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Display Monitor

Eizo's RadiForce G21-BK is the optimum choice for accurate diagnosis in medical imaging applications, including PACS, chest radiology, CT, MRI, and angiography images. This 2MP (1200 x 1600) monochrome LCD monitor features a 8-bit (256 tones) simultaneous grayscale display capability with digital and analog input terminals. This makes the G21-BK Eizo Monitor grayscale LCD a perfect replacement monitor for outdated 2 mega-pixel CRT displays. It's analog inputs can also accept signals from existing Dome and Metheus controller cards.
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Enterprise Imaging Platform
Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform

The Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform offers a diagnostic quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM images, fast access to large files with no prefetching required and minimizes unwanted exposure to patient data. The collaborative workflow platform provides hospitals and imaging centers the ability to view images across departments and facilities, regardless of image source, for DICOM and non-DICOM images and a Vendor Neutral Archive for central storage of images.
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Image-Data Management System
JiveX Medical Archive

The JiveX Medical Archive allows all medical data, documents, images, videos, and signals to be accessed anywhere in the hospital using a single viewer. It allows for inter-institutional communication via IHE-XDS and HIS integration at all workstations with just one interface to the HIS.
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Image Management System
JiveX Enterprise PACS

The JiveX Enterprise PACS applies standards such as DICOM and HL7 and implements several IHE profiles for accessibility of all modalities. Subsidiaries/external partners can also be integrated into the workflow via JiveX Multi-Site-Query or DICOM e-mail.
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Image Viewer
Synapse Mobility

The Synapse Mobility is a feature-rich DICOM and non-DICOM image and report viewer that utilizes the latest server side rendering technology to stream imaging securely and fast to any authorized user, with the ability to open within applications, directly from the EHR, or on mobile device apps. Users are provided advanced viewing tools for areas like cardiology, and CT and MRI visualization, as well as a unique collaboration feature, making it the perfect choice for an organizational image viewer to support vendor neutral archive solutions.
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Vendor Neutral Archive
Synapse VNA

The Synapse VNA vendor neutral archive solution can be configured to manage the data and transactions using the same shared infrastructure for multiple sites, facilities, departments, and business units. It efficiently integrates multiple clinical IT environments (RIS/HIS/EMR/PACS) and improves patient care by simplifying the sharing of all clinical content between PACS, departments, and facilities.
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Data Management System
Synapse VNA Connext

The Synapse VNA Connext offers seamless point-of-care data capture and archiving to an iOS device by acquiring photos, videos, sound files, notes, and more with the highest level of security at the touch of a button. It automatically archives the data directly to the hospital's Synapse vendor neutral archive solution as an integral part of the patient records for viewing through an EMR and its integrated viewer.
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Ultrasound Workstation
Ultrasound Workstation

The Ultrasound Workstation makes the work of editing reports and printing images easier and more efficient. It combines an ultra-precision dynamic/static image acquisition system with specialized HZ-PACS software to deliver single-function personalized reports.
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DICOM Film Imager

The UP-DF550 is a multi-format diagnostic DICOM film imager incorporating a dual film tray, which accommodates four film sizes, making it suitable for a variety of diagnostic modality printing tasks. It is equipped with two film supply trays, each with a capacity of 125 sheets, along with an output tray to sort out into 14 x 17 inch film prints and all other sizes, making it easy for users to locate the printed films they need, quickly and easily.
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PET/CT Image Viewer
3Di PET/CT Viewer

The 3Di PET/CT Viewer incorporates critical features for reviewing images from PET and CT scanners and allows users to benefit from innovative powerful fusion and visualization technology. It contains different viewing sections for the PET and CT MPR images, and for the fused MPR images of each series, while allowing for different viewing manipulations, measurements and image filters for each of these views.
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Image Storage System
3Di Image Storage & Management

The 3Di Image Storage & Management subsystem of 3Di Cloud and 3Di PACS handles every aspect of medical image data communication, archiving, repository management and access control. The images are archived in either their original format or a standard lossless compressed mode (JPEG 2000) to save disk space that can be viewed using a highly-configurable access rights management engine.
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Synapse 5 PACS

The Synapse 5 PACS medical imaging solution offers sub-second delivery of extremely large datasets and its underlying architecture promotes significantly less bandwidth consumption and tighter security. It delivers a server-side, zero-download viewer utilizing a browser-independent desktop experience and a dramatic reduction in bandwidth requirements.
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Gamma Camera
Nucline TH

The Nucline TH is a digital high resolution, sfov gamma camera for thyroid, heart, mammo and small organs imaging. It comes with a light weight motorized detector stand and a wide range of easily exchangeable collimators, along with an integrated ECG triggering device.
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Image-Data Management System
JiveX Integrated Imaging

The JiveX Integrated Imaging is an image-data management system with flexible interfaces, modular design and high scalability, as well as extensive DICOM support to interface with the equipment of any manufacturer. By virtue of deep integration in the important information systems, it offers reliable and meaningful linking of patient data to optimize the workflow in doctors' offices and hospitals.
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ECG Workflow Module

The JiveX ECG makes it possible to replace printed out recordings and findings of cardiac activity by digital PACS copies and to view them anywhere in the hospital on a monitor at one glance and from one system. It presents the user with all significant diagnostic and treatment data, such as radiographs, videos, and medical notes, and allows for the integration of ECG devices by all major manufacturers.
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