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Radiation Safety
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Patient Dose Calibrator

The PDC measures DAP, DAP-rate, Dose and Dose rate of installed DAP systems, and solves problems relating to variation of DAP, Patient Dose system and AEC calibration. It allows a full check of installed DAP meter calibration over a range of field sizes, shapes and beam qualities.
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Mobile Protection Shield

The WD306 is a mobile protection shield with a large surface area and extensive lead acrylic top to provide maximum protection and an unimpeded view. Its high-grade, electro-conductive wheels and sturdy side handles allow for easy and safe positioning.
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Monitor Holder

The GD4220 is a dual monitor holder for the Portegra2 ceiling suspension and radiation protection system and can support two displays of up to 19-inches. It has external cabling and can carry a maximum weight load up to 15 kg / 33 lbs.
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Radiation Protection System

The Portegra2 is a ceiling suspension and radiation protection system for the protection of the head, eyes, thyroid gland, upper arms and extremities from scattered radiation. Featuring an optimized design, maximum safety and high flexibility, it is suitable for use in both hospitals and radiological practices.
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Radiation Shielding Window
Clear-Lead Windows

The Clear-Lead Windows is a radiation shielding window made of transparent acrylic plastic containing 30% lead by weight and offer effective radiation protection with superb light transmission. It is available in six different thicknesses, with the amount of lead equivalent radiation protection being relative to the thickness.
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CT Imaging Solution
FlowSens Solution

The FlowSens Solution is a combined solution for contrast media and saline injection in CT medical imaging that comprises FlowSens injector, disposables and services. The injector is designed for multi-use and mono-use and is compatible with all contrast media and saline products, while the complete range of disposables and services is extremely broad.
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X-ray Dose Monitoring Software

The DoseCare software solution allows radiology professionals to rigorously monitor the X-ray doses received by patients and automatically builds a detailed history of patient exposure. It allows the user to evaluate patient risk in real time and react quickly, as well as allows data to be exported for sharing and further analysis.
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Personal Mobile Barrier

The Clear-Lead personal mobile barrier has an hour-glass contour with anatomically positioned cutouts for the user’s arms to maintain continuous hands-on contact with the patient while maximizing radiation protection (0.5 mm LE). Constructed of Clear-Lead acrylic, its adjustable height protects the user while being seated or standing, making it ideal for urologists, anesthesiologists, pain-care physicians, and X-ray technologists.
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Dose Management Solution
DoseWise Portal

The DoseWise Portal is a comprehensive solution that monitors radiation exposure for patients and clinicians. It allows providers to proactively record, analyze and monitor imaging radiation dose for patients and clinicians across multiple diagnostic settings.
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Dose Exposure Display
Dose Tracking System

The Dose Tracking System displays an approximation of patient skin dose on an easy-to-interpret, color-coded indicator presented as a graph representation of the patient. The dose exposure information is easy to read, and can be monitored in real time throughout the entire exam.
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X-Ray QC Instrument
Cobia Flex

The Cobia Flex QC instrument is designed for checking that the output from an x-ray tube is correct. The easy-to-use quality control system allows measured values to be read directly from a large, clear display or stored for reading at a later time.
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Dose Detector

The Mover is designed to overcome challenges encountered by CT technicians when carrying out dosimetry measurements on modern scanners. The Mover consists of a dose detector with a clamp and a flexible ball joint that enables easy orientation in horizontal or vertical positions.
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Diagnostic System: Accu-Dose+

The Accu-Dose+ is Radcal’s stream-lined diagnostic solution supporting Radcal’s comprehensive line of Ion Chambers and Solid-state Dose Diodes.
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Diagnostic System-Rapid-Gold+

For Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, and Dental. Solutions for all your measurement needs.
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Diagnostic System: Accu-Gold+

For Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, Dental and Survey. The Accu-Gold+ is a member of the Accu-Family Instruments.
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