Detector

The VIVIX-D 0909G is a high frame rate dynamic flat panel detector for fluoroscopy and has been designed for mobile 9-inch C-arm systems. The fast TFT detector with 30fps image acquisition speed at full resolution ensures high image quality.
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Ultrasound Phantom

The Sono403 multi-purpose phantoms measure the image quality of small parts and intra-cavity ultrasound scanning systems for efficient quality assurance testing to ensure accurate screening, diagnosis and monitoring. It helps exceed ACR, ECR, AIUM and other international program requirements, and can be used across a variety of applications, including general radiology, musculoskeletal, cardiology, emergency, pediatrics, radiotherapy and surgical.
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DR Room
Perform-X HF General DR Room

The Perform-X HF General DR Room is available in various system configurations to allow for a completely customized X-ray system built meeting or exceeding specific imaging needs. It is available with a variety of flat DR panels in a single or a dual cassette size detector which fits into existing cassette trays, making it perfect for DR upgrades and shared flat panel applications.
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PET/CT Scanner
Biograph Vision

The Biograph Vision PET/CT scanner features the first detector with 3.2 mm LSO crystals to help visualize smaller lesions, while 100% coverage of the silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) sensors leads to the fastest time-of-flight for improved contrast and signal-to-noise ratio. It also helps reduce scan time and injected dose by a factor of 3.44 to improve throughput and reduce patient exposure to radiation and tracer cost.
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Mobile X-ray System
AeroDR X30

The AeroDR X30 is a fully integrated mobile X-ray system that combines excellent mechanical and digital components to help carry out exams more efficiently. The AeroDR detectors allow wireless communication for effortless usage at the patient’s bedside, with images made available for further diagnosis immediately after the acquisition.
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Display Monitor

The MODALIXX - G202MDL is a 20.1-inch grayscale LED display that can autosync to any legacy grayscale or color analog modality and up-scales it to clear, sharp, and vivid high bright two mega pixel resolution. Armed with a complete set of input options, it is compatible with almost all medical modality applications and is the ultimate grayscale high bright medical LCD solution for modality CRT monitor replacement.
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Ultrasound Doppler
ES-100X MiniDop

The ES-100X MiniDop is an ultrasound Doppler used for intraoperative and non-invasive applications to momentarily detect blood flow sounds before and after vascular, cardiovascular, laparoscopic, and plastic and reconstructive procedures. The compact & battery operated unit can also be used with a non-invasive probe for standard lower extremity sounds.
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Ultrasound System
iMage T6

The iMage T6 color Doppler ultrasound system features a 15-inch HD monitor with articulating arm, a convenient cable hook, 8-segment digital TGC, four-wheel swivel with steer and lock, and four transducer sockets. It supports daily imaging for a wide range of applications from general abdominal scanning, specialized OB/GYN examinations, to advanced cardiovascular diagnostics.
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Radiology System
ATRAD F Series

The ATRAD F Series is a floor mounted tube stand radiology system designed for high throughput work flow hospitals. Its dual detector support and synchronized up-down movement of the wall bucky and tube head allows high productivity and high performance in small to medium hospitals.
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