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Wound Healing System
V.A.C. Freedom

The V.A.C. Freedom is a portable system for advanced wound healing to promote the wound healing process, reduce edema, prepare the wound bed for closure, promote the formation of granulation tissue and remove infectious materials, all while minimizing pain and discomfort. Its LCD screen with menu interface allows for efficient selection of negative pressure wound therapy, while Smart Alarms help ensure patient safety and assist staff in providing care.
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The EC-330 endoscope series delivers high quality imaging and high endoscopic performance by providing sharp, high resolution, visual and comfortable insertion of the endoscope. Its 12.9mm distal end diameter and 4.2mm maximum diameter forceps channel make it highly suited for various therapeutic applications and treatments.
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Prone Position Support

The Face-Cradle prone support system is meant for use in prone position surgeries to offer the clinician greater visibility of the patient’s face. Its fully adjustable cushion set can accommodate most adult head sizes, and offers greater patient stability.
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Medical Video Recorder

The DVMAXX HD medical grade HD video recorder is designed to capture and record content in full 1920 x 1080 HD. The addition of a 3.5-inch LCD monitor creates a user-friendly environment for easy navigation and viewing of live content or playback.
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Video Integration System
NUVO Vplex

The NUVO Vplex video integration system uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver best quality images over a fiber optic network, ensuring minimal interference and crisp clean High Definition images in full color or monochrome. It combines all the applications of the OR computer with the graphic user interface of a video system to deliver it all in a single user-friendly, portable, handheld medical grade computer tablet.
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Surgical Table

The V1000 surgical table features an exceptionally sturdy, low-profile base that helps ensure maximum surgeon comfort to reduce fatigue during long surgical procedures in nearly all fields, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology. Other benefits include unprecedented C-arm access, self-diagnosis with instant error code display, and a control system that automatically prevents of sectional conflicts.
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LED Surgical Light

The VistOR MS LED surgical light provides superior shadow control while allowing for the light field to be adjusted with minimal reduction of illuminated brightness. It can be configured to include multiple light heads and high-definition video camera and monitor options, making it ideal for use in the operating room, trauma bay, as a treatment light in the ER or a procedure light.
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Surgical Light

The Nuvo Vu LED surgical light is comparatively brighter, whiter, and cooler in the operating room, delivering the most accurate colors with superior shadow control and virtually no heat emission. Its Cross Focus Technology enables the LEDs to move independently of each other while adjusting the pattern size, providing the same output on the large pattern as it does on the small pattern.
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Trolley Digital Colposcope

The PL-9800T is a trolley digital colposcope for the diagnosis of cervical disease that magnifies images by 10 to 60 times to detect small lesions which are not visible to the naked eye. It is used for checking pathological changes in the vulva, vagina and cervix, filtering cervix cancer by fluorescence indirectly and image management.
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DEC Duodenoscope (ED34-i10T2)

The DEC Duodenoscope (ED34-i10T2) combines high quality imaging and therapeutic performance with patient safety features to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection. The device’s single-use, sterile, distal end cap is designed to reduce the likelihood of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infections, while its improved design allows easy access for brush cleaning with the exposure of critical surfaces of the device.
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General Purpose Table

The CLINOMAT general purpose, solid tilting table offers silent, smooth and counterbalanced movements with electromagnetic brakes. The table top has a longitudinal run of 60 cms (head-side) and 40 cms (foot-side) in order to make patient positioning and centering easier.
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Radiology Table

The ANTARIX ELEVATOR radiology table top has a wide longitudinal and transversal run at low absorption rate and is controlled by a convenient pedal below. The elevating movement of the table top offers easier patient access and complies with safety requirements.
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Radiology Table

The DEDALUS ES radiology table is designed with small encumbrance, low weight and anti-collision electronic system for easy positioning in narrow radiology rooms. The elevating movement of the table top reaches 63 cms, thus allowing easy access for traumatized patients or patients on wheel chair.
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Surgical Monitor

The LG-27HJ710SW features a 27-inch IPS 8MP display that delivers superior detailed picture quality. It improves work efficiency by enabling detailed observation, as well as displaying multiple imaging applications, making it ideal for surgeons who favor minimally invasive surgical techniques.
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Photodynamic System
System Blue

The System Blue is the world’s first Photodynamic Diagnostics light source based on LED lamps that offers maximum color contrast for tumor differentiation. A direct resection of the tumor tissue can be carried out by the bright, high-resolution visualization under blue light without any restriction.
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