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Mammography Cassette Plate

The CP1M200 is a newly-designed detector and is the world’s first phosphor needle plate system created especially to deliver the highest image quality for mammography. It offers exceptional sharpness and granularity, clear recognition of anatomical edges such as tumor mass boundaries and clear visibility of micro calcifications.
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2D Mammography System

The HELIANTHUS C is a 2D low-dose mammography system outfitted with state-of-the-art features and a most advanced full field direct conversion flat panel detector. Its extremely reduced dimensions enable its installation in confined spaces, such as a small van, in completely safe and stress-free conditions.
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Breast Tomosynthesis System

The Helianthus DBT is a cutting-edge breast tomosynthesis system, designed with particular attention to meet the diagnostic needs of radiologists that greatly improves ease of use and operator performance while enhancing patient comfort. It provides images of outstanding quality that clearly display lesions and areas of interest while minimizing the dose level delivered to the patient, which is equivalent with that used in conventional mammography.
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Digital Mammography System

The HELIANTHUS is a full-field digital mammography system optimized for breast cancer screening and diagnostic procedures with a C-Arm that has fully motorized movements. It is equipped with a high-frequency X-ray generator, an X-ray tube with a high-speed biangular tungsten anode and a direct or indirect conversion detector.
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Mammography System

The Mammo-RPd is a full-field digital mammography machine featuring a linear mammography scanning detector and slit diaphragm that significantly reduce the radiation dose. It comes with an easy to use control panel, perfect automatic exposure control, high spatial resolution (at least 10 lp / mm) and a powerful high frequency generator.
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3D Mammography System
Senographe Pristina

The Senographe Pristina 3D mammography system is designed to deliver superior diagnostic accuracy for the detection of breast cancer during a mammogram and provide superior imaging at the lowest patient dose. It features a new ergonomic design to reduce physical strain with dedicated functionalities for easier patient positioning during the mammogram, resulting in a better overall breast exam experience.
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Mammography Test Phantom

The NORMI MAM is an is an easy-to-use test phantom which makes it possible to test specific values of mammographic X-ray systems such as optical density of test films, position and size of useful radiation field, contrast resolution, and presence of impurity spots. Two lines of five steel balls each placed symmetrically in the structure plate and in the attenuation phantom show the image limitations at the thorax side on the radiograph.
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Breast Biopsy System

The ATEC breast biopsy system for MRI is an all-in-one platform designed for use under ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic and 3D-image guidance to provide physicians a fast, safe and simple way of performing minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures. It enables physicians to treat patients who are at risk for breast disease under MRI-guidance, while reducing procedure time, minimizing costs and improving patient comfort.
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Specimen Radiography System

The Trident specimen radiography system revolutionizes breast tissue imaging by incorporating a micro-focused tube, unique specimen image processing algorithms and amorphous selenium direct digital detector, resulting in sharp, high quality images for rapid specimen verification. It features an intuitive user interface ideal for non-technical operators, with one-touch X-ray automatic exposure control (AEC), a lighted specimen X-ray chamber and large active imaging area.
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Breast Cancer Detection Platform
PowerLook Mammo Detection

The PowerLook Mammo Detection is based on sophisticated patented algorithms that analyze the data, automatically identifying and marking suspicious regions in 2D mammography images. The solution provides the radiologist with a “second look” which helps the radiologist detect actionable missed cancers earlier than screening mammography alone.
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Auto Breast Density Solution
PowerLook Density Assessment

The PowerLook Density Assessment is an automated breast density solution that is designed to standardize the assessment and reporting of breast density. It assists radiologists in evaluating and scoring breast density to identify patients who may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer.
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Radiologist Workflow Solution
PowerLook Tomo Detection

The PowerLook Tomo Detection is an innovative radiologist workflow solution built on the latest advances in pattern recognition for advanced cancer detection. It is designed to optimize breast tomosynthesis reading efficiency, streamline workflow, and support cancer detection without compromising reading performance or increasing recalls.
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NIR Fluorescence Imaging System

The LIGHTVISION is a near-infrared fluorescence imaging system for visualizing lymph and blood vessels to support the treatment of breast cancer based on the detection of near-infrared fluorescent light emitted from indocyanine green (ICG). It is equipped with built-in high-definition sensors, producing high quality, real-time images on a single monitor, for surgeons to proceed with surgery.
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Digital Mammography System
AMULET Innovality

The AMULET Innovality digital mammography system supports all known volumetric methods, including 3D Mammography, Tomosynthesis and Biopsy, while offering a superior image level, reduced dose and improved patient comfort. It integrates a range of 3D applications in mammography examinations and allows for different tomosynthesis modes with variable dose and angulation, providing greater flexibility to the user according to the clinical scenario.
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Mammography Diagnostic Workstation
Aspire Bellus II

The Aspire Bellus II mammography diagnostic workstation offers a multimodality view for radiologists in an exceptional hi-resolution display and also offers 2D and tomosynthesis comparisons. It incorporates key diagnostic features such as current and prior image comparison, quadrant view, tomosynthesis support and invert, and customization for reading protocols and personalized configuration, while supporting a range of DICOM formats.
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