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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography
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Thorax Motion Phantom
Dynamic Thorax Phantom Model 008A

The CIRS Dynamic Thorax Motion Phantom is a precision instrument for investigating and minimizing the impact of tumor motion inside the lung. It provides known, accurate and repeatable three-dimensional target motion inside a tissue-equivalent phantom. It is designed for comprehensive analysis of image acquisition, planning and dose delivery in image-guided radiation therapy.
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Laser Alignment Solutions

The CT SIM+ & MICRO+ Laser Alignment solutions offer accuracy, stability and durability in a busy clinical environment. The CT SIM+ moveable laser system is designed from the ground up to support PET/CT Simulation workflow while the MICRO+ lasers support fixed patient alignment for radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging.
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Total-Body PET/CT System

uEXPLORER is the world's first total-body PET/CT system that enables the entire body to be scanned in one bed position and employs a 160-slice CT that is equipped with the Z-Detector to allow for low dose data acquisition with ultra-low electronic noise. The ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT system with a 194cm axial PET field of view (FOV) offers total-body dynamic scanning, allows ultra-low patient dose, and produces ultra-high image resolution, changing how whole-body PET/CT imaging has traditionally been performed.
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All-Digital PET/CT System
Omni Legend

The Omni Legend all-digital PET/CT system features a brand-new category of digital BGO (dBGO) detector material with a small crystal size that delivers more than two times the sensitivity of prior digital scanners, enabling faster total scan times and impressive small lesion detectability. It is designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance the patient experience, and increase diagnostic power, ideally helping to enable improved patient outcomes.
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Cardiac CT Analysis Tool
3Di Cardiac CT

3Di Cardiac CT is an advanced cardiac CT analysis tool that allows for accurate and rapid assessment of heart coronaries and functions. It provides access to in-depth diagnostic information through a seamless, automatic knowledge-based segmentation tool.
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CT System

DOMINUS 64 CT system combines an advanced hardware platform and reconstruction algorithm technique for precise diagnosis in routine examinations and consistent image quality for all types of patients. It delivers high quality thin-slice images with iterative reconstruction technology and comes with advanced visualization solution that offers an integrated solution for muti-modalities and clinical domains to help clincians work quickly with increased diagnostic confidence.
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32-Slice CT Scanner
NeuViz ACE (SP) CT

NeuViz ACE (SP) CT is a quality 32-slice CT scanner with excellent performance that brings a full range of clinical applications. Its unique 60kV low dose technology offers a pediatric-friendly experience without sacrificing image quality.
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64-Slice CT Scanner
NeuViz 64 In CT

The NeuViz 64 In CT is focused on minimizing patient X-ray dose while maintaining exquisite image quality and reducing scan time. The result is a low-dose CT scanner that delivers high patient throughput, is easy to use, can perform cardiac imaging and provides for a wide variety of post-processing and diagnostic operations.
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Single-Source Photon Counting CT Scanner
OmniTom Elite PCD

The OmniTom Elite is the first FDA 510(k) cleared, single-source photon counting computed tomography (CT) scanner with a single detector and can generate spectral CT images at multiple energy levels. The OmniTom Elite has the ability to provide versatile, real-time mobile imaging to administer point-of-care CT to critical patients without the need to transport them to a separate imaging department, thus decreasing the time it takes to diagnose and initiate treatment for these critical patients.
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640 Slice Premium CT Scanner
Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition

The Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition is a 640 slice premium CT scanner that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology, powered by Altivity (Canon Medical’s bold, new AI brand), on a wide-area CT platform, to maximize conventional and spectral CT capabilities that may be available with automated workflows, while providing deep clinical insights to assist physicians in making more informed decisions across the patient care cycle. To make it even easier for clinicians, the fully integrated end-to-end workflow is easy to use and can be incorporated into routine protocols.
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16-Row 32 Slice Helical CT System
Aquilion Lightning

Aquilion Lightning is a 16-row 32 slice helical CT system for whole-body imaging that employs cutting-edge technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative features ensure that high-quality isotropic images are routinely acquired with low patient dose. The workflow is streamlined, increasing patient throughput, and a wide range of advanced 3D and post processing applications provide clinical flexibility.
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CT Scanner
NeuViz Prime CT

NeuViz Prime CT system scanner has spectral imaging capabilities, providing the ability to perform image acquisition and processing at multiple energy levels to improve visualization for CT and enhancing patient care. It offers 0.259 second rotation speed, a critical feature for any application requiring high temporal resolution, with subsequent motion suppression to improve imaging in trauma, pediatrics, and cardiac cases.
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SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine
E2E SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine Model 036S-CVXX-xx

E2E SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine Model 036S-CVXX-xx is an anthropomorphic thorax body containing articulated spine, ribs, and lungs and provides a means to check the entire treatment chain during commissioning and routine QA. It has more options for dose verification in the spine as an organ at risk, including a removable split spine, to facilitate the use of radiochromic film in the sagittal orientation in the inferior half of the spine rod.
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Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head Phantom
Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head Model 731-HN

The CIRS Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head is an anthropomorphic head phantom designed for commissioning and treatment planning system (TPS) verification with any conformal or IMRT Proton Therapy system. The phantom is constructed of CIRS tissue-equivalent materials, which mimic reference tissues within 1.5% for protons and within 1% for photons from 50 KeV to 15 MeV.
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Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Phantom (STEEV)
Phantom Patient for Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Model 038

The CIRS Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Phantom (STEEV) provides a means to check all necessary steps of a treatment planning system - from diagnostic imaging with CT, MR and PET, to treatment plan verification. It accommodates five interchangeable multi-modality inserts which come with a variety of internal targets and must be filled with MRI or PET compatible liquids.
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