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Stand-Alone System
The Accu-Gold+ Touch

The Accu-Gold+ Touch with five-inch screen supports Radcal’s line of ion chambers, solid-state dose sensors, solid-state multi-sensors and current probes. These systems are an excellent solution for the full range of applications.
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Imaging Table

The AADCO T-6550 adjustable height diving board style imaging table is designed and built with C-arm Fluoroscopy in mind and features a radiolucent top for functional versatility. Its height adjustability brings the working surface to a more ergonomic position, and it is easy to move and secure with four locking casters.
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Mobile X-ray Unit

The SR-130 is an agile and lightweight mobile X-ray unit featuring a high frequency inverter that allows hospital quality imaging to be performed anywhere. Other features include a KVP range of 40-100, an operator selectable MA range of 15 & 30, an MAS range of 0.15 - 120 and a 200 degree rotation collimator - high output lamp.
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Mobile X-Ray
Ultisys HF Mobile X-Ray

The Ultisys HF Mobile X-ray provides ease of use, mobility, maneuverability and high quality images that are rich in contrast for excellent diagnostic value. It can be carried through lifts and narrow corridors, and is ideally suited for applications in ICUs, OTs, wards and sports centers.
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Radiography System
ULTISYS Radiography System

The ULTISYS is a versatile radiography system that offers a cost-effective set-up with a high degree of clinical flexibility. It also provides scalability with a wide range of generator options and easy upgrade path to a full digital radiography system.
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C-arm System
Elite C-arm

The Elite C-arm uses a high quality image intensifier to provide high contrast images and features intuitive software for convenient selection from multiple configurations. It offers a user-friendly keyboard interface at an affordable price point, along with enhanced mMobility in a compact design with intuitive positioning.
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AADCO American C-arm

The AADCO American C-arm features a 15kW high performance mono-block generator with matched performance rotating anode X-ray tubes to provide high performance pulse fluoroscopy for crisp imaging and ALARA dose savings. It features a 135 degree orbital rotation and a generous 31.5-inch free space, rotating touch screen control tablet on the C-arm, with customizable menus & controls, along with premium software that includes versatile diagnostic tools, database management and custom capabilities.
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X-ray System
FDR Smart X

The FDR Smart X is Fujifilm's newly developed X-ray system that offers ceiling suspended X-ray tube configurations as well as a floor mounted X-ray tube option for use with the upright stand and table. Designed to provide multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions, it is compatible with Fujifilm's latest D-EVO II series DR panels with its advanced features and high image quality.
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Dosimetry System
RaySafe i3

The RaySafe i3 real-time dosimetry system includes a set of the new RaySafe real-time personal radiation dosimeters, coupled with a display and software to provide with a complete, immediate visual of radiation exposures. The X-ray exposure can be visualized using easy-to-read bar graphs while its instant feedback empowers the medical staff to learn and adapt their behavior on the go, minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure.
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Mobile C-Arm

The OEC One all-in-one mobile C-arm offers superb imaging capabilities, providing clear, detailed images on a 27-inch display mounted on an articulating arm with five ranges of motion for a variety of procedures — from pain management to vascular. It allows for image adjustments to manage imaging needed on its 10.1-inch TechView tablet with an intuitive touchscreen OEC interface, adjacent to the live image mirrored from the image display.
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Portable X-ray Unit

The CALNEO Xair is a portable X-ray unit that incorporates a compact and lightweight X-ray tube and battery, achieving a total weight of just 3.5 kg, which supports excellent portability and operability. It uses a cassette DR that achieves high sensitivity detection and is capable of capturing high quality images despite low-dose radiation.
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Interventional X-ray System
Alphenix Sky +

The Alphenix Sky + interventional X-ray system features a double sliding C-arm and 12x16 inches flat panel along with an innovative C-arm flip, lateral flexibility, speed, and full body 3D imaging capability. It offers innovative ImagingRite technology to generate a 3D image anytime, anywhere and comes with a CAT—880 tilt table.
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Diagnostic X-ray System

The RAD-MASTER ARS-2000HF is a diagnostic X-ray system with a monoblock design that lends it a compact size and features a 90-degree revolving X-ray head for the wall bucky. Other features include electromagnetic brakes for vertical and longitudinal movement, self diagnosis function to prevent overload and 27 memories (9x3 steps) for adjustable APR.
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Radiography system
Advantage DFMT

The Advantage DFMT radiography system features crystal-clear digital SID readout which allows for fast and accurate patient positioning, and safely and seamlessly supports patients weighing up to 650 lbs. It features a heavy duty, continuous-column tube stand for stable floor-mounting and offers increased patient throughput.
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AAU Plus

The AAU Plus single-receptor U-Arm is fully-motorized for ease of use and is available with pre-programmed settings for fast and accurate exam positioning. It provides excellent diagnostic results and increased patient throughput for higher revenue and better patient satisfaction.
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