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U-Arm System
Z-Motion U-arm System

The Z-Motion U-arm System has a fully motorized and counterbalanced stand which can be easily positioned in seconds when manually releasing the brakes and is equipped with four electric motors for precise and effortless positioning. It allows patients to sit, stand or lay down on a mobile table, with its unique design preserving the alignment between the collimator and the digital receptor in any position.
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Display Monitor

• 20.1"Gray Scale Application LED Lit • Changes all Analog signals to High Definition (HD) • Accepts any signal from 525 to 1600 lines • Wide viewing angles • High 1200 cd/m² optimum • 1500:1 contrast ratio • Swift 25 ms response time • User-friendly OSD • Low power consumption • AC 100 / 240 V (50 /60 Hz) • Durable aluminium and magnesium alloy housing
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Mobile C-Arm System

The CARMEX is a mobile radio fluoro C-Arm system featuring a microprocessor-controlled X-ray generator operating at high frequency to guarantee precise and stable high tension generation. It can be equipped with either stationary or rotating anode X-ray tubes and find various applications from orthopedics to basic surgery, from urology to cardiology, for interventional radiology to emergency departments.
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Radiography System

The MILLENIUM PLUS is an integrated radiographic system featuring automatic procedure programming and precise synchronized motor control of its mechanical components. The system is DR ready, and can accept any commercially available DR flat panel, fully integrated or portable, making it ideal for all digital and conventional applications.
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DR Conversion System
AeroDR Portable Retrofit

The AeroDR Portable Retrofit turns an existing portable X-ray unit into a digital wireless solution. It has a very small footprint, which allows for installation and storage inside the cassette storage bin, and is completely self-contained and includes two long-life batteries.
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Mobile X-Ray System

The DRX-Revolution is a mobile X-ray system with a fully automatic collapsible column which shrinks the system to just over four feet tall in order to provide complete visibility when moving it to any location. Its long tubehead reach gives easy access to the patient in crowded rooms and its powerful dual motor drive makes forward or reverse movements effortless even inside tight and cluttered spaces of the ICU, ER and OR.
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Portable X-ray System
Ares MC Digital

The Ares MC Digital is a light yet robust portable X-ray system featuring an integrated DR X-ray detector and X-ray tube with high output power, allowing it to produce up to six images per minute under full load. Its generator power of up to 6 kW allows obtaining of high quality images of any anatomical area, including the abdomen and chest, of even extra large-size patients.
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Mobile X-ray Unit
MOVIX 4/8 Dream

The MOVIX 4/8 Dream is a mobile X-ray unit that integrates a portable detector and offers immediate image availability, touch screen interface and high patient comfort. Its foldable small size makes it ideal for all conditions from the hospital environment to emergency situations in the field.
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Mobile X-ray System

The Mobirex mobile X-ray system is equipped with a lightweight, wireless portable flat panel detector (FPD) for ease of use and fast image display. Its inverter-type high-voltage generator enables high X-ray tube output, allowing radiography to be performed for large patients, while its light and versatile power-assisted movement provides easy positioning.
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Radiology Room
ConRad Rad System

The ConRad Rad System is a general purpose radiology room comprising of a 30 kW-50 kW high frequency generator, floor-mounted tube stand with rotation/cross-table travel options, tube stand, X-ray tube, wall stand with vertical travel, tilting option, and a fixed height patient table. Other features include easy and short calibration procedure, and APR control console and AEC option.
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Mobile X-Ray Unit
Visitor T4

The Visitor T4 mobile X-ray unit features a 4 kW, 110 kV high frequency generator with a control panel that integrates an LCD alphanumeric display for higher visibility of all operative parameters. It allows the exposure parameters to be set through the keyboard mounted on-board and is suitable for most examinations performed in plaster rooms, emergency and health screenings contexts.
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DR Real-time Monitoring

The AeroRemote is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring service that helps facilities better manage their AeroDR investments by continuously monitoring for unexpected events and by recording usage details. This enables immediate response to critical issues, can provide advance warning of coming concerns, and provides metrics on technologist usage and performance.
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CR Reader
Xpress CR REGIUS Model 210

The Xpress CR REGIUS Model 210 is a next-generation high-speed CR reader with a unique dual bay design and can process up to 100 14-inch x 14-inch plates per hour for maximum performance. It provides the flexibility to separate the location of the consoles and the readers to allow for the same fast and thorough image checking as with conventional systems.
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Radiography Room
Trauma and Emergency Radiographic Room

The Trauma and Emergency Radiographic Room comprises an X-ray ceiling-suspended telescopic tube stand on roof rails, with a dedicated console to manage X-ray tube movements. Its tilting multi-functional stand with motorized functions allows for any kind of exam.
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X-Ray System
RadioLogiX Rad System

The RadioLogiX Rad System offers a compact tube stand and wall stand to fit into smaller X-ray room settings. It features the Stylix table with a large tabletop and extended travel to allow full coverage with minimal patient movement, while its high-frequency generator minimizes exposure.
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