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Patient Care
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Patient Warming Blanket

The FilteredFlo patient warming blankets features a unique patented design that permits the use of a lower velocity blower to supply gently moving, clean air. The filtered air warming method helps minimize air currents during pre-operative care, intra-operative care, post-operative care, and outpatient care in the PACU, ICU, and OR.
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Hospital Bed
Olympia XLow

The Olympia XLow bed’s low bed position of ± 25 cm reduces the risk of falling to an absolute minimum, whereas the ergonomic working height of ± 80 cm guarantees efficient care. The bed height can be easily adjusted which enables the use of a patient hoist to provide efficient daily care, while a magnetic key allows the bed positions to be locked selectively.
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Bariatric Bed
Olympia Bariatric

The Olympia Bariatric bed combines an exceptional functionality and a high carrying capacity to support the treatment of bariatric patients. Its adjustable mattress platform makes it possible to narrow the bed from 131 cm to 111 cm or 91 cm, while integrated bed extension allows the bed to be extended by 20 cm.
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Vico Stretcher

The Vico Stretcher has been designed to give first aid quickly and efficiently in several situations, with numerous possibilities and accessories to make the work of the nursing staff easier. Thanks to the well-considered choice of materials, as well as the use of smooth and easily accessible surfaces, the stretcher is very easy to operate and can be put in its desired position in no time.
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Bariatric Mattress
BariMatt 1000 Plus

The BariMatt 1000 Plus is a uniquely designed expandable foam bariatric mattress that provides caregivers six different configurations to meet the needs of all of their bariatric patients. Designed to enhance the comfort of the Joerns Bari10A bed frame, the convenient side expansion panels conveniently zip on and off to allow ease of patient care and transport.
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Bariatric Care Bed
Joerns BCX

The Joerns BCX Bariatric Care bed system provides optimum ergonomic working situations for healthcare providers not found in other bariatric solutions. It ensures uncompromised safety, dignity and comfort through advanced engineering that delivers best-in-class low bed height, a fully customizable patient environment, and ergonomic right-sized side rails.
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Personal Care Bed
Joerns PCX

The Joerns PCX Personal Care bed is the best-in-class bed offered specifically to address the emerging trend of higher ADL needs served in assisted living communities while maintaining a home-like aesthetic with a modern designer appeal. It promotes safe, independent activity with the lowest bed height and customizable perimeter supporting an active lifestyle.
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POC Collect Kit

The S-Monovette POC Collect Kit provides state-of-the-art technology for precise and controlled venous sample collection from an IV or indwelling catheter and dispensing into single-use test cartridges. It provides healthcare professionals a controlled and precise collection and dosing system that helps reduce test cartridge rejection while minimizing the risk of blood aerosols and exposure.
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Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress

The Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress features a premium four-way stretch cover and two layers of high-density foam with a patented "gliding" layer designed to help reduce friction and shear which can contribute to development of pressure ulcers. Its built-in sidewall supports facilitate user ingress/egress, while the castellation-cut foam redistributes pressure for user comfort.
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Full-Electric Bed

The SC900DLX is a full-function, full-feature, low-height bed electric bed with three DC motors to provide ultra-quiet operation of the head, hi-low and foot functions of the bed. Its horizontal travel range is designed so that the bed will not damage walls during height adjustments, while its six-function electric hand control pendant features bright, universal symbols for easy operation.
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Mattress System

The QUATTRO Plus mattress system is a proven solution for providing pressure relief, lower average interface pressures and enhanced comfort to patients at a high risk of pressure ulcers. It consists of a pressure reducing layer of air cells operating on a 1:4 active cell cycle, and comes with machine washable mattress and cover in single and double bed sizes.
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Bed Mattress System
FUSION Response

The FUSION Response is a non-powered, foam and air hybrid bed mattress that automatically responds to the patient to provide a reactive, constant low pressure support surface for basic pressure area care needs. Its Responsive Airflow redistribution customizes patient support by allowing air to flow between interconnected cells in response to patient weight, movement and position.
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LED Examination Light
Tri-Star LED

The Tri-Star LED examination light offers cool, bright light that can be easily directed wherever needed and features a unique telescoping pole that offers height adjustment in the mobile configuration. Its caster base allows for easy portability among examination rooms, making it ideal for medical procedures in environments where space is limited.
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Self Loading Stretcher

The Carrera is a compact self loading stretcher featuring an innovative suspension system in the newly-designed posterior legs to reduce vibrations and noises caused by uneven ground, before they are transmitted to the patient. Available in two versions, tall and short, it allows for increased stability, more precise steering and smooth transportation even on rough ground.
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Ambulance Stretcher

The BOB is the first ambulance stretcher support made from extruded aluminum with an unprecedented profile of the right hand side that increases the space in the ambulance and assists the correct posture of the operators. The suction devices, oxygen therapy and 12V socket are integrated into the support, while a proximity sensor evaluates the distance of the loading surface from the ground to make the loading and unloading procedures easier and safer.
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