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DR Retrofit Solution
DR Retrofit Solution

Agfa’s vendor neutral DR Retrofit solutions allows X-ray rooms and mobile analog units to easily upgrade the existing X-ray modality to direct radiography (DR) while protecting their current investment. With DR Retrofit, both mobile and stationary X-ray systems – including standard Bucky tables, floor stands and neonatal incubator trays – can become high-productivity DR systems, providing a cost-effective way to implement DR technology across departments.
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Mobile Radiographic Table

The CT160 Mobile Radiographic Tables coupled with C-arm systems are designed for ensuring patient comfort and safety during surgical procedures. They are available in two models: CT160F: 4-way floating and adjustable-height table and CT160T: 4-way floating, adjustable-height and tilting table.
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Air Displacement Plethysmography System

The BOD POD is the world’s only Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP) system using whole body densitometric principles to determine body composition (Fat and Fat-Free Mass) in adults and children. The BOD POD’s ability to test virtually all populations makes it the most flexible option for frequent testing and longitudinal tracking of body composition changes over time.
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Fixed Height Radiographic Table

The Stylix fixed height radiographic table features a heavy-duty, compact, space-saving design that provides exceptional versatility and allows for installations in small X-ray rooms. The four-way floating table top glides effortlessly on its precision bearing system and can be positioned using the convenient and responsive foot pedal.
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Elevating Radiographic Table
Phoenix 2

The Phoenix 2 elevating radiographic table for advanced radiographic systems is recommended for use in automated systems and features optional bucky auto-centering. It offers a 300 kg weight rating, a 4-way floating top and a single foot pedal assembly.
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Fixed X-Ray System
PerfoX 3000 Eco

The PerfoX 3000 Eco fixed X-ray system is designed to offer an economical and high-quality digital solution that helps optimize daily workflow. Its user-oriented structure guarantees ease of operation and better patient comfort, while excellent images help achieve quick and accurate diagnosis.
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Mobile C-Arm
CompaX 500

The CompaX 500 mobile C-arm features the latest digital technology that helps delivers excellent images and a large C-arm geometry that allows for more surgical space. With its color-coded axis and handle, and easy & smooth positioning, it is the perfect choice for orthopedic surgery, pain management procedure, general surgery, urinary surgery, etc.
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X-Ray Viewer
X-Ray Viewers

The X-Ray Viewers use TFT-LCD technology to ensure uniformity of light distribution and offer special light characteristic for Rontgen, mammography, MRI and CT films. Featuring 34 mm thickness, they ensure minimum eye-fatigue with no flickering and blinking light source, while offering special light colors and flux for reading X-ray films.
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Medical Imaging Software
ImageView Software

The ImageView Software is powered by Eclipse for unrivaled image-processing that uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to amplify the value of the entire imaging chain. The Eclipse engine that powers ImageView software puts AI into indisputable action - driving concrete, measurable results through Imaging Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence and Analytics Intelligence.
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Electric DR Bed
Leenray Electric Bed DR

The Leenray Electric Bed DR is separated with column movement of the bed top and detector for easy operation and satisfying various PA/LAT body position requirements. Its manual and remote control integrated design makes it easy to achieve horizontal and standing exposure position.
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Mobile C-Arm X-Ray Machine
Mobile C-Arm X-Ray Machine

Angell’s Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine features a CMOS dynamic flat panel detector to satisfy the most demanding real-time X-ray imaging applications at lower doses. It features 16 bit gray scale acquisition and SPI processing technology to effectively reduce loss of image signal, shorten imaging time and improve image quality.
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Radiology System
CS Classic

The CS Classic radiology system is designed for facilities that specialize in COVID-19 screening, pulmonology, and occupational medicine, and accommodates a full range of upright exams. Additionally, it offers extensive vertical travel of 14”-73” and can be paired with optional a mobile table to expand imaging capabilities.
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Mobile Fluoroscopy System

AGILITY is an all-in-one mobile fluoroscopy system with an onboard 5kw generator and flat panel detector technology that helps easily obtain sharp, detailed images during surgical and specialty procedures. It is designed for rapid positioning and is perfectly balanced to allow for maximum maneuverability.
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C-Arm with FPD
Digiscan Compact HF 59 Plus

The Digiscan Compact is a C-Arm with Flat Panel Detector (FPD) that provides high image quality and easy maneuverability, and come with special features such as metal detection with ABS, Dynamic Noise Filter (DNF), and selectable three dose level control. Its optimized digital SPOT algorithms produce excellent image quality at an extremely low dose because of its higher DQE and advanced image processing.
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Mobile Radiography System
Visitor T30 C

The Visitor T30 C mobile radiography system overcomes the need to integrate a rotating arm, as its reduced dimensions permit an easy positioning even between beds, and is also available with an integrated dose-area product dosimeter that gives immediate feedback about the dose value delivered to the patient. Thanks to its 32 kW, 125 kV high frequency generator and its rotating anode dual focus tube, Visitor T30 C is able to deliver the high productivity required during emergencies and meet the image quality of orthopedic, pediatric or surgery departments.
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