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Digital Radiography
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Digital Radiography Room

The VALORY Digital Radiography room balances reliability and productivity in a modern, modular and, above all, easy-to-use design to enable maximum productivity. Features such as autotracking and autocentering keep exams moving quickly, with a smooth, efficient workflow that gets patients in and out fast. VALORY fits best as a back-up system in large hospitals, or as a main equipment in smaller healthcare facilities that are frequently located in remote areas, where reliability of medical devices is not an option but a must.
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Mobile DR Retrofit Solution
DRX-Transportable System/Universal Mobile

DRX-Transportable System/Universal Mobile offers a ¬flexible design to retrofit mobile systems from nearly any manufacturer and is ideal for trauma sites, remote clinics, operating rooms and the ICU. Users can choose from multiple tablet PC mounting options to fit any mobile X-ray system and a 13-inch LCD touchscreen display provides 3000 x 2000 resolution.
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Digital Radiography Detector

The 3600R digital radiography detector has an extra-large 17″ x 34″ imaging area that allows large subjects to be captured with a single X-ray image. It offers more efficient workflow and minimal patient exposure, and delivers full image in four seconds with no additional stitching required.
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Digital Radiography System

The Radrex digital radiography system is fitted with Canon's high-quality flat panel detectors and imaging and patient management software, allowing it to provide outstanding versatility, high patient comfort and superior workflow for facilities. Its wide range of tube movements and a host of options and accessories allow the system to be used for a large range of radiographic procedures, while facilitating exams for the radiologist and patient.
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Floor-Mounted DR System
PerfoX 3000

The PerfoX 3000 is a Floor-Mounted Fully Digital Radiography System featuring a large size detector, motorized movement of X-ray tube and auto-tracking function. It offers a simplified daily workflow and delivers superior images, making it fit for various clinical requirements.
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Digital Radio Fluoroscopy System

The AngioTAB DRF is a truly dual capability digital radiofluoroscopy system with a single fixed detector that designed to conduct a variety of examinations with exceptional image quality at very low dose. It offers head-to-toe coverage with remote and tableside control, advanced pre and post-processing features, and a wide range of configurations and clinical applications.
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Mobile DR System
Litex DR

Litex DR is a mobile digital radiography system based on high-frequency X-ray generation technology that features a very compact, lightweight design, enabling it to be taken through elevators with ease. Litex DR is most suitable for applications where ease of mobility and instant imaging is required such as in trauma cases, bedside X-ray in hospital wards and ICUs.
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Direct Digital Radiography System
ddRAura S

The ddRAura S is a space efficient, multifunctional, direct digital radiography system which performs all general radiography examinations on recumbent, seated and upright patients with high efficiency. The system includes motorized vertical arm and SID with the X-ray tube always centered to the detector for fastest, most precise and convenient patient positioning.
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Integrated Portable DR System
Integrated Portable DR System

SIUI Integrated Portable DR System is always ready to go and features a compact and splash proof design to allow operation in different environments. Eco-friendly and user-oriented, it is versatile enough for multiple applications and features a multi-level leak-proof design that ensures high image quality with low power and low radiation intensity.
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Mobile Digital Radiographic X-Ray System
MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version

The MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version is a mobile digital radiographic X-ray system featuring a collapsible column to provide a virtually unobstructed wide field of view during travel, making it ideal for daily hospital rounds. Its optimized power assist system delivers smooth light touch driving, while its low-profile and curved shape provides for open space behind the mobile cart, allowing for a more natural driving position.
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Crossover Angiography System
Trinias B12 Unity Edition

The Trinias B12 unity edition is a crossover angiography system that sets the bar high with improved functionality, new hardware and software features that provide a simple workflow for cardiac and vascular procedures from head to toe. The system uses Intelligent Design to provide intelligent care in minimally invasive procedures and provides a patient-centered experience, leaving operators free from worry so they can easily perform all types of interventional procedures.
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Mobile Digital Radiography System
GM85 Fit

The GM85 Fit mobile digital radiography system offers high efficiency, throughput and workflow features and a long lifespan, and is powered by a lead-free lithium-ion battery. It features an upgraded version of Samsung’s S-Vue imaging processing engine, which mitigates halo artifacts surrounding metallic objects to allow for proper visualization of the bone-metal interface.
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Portable Digital Radiography System
CMDR2s Tethered

The CMDR2s Tethered System is a complete portable digital radiography system with a tethered flat panel detector that offers superior image resolution for diagnostic imaging. The digital detector slips out of its onboard protective enclosure for use and the system also includes a laptop mounted on a two-wheel and a stainless steel stand.
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DR Panel
RoseM 1824C

RoseM 1824C is the world’s first slim cassette-type digital mammography upgrade solution (retrofit) that provides exceptional image quality with 76㎛ pixel size (smallest in Csl) and fast image acquisition. RoseM is designed to allow for an easy upgrade on existing analog mammography devices through its broad and tested compatibility that perfectly works with all mammography units in operation worldwide.
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DR System
Waltz iDR500C

The Waltz iDR500C DR system uses the most advanced technology to provide doctors with the greatest possible convenience and minimize the pain of patients. The system features the world's top DR components backed by JUSHA’s more than 10 years of technical expertise in the field of medical image processing.
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