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PACS/RIS Software

PACS/RIS Software
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Medical Image Processing Software

The Magellan medical image processing software provides DICOM 3.0 interfaces to all major worklist providers, PACS, and printers, to allow for seamless integration within the healthcare facility. Its image enhancement parameters can be adjusted to provide optimal results and meet specific image requirements.
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AI Medical Software
AI Medical Software

ADANI’s AI Medical Software for image post-processing uses artificial intelligence algorithms based on expertly trained convolutional neural networks which are continuously used for digital X-ray image analysis. It resolves the problems of pattern recognition and semantic segmentation of X-ray images, as well as image analysis and diagnostics at the level of highly qualified radiologists.
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Ultrasound Software

The SonoSync ultrasound software provides network service which transmits real-time ultrasound examinations, allowing clinicians on both sides to simultaneously view the image scanned by sonographers and share markings during discussions. The software can be simply installed without HDMI hardware boxes and can be easily connected to various appliances such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, increasing utility for clinicians’ teaching and training.
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TB Detection Software

The CAD4TB (Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis) software is designed to help (non-expert) readers detect tuberculosis more accurately and cost-effectively by combining the speed of digital X-rays with machine learning and remote expertise. It analyses a chest X-ray, detects abnormalities and indicates the likelihood that active TB is present within one minute, allowing costly TB tests to be used only in suspected cases.
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Lung Cancer Screening Software

The Veolity reading software for lung cancer screening provides radiologists to read chest CT scans from lung cancer screening programs, effectively and efficiently. Its features include highly optimized workflows with integrated computer-aided detection and analysis, automated detection, segmentation, and measurement of pulmonary nodules with an FDA-cleared CAD.
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DR Software
CXDI Control Software NE

The CXDI Control Software NE is made exclusively for use with Canon digital radiography systems and helps to optimize workflow and reduce the steps needed to complete exams. It provides quick image confirmation and timely network distribution, supports multiple study acquisition, and can be easily tailored to individual clinical preferences.
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Clinical Software

The InterView family of clinical software comprises multimodality software for SPECT, PET, CT and MRI visualization and registration. The SPECT software is meant for whole body and planar applications, while the diagnostic CT software is meant for general and dedicated applications.
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RIS PACS Software

SUITESTENSA is a RIS PACS imaging & information management software platform for managing the workflow of the diagnostic process in a single DB software and with a single user interface. It exploits DICOM 3.0, HL7 and FDA-XML standard communication protocols to support systems’ interoperability and avoid data duplication.
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Mobile Image Viewer

The iClarity mobile image viewer application allows healthcare professionals to securely utilize PACS and Clarity Practice software via the iPhone or iPad. Its search facility can sort by name, identification number, modality, and date, and it utilizes optimized radiographic tools like zoom, pan, window/level, cine, and measurements to manipulate images.
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Vendor-Neutral Archive
Vue for VNA

The Vue for VNA is designed to allow a comprehensive view of patient information, as well as simplify and consolidate storage resources. The archiving solution can be accessed anywhere, and is available as an on-site or cloud-based option that is intended to help reduce costs and enhance workflow.
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RT Monitoring Service
Smart Link

The Smart Link real-time service helps ensure optimal system performance and uptime by continuously monitoring operations of healthcare IT and digital imaging systems. Over 100 activities for Vue RIS+PACS systems are monitored to ensure they stay within customized threshold levels.
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PACS Platform
Vue PACS Platform

The latest Vue PACS platform creates productivity-enhancing capabilities for radiologists and referring physicians. Key features include embedding access to key image data using links within reports, and a teleradiology module that allows remote access to prior exams.
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Medical Imaging Viewer
ICIS view 3.0

The ICIS view 3.0 allows clinicians and specialists to access all patient imaging data from and PACS or VNA using a single viewer. The cost-effective solution supports the continuity and productivity of patient care, and provides access to the most current data directly from the source.
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