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Digital Imaging System
L-F Hydra Vision

The L-F Hydra Vision digital imaging system is a real-time digital X-ray imaging device engineered to streamline workflow and improve efficiency in urological imaging. It incorporates a moving imaging system that allows the patient to remain stationary during sensitive procedures, ensuring patient safety from both a procedural and radiological perspective.
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Diagnostic Instruments
Accu-Gold Touch

The Accu-Gold Touch instruments incorporate the largest touch screen in the industry to make diagnostic x-ray QA even faster and easier. The series also provides access to the full lineup of Accu-Gold sensors, the most extensive line of x-ray QA sensors available.
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X-ray QA System
X2 Solo R/F

The X2 Solo R/F is an X-ray test and quality assurance system for all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements and features sensors that are ready for measurement without special settings. It features a large touch screen display for simple operation and provides a comprehensive overview of all the measured parameters.
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Display Monitor

The MODALIXX - G202MDL is a 20.1-inch grayscale LED display that can autosync to any legacy grayscale or color analog modality and up-scales it to clear, sharp, and vivid high bright two mega pixel resolution. Armed with a complete set of input options, it is compatible with almost all medical modality applications and is the ultimate grayscale high bright medical LCD solution for modality CRT monitor replacement.
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Radiology System
ATRAD F Series

The ATRAD F Series is a floor mounted tube stand radiology system designed for high throughput work flow hospitals. Its dual detector support and synchronized up-down movement of the wall bucky and tube head allows high productivity and high performance in small to medium hospitals.
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X-ray Film illuminator

The ZFV-F3 X-ray film illuminator has a front frame and box body made of high-strength aluminum alloy and a screen made of imported organic glass panel. It offers a viewing screen size of 1140x435mm, easy operation, no flickering and a suspending hook.
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X-ray Illuminator
Liberator Hi-Lo

The Liberator Hi-Lo X-ray illuminator provides two light intensities per each 14-inch x 17-inch viewing area and adjustable Candela per square meter at the push of a button. It features a 3¼-inch deep cabinet with a baked-on white polyester powder finish, a roller grip film retainer, an 8-inch line cord with hospital grade plug and film activated auto switches.
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Mobile X-ray Machine

The PX-100CLK is a mobile X-ray radiography unit featuring a microprocessor-controlled high frequency inverter system for providing reliable X-ray output. Its built-in rechargeable battery can take at least 80 exposures under full charged condition, eliminating the need for AC power supply, and avoids influence from grid power fluctuations to provide stable output.
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Portable X-ray Suitcase
Leonardo DR mini

The Leonardo DR mini is a compact, lightweight and portable X-ray suitcase for mobile examinations in an emergency and weighs only 9.5 kg, making it one of the lightest portable X-ray systems in the world. Its straightforward user interface, combined with integrated acquisition and diagnosis software, make it easy to generate excellent X-ray images, while the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide assists in patient positioning.
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Digital U-Arm X-ray Systems
Amadeo Z

The Amadeo Z stationary, fully motorized, compact digital X-ray systems with fully motorized U-arm are designed for low ceiling heights of over 2.4 meters. They feature four electric motors that facilitate accurate and effortless U-arm adjustment for patients in sitting, standing and lying positions, allowing for effortless radiological positioning for all examinations.
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X-ray Suitcase
Leonardo DR mini II

The Leonardo DR mini II is a compact X-ray suitcase solution for mobile use in medical emergencies that combines X-ray detector technology with high-performance acquisition and diagnostic software. Weighing only 8.9 kg, it is one of the lightest suitcase X-ray solutions in the world and also features a built-in 17-inch premium notebook with a high resolution touchscreen monitor.
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Mobile Radiographic Table

The Z-Table is a mobile radiographic table specifically designed for U-arm and straight arm X-ray systems with a four-way float top that offers maximum flexibility to position patients and can be locked via foot pedal control. The CE Marked and USFDA approved table with a patient capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg) does not require power and features large casters that roll easily and are lockable by color-indicated foot controls.
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Mobile X-ray Machine

The HM-32 is a mobile medical diagnostic X-ray machine with a high frequency generator, higher image quality, shorter exposure time, and lower radiation. Its X-ray tube can rotate ±90 degrees in one horizontal plane and has a smaller focal spot for better image acquisition.
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Mobile X-ray Machine
HM-300 Mobile

The HM-300 is a mobile high-frequency analog X-ray machine featuring a high frequency, high voltage generator and a ±90 degree swing arm. It uses HF conversion technology to improve image quality, shorten exposure time and reduce harmful radiation to the human body.
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DR X-Ray Machine

The TR50N HF is a DR X-ray machine featuring digital display and console sync, along with cassette under the bed with damping function. Other features include high precision radiography time control, high precision tube current control, and default self-protection and self-diagnosis.
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