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Analog to Digital Conversion Products

Analog to Digital Conversion Products
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CR Reader
2014 Fuji FCR Aspire Clearview CR

The 2014 Fuji FCR Aspire Clearview CR is indicated for generating mammographic images that can be used for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It is composed of an Aspire CRm image reader, a 50 micron HR VI single-sided image plate (IP), and the Fuji Flash Plus 11Pmn acquisition workstation.
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Video-Over-IP Solution
SigmaXG NDcoder 10G

The SigmaXG NDcoder 10G is an easy to use, fast and flexible switching system for video over IP comprising of Advantech’s medical grade panel PCs, medical displays (with integrated NDcoder) and mobile solutions for digital OR integration. All signals (video, audio, USB and more) are transported via a 10GB optical fiber, allowing instantaneous video switching to any connected display and steaming of uncompressed and lossless video up to 4K with near to zero latency for ensuring excellent hand/eye coordination.
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DR Acquisition System
ArtPix EZ2GO

The ArtPix EZ2GO plug-and-play radiographic digital acquisition system includes a wireless Flat Panel Detector (FPD) and a tablet, and can convert any kind of analogue radiographic system in a full digital one. It does not require a physical connection as an X-ray source is enough to activate the device, allowing it to communicate with RIS-PACS via Wi-Fi.
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Digital Recorder
ChromaPaxx 17C2D4G160HD

The ChromaPaxx 17C2D4G160HD integrates a 17-inch touch display and digital recorder to capture medical video/images via S-Video or Composite and record in NTSC, PAL, and SECAM formats. It is suitable for recording and displaying videos and still images for endoscopy, surgical applications, and X-ray Barium Swallow cine capture in Rad/Fluoro rooms.
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