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Mattress Replacement System
P.R.O. Matt Plus

The P.R.O. Matt Plus is a powered/non-powered mattress replacement system that provides a powered immersion or alternating pressure therapy when used with the optional control unit, thus allowing it to be used for both pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. When used in the non-powered mode, the cells automatically re-inflate in each air zone (shoulder, torso and foot), thus eliminating the need for care-giver intervention or the use of a pump.
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Patient Monitor

The PRIZM5 is a multi-parameter patient monitor featuring a 7-inch wide high resolution TFT color screen and an attached bedside mounting handle. It is available in a variety of parameter choices and an optional built-in thermal printer.
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Bed System
Hill-Rom 900 Accella

The Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed system with improved safety, outcomes, and patient experience is designed for higher acuity patients in intensive and acute care settings. It is available with a wide range of foam, hybrid and powered surfaces for the prevention of pressure injuries and the promotion of their healing.
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Wound Treatment Mattress
RecoverAir 3000 Elite

The RecoverAir 3000 Elite mattress for advanced wound treatment utilizes a three-in-one air cell inflation/deflation cycle for excellent pressure redistribution therapy and creating air flow under patients to protect against maceration. The low friction, vapor permeable comforter protects from shearing and provides a quilted “wicking” material underneath to help keep patients dry.
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Air Fluidized Therapy Bed
Clinitron Rite Hite

The Clinitron Rite Hite Air Fluidized Therapy bed provide an ideal healing environment for compromised skin by minimizing the forces that cause tissue breakdown: pressure, shear, friction, heat and moisture. Its unique air fluidized therapy minimizes interface pressure, while maximizing the surface’s immersion and envelopment properties to support healing.
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Therapeutic Surface
Envision E700

The Envision E700 surface is a solution for managing pressure, moisture, friction and shear in patients at high risk of skin breakdown. Designed to address all four key factors affecting pressure ulcer healing, it is the ideal surface for caregivers wanting to provide an ideal safe skin environment for their compromised patients.
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ENT Treatment Unit
Futurent III

The Futurent III ENT treatment unit is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT OPD procedures, vastly improve efficiency and reduce user fatigue in the ENT consulting / treatment room. It combines touch-screen operation, hygienic materials, carefully selected finishes and other elements to offer an efficient, durable and patient-friendly setting.
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ENT Treatment Unit

The MICRONOMIC COMBI combines the MICRONOMIC 50 and MICRONOMIC PLUS with connecting shelves and a long Marlan worktop to create a compact ENT treatment unit designed to accommodate maximum number of integrated functions according to specific requirements. Its additional storage space, articulated arm for the handpieces with infrared sensor, and various integrated functions makes it suitable for ENT consulting rooms.
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Directional Transport System
Chauffeur Universal Transport System

The Chauffeur Universal Transport System is a four-way directional transport system that not only propels beds forward and backward, but also moves them side to side, thus minimizing the effort required to reposition beds in rooms and elevators and reducing the need for two attendants. It is designed to improve bed maneuverability, improve staff efficiency and prevent injury during patient transport.
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Fetal Monitor
FC 1400

The FC 1400 is an antepartum fetal monitor which detects and displays twin fetus heart rate and uterine activity in real time. It features a 7-inch color touch screen LCD monitor along with 10 smart keys for 16 functions to make operations easier and faster.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The BM3 is a portable and lightweight monitor with a 7-inch wide color screen that displays all the vital signs in different colors for easy recognition. It comes with a unique handle, which makes it easy to be moved from room to room, and a built-in printer for hard copy documentation of all measured values and up to 3 waveforms of information.
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Bariatric Bed

The Bari10A bed is specifically designed to address bariatric patient dignity by allowing for independent head and knee movement, up/down adjustments and gravity assist re-positioning. It provides patient safety and comfort when patient weight exceeds standard limits and also features an integrated scale to enable easy patient weight monitoring.
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Hospital Bed
Advanta 2 Med Surg Bed

The Advanta 2 Med Surg Bed provides patients egress/ingress, less patient positioning, and convenience through storage and features, such as a bed exit monitoring system with three-level detection algorithms. It enables connectivity with nurse call systems and EMRs, and uses open architecture, which accepts most standard support or therapy surfaces.
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BP Monitor
SunTech CT40

The SunTech CT40 is a clinical-grade spot-check device for measuring blood pressure and vital signs, and features a modular design to allow clinicians to make adaptations, such as adding thermometry, SpO2 and Wi-Fi, based on the patient’s needs. Other advanced features include the ability to transmit measurement data directly from the device in accordance with HL7 messaging protocols as well as BP Averaging Mode.
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Electric Delivery Bed

The Freya-03 electric delivery bed offers a wide range of possible positions, various minimum and maximum bed levels, and three independent control panels with one for the patient. The multi-functional bed’s construction, based on three columns, is safe and stable, and it meets all the requirements that are usually set for hospital beds (PN-EN 60601-2-52 norm, for example).
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