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Endoscopy System

The HD-350 is designed specifically for screening and diagnosis with a budget friendliness. It can meet the demands of many hospital and clinics, and help doctors improve their confidence and accuracy in patient diagnosis.
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Wound Cleaning System

The CareMaster is a wound cleaning system that removes exogenous stimuli using impulse cleaning and removes minor irritants and necrotic tissue using ultrasound cleaning. It uses negative pressure to automatically collect waste fluid and promotes primary healing of infected wounds.
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Surgical Table

The V800 surgical table features an exceptionally sturdy, low-profile base that helps ensure maximum surgeon comfort to reduce fatigue during long procedures, along with a removable split leg section. It provides unprecedented C-arm access, self-diagnosis with Instant Error Code display, and a control system that automatically prevents of sectional conflicts, making it suitable for surgical procedures in nearly all fields, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology.
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AL-105Z Pro

The AL-105Z Pro is a powerful 5-step colposcope with precision computer-designed optics and includes a high solution SONY camera, HDMI interface, built-in storage capacity, as well as zoom and mirror functions. Other features include built in LED light source with patented integration module, ultra-bright light with continuous illumination adjustment and built-in green filters to increase contrast.
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Video Otoscope

The DE550 Wireless Digital Video Otoscope is a special purpose digital video camera combined with a high magnification lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs. Powered by 30x variable magnification, it streams high quality live video (at 30fps) to a computer, enabling the user to view and record crystal clear images or videos.
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Medical Lamp
Starled1 Evo

The Starled1 Evo single LED medical lamp has a homogeneous and intense light beam with 60.000 lux at 50 cm, and produces a color temperature of 4.500 °K and a color rendering index (CRI) of 95. It allows for adjustment of the light intensity and selection of the desired light level, making it suitable for applications in dermatology, general medicine, gynecology, diagnostics, cosmetic medicine, first aid and recovery rooms.
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Endoscopy System

The ELUXEO 7000 endoscopy system features Fujifilm’s innovative 4-LED multi light technology that supports advancing the standards of endoscopic imaging and is outstanding in terms of longevity and low energy consumption. The new LED light source reduces time-consuming and frequent changes of light bulbs with an average life expectancy of 10,000 hours for the LED lamps.
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Video Colonoscope
EC-760ZP-VM / VL

The EC-760ZP-VM / VL slim video colonoscope from the Eluxeo 700 series features the easy-to-operate multi zoom with 135 x maximum magnification to provide exceptional details of the mucosal and vascular patterns. Like the routine scope, it features the full range of functionalities, including flexible adjustment even with its slim diameter of 11.8 mm.
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Mobile Operation Lamp

The MF-13 mobile operation lamp features a multitude of computer-calculated facetted lenses to guarantee homogeneity and lowest shadiness in the light field which can be focused by turning the handle. Separately arranged optical systems, each with one LED module, generate their own light field, which increases its contrast effect and allow light intensities of 100.000 Lux to be attained without difficulty.
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Electrical Surgical Tables

The INP-ME range of electrical surgical tables feature a radiotransparent tabletop divided into four sections – head, back, legs and accents – and a base made of polished stainless steel. Other features include a structural profile with linear guides, where the system is activated by lifting electric linear actuator and chasis made of steel plates with structural reinforcement.
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Surgical Lights

The INP-MASTER / SL 300 surgical lights consist of fiberglass flame-retardant domes, designed for high performance in operation theaters, and feature specially-designed LEDs for medical applications with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5000K. The LED bulbs are connected in parallel so that should one bulb fail, the others remain on and allow to differentiate the tissue with accurate color reproduction that does not change the natural color of the blood or other tissues during surgery.
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Video Laryngoscope
King Vision aBlade

The King Vision aBlade video laryngoscope is designed to enable quick and easy intubation with its display providing a consistent clear real-time view of the patient’s airway. It offers the choice of two single-use blade types for user flexibility and elimination of the risk of cross contamination.
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Laryngoscope System
SunOne System

The SunOne System is a complete single patient use fiber optic laryngoscope system that prevents the risk of cross-contamination commonly associated with reusable blades and handles. It features six types of disposable fiber optic blades in a variety of sizes for both routine and difficult adult and pediatric intubations.
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Would Irrigation Device
Combiport + Combiguard II

The Combiport + Combiguard II includes the Combiport would irrigation device that is designed to administer a high volume of fluid in a short period of time and helps remove foreign bodies, reduce pathogen numbers and moisten wound tissue. It also includes the Combiguard Irrigation Splash Guard with an egg-shaped cup that covers the wound site to prevent irrigation splashback, helping to protect healthcare providers.
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Postoperative Blankets
Bair Hugger Postoperative Blankets

The Bair Hugger Postoperative Blankets are made of soft, comfortable, lightweight, latex-free material and facilitates maximum thermal transfer by hugging the patient. The integrated tuck flaps at the shoulders help maintain blanket position while the foot drape minimizes the risk of thermal injury to the feet and lower leg areas.
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