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Wound Cleaning System

The CareMaster is a wound cleaning system that removes exogenous stimuli using impulse cleaning and removes minor irritants and necrotic tissue using ultrasound cleaning. It uses negative pressure to automatically collect waste fluid and promotes primary healing of infected wounds.
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Patient Warming System

The SurfaceTemp patient warming system is a resistant warming technology OR table pad that redistributes pressure and connects to the operator’s control unit via an innovative ribbon cable to provide consistent and active warming for the patient. Designed to maximize pressure redistribution and minimize skin sheer, it continuously delivers consistent heat to promote normothermia, allowing caregivers to provide warmth, comfort and pressure relief to patients in the OR without worrying about disposables.
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Control Syringe

The Control Syringe offers a good sealing performance to ensure clinical efficacy and safety of use. Its one-handed operation makes it easy to use and is available as per a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different clinical applications.
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Video Otoscope

The DE550 Wireless Digital Video Otoscope is a special purpose digital video camera combined with a high magnification lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs. Powered by 30x variable magnification, it streams high quality live video (at 30fps) to a computer, enabling the user to view and record crystal clear images or videos.
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ACE Camera

The ACE camera incorporates a newly-designed 1/3-type Super HAD CCD II sensor which provides increased sensitivity (minimum illumination of 0.25lx). It helps the camera achieve a high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines with a 10x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom, allowing it to display the smallest details.
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Filtration System

The UV24 system reduces the risk of HAIs, defending patients, staff and visitors from airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. It provides 24/7 UV protection using UV-C and filtration to draw in and treat environmental air, all safely hidden behind standard-sized fluorescent or LED ceiling lights.
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Biopsy Punches
Biopsy Punches

The stainless steel biopsy punches take a perfect sample every time. As a necessary instrument for an ob/gyn professional to help diagnose any irregularities of the cervix, the biopsy punches are now available with heavy grip handles.
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Surgical Table
Athena A-900

The Athena A-900 is a radiotransparent hydraulic electro surgical table with a coating on the base and chassis made of stainless steel AISI 304. The table top is manufactured using a translucent material to allow the use of image intensifier and X-ray and is ideal for various surgical procedures.
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Surgical Display

The MDSC-8358 is a slimline, large-screen surgical display with LED backlight, featuring a 58-inch LCD panel (16:9) with UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) and is designed for use in hybrid operating rooms, interventional X-ray and cardiovascular suites. It delivers accurate DICOM-compliant grayscale and color images with ultra-low latency, consistent colors, and reduced noise, making it the preferred choice for real-time critical imaging.
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Gynecological Workstation
ATMOS S 41 Gyne

The ATMOS S 41 Gyne is a gynecological workstation that centralizes and integrates the necessary equipment for diagnostic and treatment, which improves workflow. Some of the technologies that can be integrated into the workstation are digital visualization and documentation, LED illumination, radiofrequency surgery, smoke evacuation, suction, (secretion + curettage) and colposcopy.
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Surgical Microscope
ATMOS i View Pro

The ATMOS i View Pro microscope features “slim design” optics, lighting and harmonious operations without any distracting features, making it the best possible tool for surgeons to be used during procedures for concentrated, trouble-free operation. Its 24 mm stereo base makes for brilliant space impression, while the extra large exit pupil facilitates the adaptation of the human eye to the eyepiece and promises fatigue-free and concentrated work, even over long periods.
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Portable Endoscopy System

The FEES PORTABLE integrated system solution for swallowing diagnostics offers a maximum mobile solution for flexible endoscopy and comprehensive software, which enables simple and direct documentation of findings. Its integrated tablet PC makes it possible to display a live image and save the images and videos created during the investigation in the patient record, while its compact design allows for easy transport.
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Suction Units

The VORTEX-S AS-200 series of suction units for medium surgery / vacuum-extraction consists of various models, which can satisfy every possible need in the field of small and medium surgery, including small operating rooms and Vacuum-extraction procedures. The series is suitable for emergency room, hospital, endoscopy, ENT, tracheotomy, gynecology & endouterine treatments, small and medium surgery and small operating theaters.
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Suction Units

The SUPERSUCTION 4T series of suction units for high surgery is characterized by high vacuum/high flow suction pumps and high suction speed. They share several common characteristics, but have different suction group and standard accessories, and are very quiet.
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Fluid Management System
Easy Catcher Disposable System

The Easy Catcher Disposable System is designed to catch and drain fluid during a surgical procedure and attaches to the side rails of an OR table via two integral rail clamps. It is a single-piece system that contains a fluid drain drape with an integral flexible support band which supports the drape vertically for optimal drainage.
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