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ICU/CCU/OR Monitor
C80 ICU/CCU/OR Monitor

The C80 is an IPX1 level waterproof ICU/CCU/OR monitor that is equipped with a 12.1-inch LED touchscreen, handwriting pen, SD card port, USB port, convenient handle, and multiple mounting solutions. It offers over 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis and alarm event review, and hypoxemia report recording to aid in better diagnosis, along with review and print of 200 alarm events of arrhythmia and 2,000 groups of NIBP data, as well as 120 hours trend graph review.
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Cryosurgery Unit

The ERBECRYO 2 unit together with flexible single use probes is the next generation of Erbe cryo technology that is designed with a focus on reproducibility for improved freezing performance and standardization, and consistent target tissue effects. Target tissue can be frozen to the cryoprobe en face and tangentially, enabling clinical applications in challenging anatomy and hard to reach target areas.
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CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator
Erbe ECO 2

The Erbe ECO 2 CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator is a medical device that delivers CO2 via a gastrointestinal (GI) endoscope which reduces patient discomfort and post procedure recovery time. The user-friendly color touchscreen offers multiple options including a timer and various flow settings.
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Portable LED Headlight
DRE Xavier-C10

The DRE Xavier-C10 Portable LED Headlight provides physicians with a high intensity 10-watt LED mobile light source that is designed specifically for the operating room. The comfortable, lightweight design and long-life battery pack are good for hours of continuous use. Physicians wanting to supplement their existing surgical light set-up in the operating room will find that the DRE Xavier-C10 is one of the most powerful, comfortable and cost-effective LED headlight systems on the market today.
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Universal Operating Table
DRE Lucerne 360

The DRE Lucerne 360 Universal Operating Table offers premium features for as much as 30% less than the cost of competing surgery tables. Crafted for quality, it provides intuitive movement and stability, setting new standards in patient positioning. It features a C-Arm compatible table top with a 225 kg (500 lb) lift capacity. The Lucerne 360 has many advanced positioning options, such as kidney bridge positioning, 360° horizontal rotation (180° each direction) and a horizontal slide motion that helps create a greater field of view for C-arm use.
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3D Surgical LCD Display

The FS-P2607D is a 26 inch medical grade 3D surgical LCD display monitor that features advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing, enhanced low-angle processing, improved low-motion detection, and advanced 3D noise reduction. It includes excellent 3D comb filter performance for use with PAL and NTSC applications, and leads the way in technology, clarity, and reliability in today’s interventional procedure facilities and minimally invasive surgery suites.
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3D/2D Recorder

The R-FLIX1010 is a 3D/2D recorder that stores four channel full HD video and still images captured by G-FLIX and M-FLIX, and other surgical cameras. R-FLIX1010 is compatible with robotic operation equipment like the da Vinci series and other image capturing devices.
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Full HD 3D Surgery Camera

The G-FLIX1010 full HD 3D camera for general surgery captures open surgical procedures in 3D images. The simple-to-use camera is attachable to holding arms, capturing high quality 1080p full HD images with two channels.
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Ultrasonic Surgical Device
DU-3 Series

The DU-3 Series ultrasonic energy device is an advanced surgical device for laparoscopic and open procedures featuring an enhanced seal mode, and a user-focused design with continuous 360 degree rotation wheel, lightweight and convenient grip. It also features a built-in transducer and different shaft lengths for user needs, while enabling rapid cutting and lower heating for minimal thermal injury and stable heat management.
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Ultra Electro Surgical Unit

The DUB-100 ultra electro surgical unit is designed for cutting, bipolar, ultrasonic coagulation of biological tissues. It features a foot switch for bipolar and ultrasonic modes to activate the device during cutting and coagulation while the output power and mode selection can be controlled through the color touch screen. The device can be used for laparoscopic and open surgical procedures, including ultrasound surgery.
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Portable Drainage Collector
Atrium Express

The Atrium Express Dry Seal Chest Drain offers knock-over protection with an innovative system of knock-over nozzles that help reduce inter-chamber spills and allow safe transport. In addition to offering quick and convenient set-up with patient protection, it integrates precision dry suction regulation and a dry seal one-way valve technology for patient safety.
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Patient Transfer System
Sage HalfMATS

The Sage HalfMATS mobile air transfer system is designed for easy transfer of surgical patients from surface to surface in the OR and address transfer needs during specialty procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes.
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Surgical Lighting System
DRE Maxx Luxx

The DRE Maxx Luxx LED surgical lighting system provides exceptional bright light with a lux output of 130,000 and a color temperature of 4,300° Kelvin while virtually eliminating heat. It features the latest advances in state-of-the-art surgery lighting with its LED technology rated for 50,000 hours provides reduced maintenance costs.
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LED Surgical Headlamp

The XLT-85F LED surgical headlamp has an illumination spot that provides 85,000 Lux with a fixed 2 inch diameter (measured at 14”), bringing light to the areas you need to see. Plus, the pivot bracket of the Enova XLT-85F headlamp provides unlimited adjustability to accommodate your individual height and angle of view requirements. Coaxial alignment (aligning illumination to the same plane as your vision) is a breeze with the XLT-85F with or without loupes.
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Smoke Evacuation System

The IES 3 smoke evacuation system eliminates 98.6 % of the smoke with evacuation 1 cm directly above the source. Its ULPA-15-filter removes 99.9995 % of the 0.1 μm particles in the operating room for a safe working environment.
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