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The EC-330 endoscope series delivers high quality imaging and high endoscopic performance by providing sharp, high resolution, visual and comfortable insertion of the endoscope. Its 12.9mm distal end diameter and 4.2mm maximum diameter forceps channel make it highly suited for various therapeutic applications and treatments.
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Medical Video Recorder

The DVMAXX HD medical grade HD video recorder is designed to capture and record content in full 1920 x 1080 HD. The addition of a 3.5-inch LCD monitor creates a user-friendly environment for easy navigation and viewing of live content or playback.
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Ceiling Lift
Hoyer Elara

The Hoyer Elara ceiling lift features illuminating end panels and weight indicator that allows caregivers to perform vital job duties safely and with minimal disruption to patients. It can accommodate a wide range of custom layouts to meet individual and exacting requirements and its extensive lifting range makes it suitable for a variety of settings.
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Prone Position Support
Face-Cradle Prone Support System

The Face-Cradle Prone Support System is meant for use in prone position surgeries to offer the clinician greater visibility of the patient’s face. Its fully-adjustable cushion set accommodates most adult head sizes and offers greater patient stability.
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VoIP Solution

The SigmaXG system is a fast and flexible switching system for Video over IP designed for the digital OR. Signals are transported via 10Gb optical fiber, and high-quality video is streamed without any loss of data. The scalable system is compatible with a range of off-the-shelf components.
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Vacuum Pump

The MVP-100 vacuum pump is designed for safety and convenience. It features a push switch linked directly to the pump and a trap bottle to control overflow.
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Electromagnetic SWL System

The Integra is an electromagnetic SWL system that combines a fluoroscopy system, treatment table and shockwave unit for effective fragmentation and accurate imaging. It replaces the need to rotate the X-ray unit, allowing for a concise design and footprint, while a user-friendly physician's console enables complete control of the procedure as well as advanced image processing functions.
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Video Laryngoscopes

The ClearVue laryngoscopes are compact and lightweight, and offer quick installation and removal of blades. Key features include an anti-fog lens, 2MP camera, reinforced screen with antishatter protection, rechargeable battery, and blades that can be reused up to 1,000 times.
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Video Endoscopy System
Redfin R3800

The Redfin R3800 is a powerful 1080p HD video endoscopy system with high quality optics and multiple console output options for streaming live, Full HD images to any commercial or medical grade monitor. The video console is compatible with any standard video recorder for recording the live feed, and the system is designed to handle the demands of diagnostic and surgical applications.
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Suction Device

The SuctionShield device reduces waste and prevents cross-contamination and HAI transmission by moving with the patient from the OR to PACU or ICU, and isolating the suction tips and other instruments. Meant for single-patient use, its disposable holster attaches to virtually any horizontal surface, while a reservoir at the bottom keeps the suction tip from sitting in secretions.
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Reusable Laryngoscope

The SharnSelect brand of fiber optic reusable laryngoscopes has been tested to comply with ASTM standards for MR-conditional devices in up to 3.0 Tesla environments. The line of laryngoscopes offers a wider selection that fills current gaps in the MR laryngoscope market at affordable prices.
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Mobile Endoscopic Workstation

The WM-NP2 is a mobile endoscopic workstation that features an LCD monitor arm, central switch and cable management system for enhanced user comfort and safety. It supports easy access to all devices that are needed in surgical and medical endoscopy and can accommodate a wide range of electro-medical devices to meet the requirements of either routine or advanced endoscopic procedures.
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Video Processor

The OPTIVISTA EPK‑i7010 video processor, together with the latest i10 HD+ endoscopes series, or with the MagniView, optical zoom endoscopes, provides the best images to achieve the best clinical outcomes. It acts as a complete diagnostic tool, bringing together the best of digital and optical enhancement for complimentary use in pattern and vessel visualization during routine procedures or complex interventions.
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Navigation System

The SCOPEPILOT is a navigation system designed to provide a true 3D live representation of the colonoscope shape and position inside the patient´s bowel tract. It is designed to support an optimal navigation for an efficient, safe and comfortable procedure to improve patient compliance and satisfaction.
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Video Laryngoscope

The McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope combines direct and video laryngoscopy into a single device designed to improve the user’s view across the entire spectrum of intubation difficulty. Built tough for EMS and designed to reinforce paramedics’ direct laryngoscopy skills, it offers EMS providers an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution to improve visualization and airway management.
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