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All-In-One Lung Testing Solution

SpiroCare is an all-in-one lung testing solution featuring a unique infection-free disposable paper mouthpiece solution that supports comprehensive test modes. It comes with a 7-inch color TFT touch with 800 X 480 resolution screen with six functional keys for easy-workflow, along with easy candle-light guide for testing accuracy.
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LED Examination & Procedure Light

The VistOR PRO LED exam and procedure light for examination rooms with its large diameter LED array provides excellent shadow control – even with just a single light head. Pressing the center button on the sterilizable handle allows 5-stage dimming plus ambient light mode (for minimally-invasive procedures) for easy management of brightness within the illumination field. The VistOR Series offers a selection of three different-sized lights and provides unparalleled optics for ambulatory surgery centers, procedure rooms, trauma rooms, clinics and physician office.
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Bariatric Hospital Bed

The MV3 bariatric hospital bed is designed with patients' and caregivers' wellbeing in mind, as well as a versatile solution for the challenges in bariatric care, thanks to its litter deck that expands to three widths to accommodate patients of various sizes. Low bed height, fall prevention technologies, and multi-pivotal patient helper encourage interdependence and mobility for patients of size.
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Powered Ambulance Cot
Power-PRO 2

The Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot is the industry’s first connected ambulance cot that allows hospitals to automatically track cot health and remotely manage the fleet through one convenient, interactive dashboard. It allows users to perform a true, unassisted lift and reach optimal loading height using smarter hydraulic assembly with load-sensing capabilities and increase maneuverability using an extended transport handle.
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3-Section Examination Plinth

Doherty is precision-engineered, stable and reliable three-section examination plinth that provides the full range of positioning for patient comfort and clinical requirements. Its electrically operated variable height ranges from 46cm to 85cm and it offers 'Easi Lift'' gas-assisted backrest and foot section, as well as both head down tilt and feet up positions.
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Critical Care Bed
Activ8 Titan

The Activ8 Titan critical care bed has been designed to offer state-of-the-art clinical management solutions for plus-sized patients and helps create a safe and more comfortable environment. The four section electrically profiling bed with a low level variable height mattress platform (45cm - 83cm) features an X-ray translucent mattress platform to facilitate C-arm and other X-ray procedures.
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Birthing Bed

Chrysalis birthing beds optimize positioning for clinical staff while offering the most convenient delivery position for the mother by transforming easily into delivery chairs, with the foot section sliding smoothly away beneath the seat section. Equipped to manage all stages of childbirth, and configured to help women maintain more natural positions during labor and birth, the birthing beds are designed for comfort, safety and flexibility.
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Patient Stretcher

The STL patient stretcher with a self-explanatory operating concept can be used right out of the box thanks to its outstanding ease of use. STL is ready for any situation due to a wide range of optional accessories and eliminates almost all germs thanks to its antimicrobial coating with silver ions.
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Gynecological Examination Chair

The arco next-generation gynecological examination chair unites functionality, outstanding comfort and innovative technology with a first-class design. Matched to the treatment room, its ambient LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere while the enclosed areas and absence of corners and edges make for improved hygienic conditions and easy cleaning.
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Gynecological Examination Chair

The medi-matic gynecological examination chair offers a combination of optimized functionality, first-class comfort and elegant design. Developed to set new standards in daily medical practice and clinical use, its intelligent control concept allows intuitive operation with a wide range of functions.
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5-Function Luxurious Cardiac Position Electric ICU Electric Hospital Bed

The 8580-1 is a five-function, cardiac position, electric hospital ICU bed with CPR fast release function and scale weight function. The bed frame and mattress base are made of powder coated steel and both the foldable PP side rails feature a control screen for patient use.
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Fully Electric 3-Function Electric Hospital Bed

The PAM-3 is a premium, Fully Electric Three-Function Electric Hospital Bed featuring a 4.7-inch memory foam waterproof mattress, LINAK motors & control system, and individual locking system with 5-inch casters. It provides adjustable head and foot sections, adjustable height, and knee sections with all functions conveniently integrated into by an ergonomic hand pendent that is durable but touch-sensitive.
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5-Function Fully Electric Hospital ICU Bed

The PAM-5 is a premium Five function fully electric hospital ICU bed featuring a 5.9-inch memory foam mattress, central locking system with 6-inch casters, battery back-up system and LINAK motor and control system. The bed can move in Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions with integrated angle degree displays to allow for precise positioning.
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5-Function Fully Electric Extendable Hospital Bed

The H-51 HOPEFUL premium five-function fully electric extendable hospital bed features state-of-the-art LINAK electric motor actuators and control systems, which provide smooth and quiet movements, including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. The bed is manufactured with aluminum and stainless steel frame and fitted with hardened plastic rails, and include a centralized locking system with brake pedals, and five-inch aluminum casters with bearings for ease of movement on various floor surfaces.
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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Bionet’s LAB24 is an ambulatory blood pressure monitor for your hyper or hypotension diagnosis for 24 hours up to 48 hours for daily activities and resting BP readings with motion tolerate algorithm.
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