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Radiation Safety
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Radiation Protective Barrier
Clear-Pb Mobile Barriers

The Clear-Pb Mobile Barrier features attractive stainless steel hardware and is the perfect fit in any imaging room due to its 30 inch width and easy maneuverability. Available in 0.5 mm lead equivalence, it can provide full body shielding to one or two persons, making it ideal for use in operating rooms, special procedure suites and cardiac cath labs.
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Dosimetry System
3D SCANNER Halcyon Kit

The 3D SCANNER Halcyon Kit with SNC Dosimetry v3.6 supports beam model verification of Varian Halcyon systems and provides accurate, reproducible beam data. Its geometrical design, set-up process, and software have all been developed to improve not only the accuracy of measurement data, but also the water tank setup process, making it less subjective and more reproducible.
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Water Phantom

The BEAMSCAN 3D water phantom features a revolutionary design and offers excellent precision with fast performance. The true all-in-one, all built-in solution offers ‘plug and go’ installation along with true Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless auto setup that makes it ready to scan in a few minutes.
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Invasive Meter

The NOMEX mAs is an invasive meter for measuring the current time product (mAs) on diagnostic X-ray generators that connects to the generator of the X-ray unit via banana plugs. It sets up fully automatically, with no need to select a range, and can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with the NOMEX Dosemeter.
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4D QA System

The OCTAVIUS 4D combines an innovative modular design with advanced detector technology for routine patient and machine QA of all major radiotherapy techniques. It is the only truly modular 4D QA system and supports a variety of PTW detector arrays and phantom tops for efficient patient- and machine-specific quality assurance.
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Protective Apron

The Euro is a one-piece, wrap-around lead apron with an opening in the back and a stretch hook & loop closure. The apron distributes weight from the shoulders to the hips with no need for overlap, thus making it lighter in weight.
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Jumbo Barrier

The Jumbo Barrier features a large 30 x 60 inches shatter-resistant CLEAR-Pb glass window that provides superb full height visibility. The window pane measures 60 x 30 inches with 2mm lead equivalency and the opaque panel measures 12 x 30 with 2mm lead equivalency.
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Deluxe Barrier

The Deluxe Barrier features a large 48-inch wide shatter resistant CLEAR-Pb glass window that provides unrestricted visibility and maximum protection for two or more people. The window pane measures 36 x 48 inches with 2mm lead equivalency and the opaque panel measures 36 x 48 with 2mm lead equivalency.
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Head Protector
M-HAT-506 Scrub-2

The M-HAT-506 Scrub-2 is a head protective scrub style hat with ear protection and adjustable hat width. Extremely comfortable, it features an adjustable back strap to tighten or loosen the fit and is suitable for all hair styles.
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Protective Apron
9007 Olympia

The 9007 Olympia protective apron features a wrap skirt and vest to offer the ultimate in full body shielding and comfort while offering maximum mobility. With full wrap front w/ hook and loop closure security, it offers superior weight distribution and a six-inch support belt that removes the apron weight from shoulders when cinched tight.
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Table Shield

The M-AX100 table shield features an anesthesia panel measuring 24 x 24 inches with 0.5mm Pb equivalency to protect the anesthesiologist. Made from vinyl-coated polyester, it is easy to clean and mildew resistant with hook and loop strap to hold the panel to any table.
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The DIADOS E is a diagnostic routine dosemeter for QC of radiographic, fluoroscopic, mammographic, dental and CT X-ray installations that measures dose values and irradiation time. It utilizes semiconductor detectors, except for CT measurement, and offers selectable calibration factors of the detectors for different X-ray filtration.
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DAP Meter

The DIAMENTOR M4 DAP is a multi-functional dual channel dose area product (DAP) meter for patient dosimetry in single plane and bi-plane fluoroscopic and radiographic X-ray units. It measures the total diagnostic dose area product (DAP) during radiography and fluoroscopy according to international regulations and its digital display simultaneously shows the readings from both channels.
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Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor

The Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor provides instant patient data on radiation exposure to sensitive organs and rapid checks of equipment output to prevent potential misadministration. Designed for use only with positive polarity diodes, it provides instantaneous readings on the radiation dose being delivered to the patient.
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Radiation Shielding
My Shield

The My Shield personal mobile barrier offers 24 x 48 inch clear lead acrylic (0.5LE) with arm "Wrap Around" cutouts and adjustable height from 62 inches to 72 inches. It has a small footprint with locking casters, along with foot-activated height adjustment release and a telescoping tube with locking gas spring.
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