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Personal Care Bed
Joerns PCX

The Joerns PCX Personal Care bed is the best-in-class bed offered specifically to address the emerging trend of higher ADL needs served in assisted living communities while maintaining a home-like aesthetic with a modern designer appeal. It promotes safe, independent activity with the lowest bed height and customizable perimeter supporting an active lifestyle.
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Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress

The Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress features a premium four-way stretch cover and two layers of high-density foam with a patented "gliding" layer designed to help reduce friction and shear which can contribute to development of pressure ulcers. Its built-in sidewall supports facilitate user ingress/egress, while the castellation-cut foam redistributes pressure for user comfort.
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Full-Electric Bed

The SC900DLX is a full-function, full-feature, low-height bed electric bed with three DC motors to provide ultra-quiet operation of the head, hi-low and foot functions of the bed. Its horizontal travel range is designed so that the bed will not damage walls during height adjustments, while its six-function electric hand control pendant features bright, universal symbols for easy operation.
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Mattress System

The QUATTRO Plus mattress system is a proven solution for providing pressure relief, lower average interface pressures and enhanced comfort to patients at a high risk of pressure ulcers. It consists of a pressure reducing layer of air cells operating on a 1:4 active cell cycle, and comes with machine washable mattress and cover in single and double bed sizes.
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Bed Mattress System
FUSION Response

The FUSION Response is a non-powered, foam and air hybrid bed mattress that automatically responds to the patient to provide a reactive, constant low pressure support surface for basic pressure area care needs. Its Responsive Airflow redistribution customizes patient support by allowing air to flow between interconnected cells in response to patient weight, movement and position.
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Self Loading Stretcher

The Carrera is a compact self loading stretcher featuring an innovative suspension system in the newly-designed posterior legs to reduce vibrations and noises caused by uneven ground, before they are transmitted to the patient. Available in two versions, tall and short, it allows for increased stability, more precise steering and smooth transportation even on rough ground.
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Ambulance Stretcher

The BOB is the first ambulance stretcher support made from extruded aluminum with an unprecedented profile of the right hand side that increases the space in the ambulance and assists the correct posture of the operators. The suction devices, oxygen therapy and 12V socket are integrated into the support, while a proximity sensor evaluates the distance of the loading surface from the ground to make the loading and unloading procedures easier and safer.
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Medical-surgical Bed
Total Lift Bed

The Total Lift Bed allows only one or two caregivers to progressively move patients to full standing as early and frequently as tolerated to achieve increasing levels of weight bearing through the lower extremities and orientation to upright positioning. The change in weight bearing achieved is displayed on a digital screen which helps caregivers to monitor progress and set milestones against rehabilitation and mobility objectives.
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Medical-surgical Bed
Centrella Smart+ Bed

The Centrella Smart+ Bed is a medical-surgical bed for hospitals that offers optimized patient safety, enhanced patient satisfaction and advanced caregiver-focused technology. Besides helping to reduce patient falls and pressure injuries, it is designed with a scalable platform, has advanced verbal and visual notifications, and convenience features such as USB ports and mobile device storage.
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Electric Patient Bed
Apollo MedSurg

The Apollo MedSurg bed features an ergonomic design for avoiding back injuries, lower height for preventing patient fall, siderails designed to reduce patient entrapment and a series of one-hand operations for the bed. Available in customizable options to fit existing or planned décor, its innovative design and distinctive features help caregivers provide a more meaningful level of care to patients.
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Therapeutic Mattress
DermaFloat APM

The DermaFloat APM is an advanced alternating pressure therapeutic mattress replacement system that provides pressure redistribution and a comfortable, safe healing environment for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers up to Stage IV. The lightweight mattress rolls up for portability and ease of storage and remains inflated for up to 12 hours in the event of power failure or during resident transport.
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Bed Mattress

The FUSION Hybrid bed mattress offers either REACTIVE or ACTIVE Therapy and eliminates delays in support surface provision, increasing efficiency and releasing nursing time back to care. Made of high performance pressure redistributing foam with a multi-stretch, moisture-vapor permeable cover, it allows practitioners to immediately step patients up or down in-line with their clinical needs.
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Mattress Replacement System

The QUATTRO Acute electrically-operated, static low pressure or alternating air, mattress replacement system provides clinically-proven pressure relief, lower interface pressures and enhanced comfort. With its fully automatic pressure adjustment feature, it offers a proven solution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers within all care environments.
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Critical Care Bed

The InTouch is a fully integrated critical care bed featuring front wheel drive and a compact base for tighter turns and greater maneuverability. It allows all bed functions to be controlled with an easy, intuitive touch screen interface using a powerful on-bed Windows computer.
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Bed System
Hill-Rom 900 Accella

The Hill-Rom 900 Accella bed system with improved safety, outcomes, and patient experience is designed for higher acuity patients in intensive and acute care settings. It is available with a wide range of foam, hybrid and powered surfaces for the prevention of pressure injuries and the promotion of their healing.
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