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Vitals Signs Monitors

Vitals Signs Monitors
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All-In-One Lung Testing Solution

SpiroCare is an all-in-one lung testing solution featuring a unique infection-free disposable paper mouthpiece solution that supports comprehensive test modes. It comes with a 7-inch color TFT touch with 800 X 480 resolution screen with six functional keys for easy-workflow, along with easy candle-light guide for testing accuracy.
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Desktop Spirometer
Pony FX

Pony FX is the new generation of desktop spirometers designed for complete spirometry (FVC/SVC, MVV, bronchial provocation) and respiratory mechanics (MIP/MEP, Rocc) testing. With a large color LCD screen and inbuilt thermal printer, Pony FX makes it possible to perform tests without the need of a computer. The Pony FX has internal memory, which can store many patients/tests, and comes with a powerful and user-friendly PC software (OMNIA) for data management and real-time PC testing.
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Desktop Metabolic System
Fitmate WM

The Fitmate WM desktop metabolic system introduces a new approach for the measurement of oxygen consumption at rest and during exercise in both clinical and health & fitness settings. Each Fitmate desktop device is equipped with a rechargeable battery, a large LCD screen and a built-in printer that allows testing without a computer or main power lead. All Fitmate systems manage test results and store information inside its internal memory, ready for upload to PC software (included).
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Vascular Reporting Software
Dopplex DR4

Dopplex DR4 is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex Ability that enables automated ABIs to be undertaken and saved in a patient database. It also provides full page documented hard-copy printouts and PDF file capability for interfacing to Electronic Patient Record Systems.
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Automatic Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) System
Dopplex Ability

The Dopplex Ability Automatic Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) System provides automatic, easy, fast and accurate measurements with an immediate printout of results from the integral printer or optional DR4 software package. In addition to requiring minimal training and providing rapid bilateral ABI measurements in just three minutes, its portability enables measurements to be made more efficiently in the primary care clinic, hospital or patient's home.
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Telehealth Solution

The AMiS-72 Telehealth Solution has a fully integrated AMiS-72 Telehealth Cart, video conferencing software and digital exam scope, and is a turnkey total solution for telehealth/telemedicine application, such as tele-consultation, tele-ICU/ER, for medical settings (e.g. primary care, nursing home). Designed for easy and fast deployment in medical settings, its easy-to-use hand-held digital scope with video system can be used for capturing images of the body and sharing images through the communication platform.
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Portable Vascular Doppler
Smartdop 30EX

The Smartdop 30EX is a portable, bidirectional vascular Doppler with a built-in cuff inflation port and integrated pulse volume capabilities. It performs a wide variety of arterial and venous studies for the diagnosis and monitoring of vascular disease. Smartdop 30EX features dual probe ports, automatic calculations of ABI and TBI ratios, an integrated printer, real-time LCD waveform display and Smart-V-Link software compatibility for EHR integration and full-size test reports.
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Vascular Screening System
VaSera VS-2000

The VaSera VS-2000 vascular screening system delivers three examinations in one unit – blood pressure, ECG and vascular stiffness – which are the basis for a complete diagnosis for prevention of cardio-vascular diseases. The 12-channel ECG module completes the cardio-vascular diagnostic in one workflow.
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Telemetry Transmitter

The LX-8300M is a telemetry transmitter that can measure ECG, RESP, and SpO2 while being compact and lightweight. Each measurement indication is laid out efficiently in colors on the screen and it also supports the waterproof standard (IPX8).
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Self-Adhesive Electrode
Neuroline 720

Ambu Neuroline 720 electrodes are pre-gelled and self adhesive. They are ideal for use in sleep registration where the strong, yet skin-friendly, adhesion ensures that the electrode stays in place for the entire examination, even if the patient sweats.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The TM-2441 is an all-in-one ambulatory blood pressure monitor equipped with a self-blood pressure measurement mode, a multi-sensor and a special algorithm to detect irregular heart rhythms. It can perform five types of self-blood pressure measurement in addition to ABPM measurement. The compact, portable TM-2441 is also excellent for spot measurement in wards.
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Blood Pressure Module

The TM-2917 is a blood pressure module that can select either inflation or deflation measurement mode using an advanced measurement algorithm. It is equipped with LCD display and a dual-rolling pump.
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Indirect Calorimeter

Q-NRG+ is the first Indirect Calorimeter specifically intended for the measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) in patients who are mechanically ventilated or spontaneously breathing and for healthy subjects. The compact, lightweight, battery operating device uses the Gold Standard Indirect Calorimetry technique to measure metabolic parameters and has been designed to compete with conventional metabolic system, at a fraction of the cost.
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Indirect Calorimeter

Q-NRG is the first Indirect Calorimeter specifically intended for Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) measurement on spontaneously breathing subjects and uses the Gold Standard Indirect Calorimetry technique to measure metabolic parameters. It provides all the flexibility for a variety of clinical settings, assessing different patient's conditions (mechanically ventilated or spontaneously breathing) and with different techniques (Canopy Hood and/or face masks), from adults to pediatric starting from 10 kg.
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Pulmonary Function Testing System
Quark PFT

Quark PFT is a modular and compact Pulmonary Function Testing system that allows accurate, repeatable, low cost tests over time. It has been designed to meet any physician’s configuration requirement, whether a full-featured PFT system or a basic configuration to start a private practice is needed. Its innovative and user-friendly interface (touch-screen ready) allows operators to navigate and access features and testing with a minimal amount of training.
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