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U-Arm System
Z-Motion U-arm System

The Z-Motion U-arm System has a fully motorized and counterbalanced stand which can be easily positioned in seconds when manually releasing the brakes and is equipped with four electric motors for precise and effortless positioning. It allows patients to sit, stand or lay down on a mobile table, with its unique design preserving the alignment between the collimator and the digital receptor in any position.
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X-FRAME DR SYSTEMS is a complete range of digital radiography rooms featuring high device positioning automation, anatomical programs, and pre-defined working positions for significantly increasing productivity. Based on solid-state detectors and featuring a-Si technology for high quality X-ray images, they are ideal for immediate diagnosis in real time with substantial dose reduction in general radiography and emergency.
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Display Monitor

Modalixx GC212HB is the ultimate color high bright medical LCD display solution for modality medical CRT monitor replacement.
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G-Arm B6 Duo

The G-Arm B6 Duo medical imaging system fires two X-ray beams asynchronously to provide bi-lateral video and images, giving the user a more comprehensive picture than a traditional C-arm. It combines X-Beam technology with iC-Clear algorithms to provide the best image possible, using the smallest dose of radiation, and is compatible with all surgical tables.
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Mobile X-Ray System

The DRX-Revolution is a mobile X-ray system with a fully automatic collapsible column which shrinks the system to just over four feet tall in order to provide complete visibility when moving it to any location. Its long tubehead reach gives easy access to the patient in crowded rooms and its powerful dual motor drive makes forward or reverse movements effortless even inside tight and cluttered spaces of the ICU, ER and OR.
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DR Conversion System

The AeroDR Portable Retrofit turns existing portable X-ray unit into a digital wireless solutions. It has a very small footprint, which allows for installation and storage inside the cassette storage bin, and is completely self-contained and includes two long-life batteries.
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Mobile Digital X-Ray System
Sirius Starmobile tiara

The Sirius Starmobile tiara digital mobile X-ray system can quickly perform imaging in various medical scenes such as emergency and infant imaging in addition to hospital wards by incorporating wireless FPD. It displays images on a large 15-inch monitor within three seconds, and offers three types of wireless FPDs (optional) from large to compact FOV to allow for imaging in the cases that fit the purpose.
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Digital X-ray System
ddRAura OTC with APS

The ddRAura OTC with APS is a fully motorized and automated direct digital X-ray system that includes a motorized ceiling suspension, floor-mounted height adjustable patient table with a 4-way floating table top, and motorized wall stand. It is fully configurable with multiple choices available for generator and tube power, table functions and various detector configurations – dual fixed detectors, single portable detector or any combination of both in wired as well as wireless options.
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X-ray Quality Control Device
Black Piranha

The Black Piranha is a plug n play X-ray quality control device that identifies the probes and selects the optimum settings for measurements. It uses a tablet/laptop as an interactive display during the measurements and performs instant real-time analysis to prepare a report in the background on the go, which is stored with the results inside the tablet/laptop.
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X-ray Meter
Cobia Smart

The Cobia Smart is a simple-to-use instrument for checking if the output from an X-ray tube is correct, such as if the kV and/or dose are not changing over time. It is placed beneath the X-ray tube to take an X-ray exposure and instantly generate an accurate reading, which can be clearly seen on its rotatable color display even from a distance.
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X-Ray System
RADspeed Pro V4 package

The RADspeed Pro V4 package X-ray system is equipped with an integrated console that simplifies operations by combining the control console for the X-ray high voltage generator with the control unit for the DR system. It allows the user to prepare for the exposure and check the results from either the control room or the examination room, thus providing an excellent workflow.
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Radiography System
RADspeed fit

The RADspeed fit radiography system integrates ease-of-use features from top-class systems and is equipped with a floating tabletop that can support up to 220 kg, along with a detachable grid to reduce patient exposure. With its high image quality due to the large output power and simple operability, the system provides a sense of ease and comfort operation for users.
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C-arm System
Veradius Unity

The Veradius Unity digital flat detector C-Arm system provides distortion-free, high contrast imaging to support vascular image guided interventions with high quality fluoroscopy and DSA runs. It allows the user to view dynamic transaortic aneurysm anatomy with sharp, high quality images using pulsed exposure mode and also excels in radiation dose management.
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Mobile X-Ray System

The PROSLIDE 32 B is a mobile digital X-ray system that works with a 32 kW power and proven monobloc technology. It provides a telescopic arm for system adjustment and front sensors to avoid collision, allowing for easy and precise movements in limited space and a demanding application environment.
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X-Ray System

The PRS 500 X TOUCH X-ray system comes with a PROVARIO HF X-ray generator, digital automatic exposure control and anatomical programming. It provides a sophisticated synchronization of the Bucky position with the X-ray tube stand and is particularly designed for pulmonologists as well as practitioners and hospitals taking exposures with patients in a standing position.
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