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X-ray Generator
Milestone 200

The Milestone 200 100 kHz high frequency X-ray generator is a non-invasive device designed to image the major systems of the body. It offers a low cost solution for integration with film-based systems or with DR flat panel detectors along with an imaging system for diagnostic radiographic imaging.
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X-ray QA System
X2 Solo R/F

The X2 Solo R/F is an X-ray test and quality assurance system for all radiography and fluoroscopy measurements and features sensors that are ready for measurement without special settings. It features a large touch screen display for simple operation and provides a comprehensive overview of all the measured parameters.
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Mobile X-ray System
Mobilett Mira Max

The Mobilett Mira Max is a fully digital mobile X-ray machine that helps to speed up the examination workflow with its powerful generator and uses low-weight MAX detectors with high imaging power at low dose. It provides outstanding image quality in seconds and is especially suitable for ICUs and emergency wards, in order to enable fast treatment decisions and make work easier.
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Mobile X-ray System
AeroDR X30

The AeroDR X30 is a fully integrated mobile X-ray system that combines excellent mechanical and digital components to help carry out exams more efficiently. The AeroDR detectors allow wireless communication for effortless usage at the patient’s bedside, with images made available for further diagnosis immediately after the acquisition.
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Multi-Modality Display Solution

Modalixx is the only multi-modality display solution on the medical market that autosyncs to any legacy color or grayscale analog modality including Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, C-Arm, Endoscopy/ Surgical, Portable X-Ray, and Nuclear Medicine applications. The display works with a range of low line to high line video signals and will upgrade to 2 mega pixel resolution. The Modalixx LCD Display accepts any combination of BNC connections and is compatible with manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu, and Philips. Modalixx offers Grayscale (G202), Color (GC8), and High Bright (GC212HB) models
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Radiography System
Perform-X Hi-Lo System

The Perform-X Hi-Lo System is a radiography system with a heavy duty four-way elevating table for easy patient transfer and dedicated pedals to drive the table top up and down. Other key features include the TS 99 family of tube stands with flexible configuration options to suit all general rad room requirements and WS 99 wall Bucky stand which accepts a variety of cassette size film/CR/DR or fixed full size flat panel DR receptors.
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Motorized X-Ray System
TMS 320B

The TMS 320B is a motorized X-ray system for radiographic studies of bedridden patients and reaches very short exposure times so that the images are not affected by the patient’s movement. It is light and easy to transport, making it ideal for use in the intensive care unit, emergency room, operation room, pediatrics department or post-surgery room.
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X-ray System

The ARiX RAD X-ray system offers automated movements and electronic follow up of the wall and table Bucky that allows studies to be performed more rapidly. Its panel control has an anatomic programmer by region, projection and patient´s complexion that makes easier to select the right X-ray technique in a fast and precise way.
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Mobile DR X-Ray

The HM-200D is a mobile DR high frequency medical diagnostic X-ray unit featuring the Canon DXDI-55G panel detector with an imaging size of 14 inches x 17 inches. It also features a Toshiba 0.6mm/1.2mm X-ray tube, an image control workstation and image collect processing software.
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X-ray Machine

The TR300A is a medical diagnostic X-ray machine featuring a single bed with single tube, a rotary anode X-ray tube unit and tangential annular tubes. It can accommodate a maximum cassette size of 356 mm x 432 mm (14 inches x 17 inches) for radiography.
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Mobile C-Arm

The HHMC-160 is a mobile C-arm X-ray machine featuring a Toshiba E7833X X-ray tube, a 19-inch high definition medical LCD monitor, and a digital image PC workstation. It is suitable for peripheral angiography, limb angiography and organ angiography.
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Fluoroscopy/Radiology System
DRX-Excel Plus

The DRX-Excel Plus system combines both fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit, and also delivers accelerated workflow, high-resolution images and a wide range of exams. Its extensive SID capability allows acquisition of images at any distance between 110 to 180 cms, while its table features a 265 kg weight capacity with no limitations on movements.
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Mobile X-ray System
DRX-Revolution Nano

The DRX-Revolution Nano is a lighter weight, non-motorized mobile X-ray system with fully-integrated digital workflow, carbon nanotube technology and an advanced lithium iron phosphate battery. It features a sleek design with enhanced visibility along with a compact footprint that makes it easier to maneuver and position even in tight spaces and cramped critical care areas.
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Fully Refurbished Portable X-ray

The GE AMX IV fully refurbished portable X-ray unit comes with a six-month part warranty (excluding shipping) and new battery, and is fully painted. Its wide range of movement facilitates a variety of exam applications, including difficult lateral-hip and spine studies, and it provides the image quality of a stationary system in a versatile mobile unit.
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Surgical C-arm

The CYBERBLOC FP is a surgical C-arm with dynamic flat panel that allows for quick positioning and optimizing workflow speed, and delivers optimized acquisition rate and distortion free images. A view station with touch screen allows touch operations, removing the need for keyboard and mouse, while the operator control panel also offers touch interface and live image display.
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