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Ultrasound Transmission Gel
Sterile Aquasonic 100

The Sterile Aquasonic 100 ultrasound transmission gel is recommended for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications when sterility is indicated. Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used in medical ultrasound, it is completely aqueous and does not stain clothing or damage equipment.
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Desktop Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler System

The BT-250 is a desktop ultrasonic fetal Doppler system that measures fetal heart rate, which is displayed on an LCD screen, and outputs the fetal heart sound through a built-in speaker. It measures the fetal heart rate using Doppler ultrasound that can be saved in internal memory for later reference and also provides the heart sound of the fetus.
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Ultrasound System

The MGIUS-R3 ultrasound system integrates robotics, teleoperation and ultrasound imaging technology to make ultrasound diagnosis more accessible and improve the uneven distribution of medical resources. It aims to solve the problem of shortage of doctors in rural areas and reduce the heavy workload of available doctors.
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Ultrasound Exam Step
Compact Ultrasound Exam Step

The Compact Ultrasound Exam Step enables sonographers to place a patient in the optimal position for safe and easy capture of the highest quality ultrasound images of the lower legs. Two handrails ensure a stable and safe platform, for positioning patients at the ideal working level for the sonographer’s comfort. The Compact Ultrasound Exam Step with a weight capacity of 350 lbs is easy to maneuver in small exam rooms, with built-in rollers and nylon sliding feet.
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Premium Ultrasound Scanner

The ARIETTA 850 premium ultrasound scanner is designed for providing high quality diagnostic imaging to a wide range of clinical areas without compromise. Designed with sophisticated ergonomics and multiple new tools, to streamline workflow, it offers greater examination precision and comfort.
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Ultrasound System
MyLab X1

The MyLab X1 Ultrasound System allows clinicians to manage their daily examinations quickly, easily and everywhere, thanks to its ultra-light construction, full connectivity capabilities and a gesture-driven touchscreen. The MyLab X1 is fully cleanable, thanks to the high-quality and durable materials that guarantee compatibility with a wide range of disinfection agents.
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POC Ultrasound System
Acclarix AX3

The Acclarix AX3 is a compact point-of-care ultrasound system with a unique dual sockets and dual batteries design packed in a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body. It also features a 15.6-inch LCD medical monitor with high resolution and a 180-degree open angle 10.1-inch sensitive touchscreen for efficient operations at the fingertip.
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Pocket Fetal Doppler

The CONTEC10F pocket fetal Doppler is a hand-held FHR detection device that uses the pulsed wave Doppler principle design to display the heart rate value, heart beat indication, heart signal strength indication and other information on an LED screen. It is easy to operate and can be used in hospitals, clinics and homes for daily self-check by pregnant women.
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Ultrasound Probe Covers

Intuit ultrasound probe covers are made utilizing CIVCO's premium CIV-Flex material for delivering simplified application mechanisms for an improved user experience across all sterile ultrasound procedures. The Intuit series allows convenient placement of gel and simple application onto the transducer along with a three-dimensional “box end” for distortion-free scanning, optimizing the user experience in the Point-of-Care space.
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Handheld Ultrasound Machine
SonoEye P3

The SonoEye P3 handheld ultrasound machine features an adaptable design, increasing portability and making it possible to work together with doctors from patient to patient all the time, initially in point of care applications and over the longer term in primary care. It provides a flexible connection with a smartphone or iPad and simplifies workflow with the use of just a single touch to start an ultrasound exam and the thumb to finish all operation.
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Color Doppler System
QBit 3

The QBit 3 is a slim console color Doppler system that offers ideal patient care with its easy mobility, smart features, significant performance and streamlined workflow. It is designed to strengthen clinical confidence and speed diagnostic decisions.
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Ultrasound System
Xario 200G

The Xario 200G ultrasound system delivers proven high image quality and a full spectrum of clinical applications to help clinicians provide optimal patient care. With only two seconds of boot-up time from smart standby mode, up to eight hours of battery-powered, and cable-free operation, it combines outstanding performance with amazing mobility.
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Ultrasound System
Sonosite LX

Sonosite LX features a large, adaptable 21.3” clinical display that extends, rotates and tilts to accommodate the varied clinical environments at the bedside. The clinical display features touchscreen controls to enable an optimized heads-up workflow, allowing clinicians to keep their eyes on the image while making adjustments. The system’s small footprint and adjustable display foster collaboration, allowing for real-time image and information sharing with the patient, other clinicians, residents and other hospital staff.
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Transesophageal Transducer

The T8-3 transesophageal transducer enables clinicians to provide transesophageal ultrasound (TEU) at the point of care by enabling repeatable cardiac imaging regardless of patient condition or body habitus. It offers a lightweight handle and flexible shaft for easy manipulation and a small tip for ease of insertion, while enabling low power consumption to maintain temperature while monitoring over time.
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Point-Of-Care Ultrasound System
5000 Compact Series

The 5000 Compact Series of ultrasound system is designed to deliver cart-based premium image quality in compact form and features a wide range of diagnostic ultrasound solutions to fit the needs of many clinical specialties including point of care, cardiology, general imaging, and obstetrics and gynecology. Designed to provide clear images to quickly inform and to aid diagnosis confirmation, the Ultrasound 5000 Compact Series helps decrease the need for costly, time-consuming repeat scans and offers a wide range of clinical capabilities, real-time collaboration, and wireless connectivity with reporting.
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