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Cooling Vest
Staff Cooling Vest

The Staff Cooling Vest helps keep the surgical team comfortable throughout a procedure and is designed to circulate water evenly and effectively without the mess of ice. One size fits most staff members and sterile gowns and/or lead vest may be worn on top of the Staff Vest.
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Surgical Monitor

The PAX-324 is a 24-inch medical-grade surgical monitor that supports a Full HD resolution of 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz and is equipped with DICOM Part 14 GSDF compliance 14-bit LUT processing grayscale, hardware calibration support, and automatic charge input detection. It ensures precise representation of grayscale images, while its slim true-flat design offers physical onscreen display keys, a splash screen and an optional touchscreen with projective capacitive control.
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Wound Therapy System
NPWT System

The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System is a simple, efficient and safe way for healing wounds by accelerating healing, and reducing the infection rate and length of hospital stay. It removes exudates and infectious materials, reduces edema, bacterial load and wound margins, and increases blood flow to the wound.
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Vaginal Speculum
Graves Vu-More

The Graves Vu-More is a titanium-coated vaginal speculum with a wider blade design and a larger view area (four cms vs. the standard three cms). It features the same classic design as MedGyn’s stainless steel version with a light-weight, durable titanium coating.
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LED Examination Light

The ACEMSO15F is a focusable LED examination light with a light intensity of 110,000 LUX and low power consumption (25 W), offering excellent light intensity, IR-free light beam, light beam focusing and long life. Its LED layout provides visual comfort and produces a uniform, homogeneous and shadowless light, making it ideal for diagnostics, minor surgery and universal applications in intensive care, recovery room, first aid, cosmetic surgery and dental treatment.
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3D Imaging System
3D Imaging System

The 3D Imaging System features an articulating, chip-on-tip design and dual optical channels to enable critical anatomical views in 2D and 3D that are simply not possible with traditional rod lens laparoscopes. It creates a compelling 3D experience and provides improved speed, accuracy and precision for surgical tasks while helping to shorten the learning curve.
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Surgical Imaging System

The EVIS EXERA III is an imaging system for surgical endoscopy that provides system compatibility across multiple specialties, including surgical endoscopy, gastroenterology, urology, and ENT for superior workflow and cost efficiencies. The multi-specialty platform supports over 100 different rigid, flexible, and articulating endoscopes and camera heads, achieving greater operating efficiency by standardizing equipment, training, service, and biomed support.
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Angiography System
Alphenix 4-D CT

The Alphenix 4-D CT flexible hybrid angiography system combines Canon’s Alphenix Sky + C-arm and Hybrid Catheterization Tilt/Cradle Table for interventional procedures with its innovative Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition CT system. It allows clinicians to efficiently plan, treat and verify in a single clinical setting, enabling streamlined workflow and outstanding range of patient access and coverage.
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LED Surgical Lighting System
OSL-3500 LED Series

The OSL-3500 Series LED surgical lighting system with adjustable color temperature offers cutting edge performance with precise, uniform, homogeneous lighting both on the surface as well as for deep cavity procedures, thanks to its innovative shadow control. It provides sterile control, which enables the procedure team to operate all important functions intuitively, quickly and easily, including on/off, dimmer control and shadow management.
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Multi-disciplinary Table
Zentrum i3

The Zentrum i3 is a versatile multi-disciplinary table that combines leading edge smart technologies with intuitive design, resulting in a table system that is precise, safe and predictable while being easy to operate and configure. With a 272 kg (600 lbs.) capacity throughout the full articulation range, including when fully translated with patient reversed, and 454 kg (1,000 lbs.) lift capacity from home position, its robotic proprioception warns the user before a tipping event or a collision can occur.
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OR Light
Aurinio Wave

The Aurinio Wave is only OR light with reLED technology that unites a shadow-free illuminated field with unique illumination depth and high color rendering. With its intuitive operation, high efficiency level and seamless integration into existing OR integration systems, it provides a new dimension in light for trouble-free surgery at all times for the OR team.
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Supply System
VS 300

The VS 300 is a flush-mounted supply system that perfectly complements any surgical area installation in a horizontal or vertical position and features a central connection point for easy installation. It complies with the hygiene requirements for surgery areas by employing a design that is easy to clean, with seamless surfaces that minimize bacterial deposits.
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Image Guided Surgery System
Discovery IGS 7 OR

The Discovery IGS 7 OR image guided surgery system is fully integrated with the Maquet Magnus Radiolucent and Universal tabletop, enabling advanced patient positioning and imaging such as intra-op cone-beam CT, to meet the requirements of diverse minimally invasive surgery and conventional open surgical procedures. It provides a choice of optimal mid-size 31 cm and largest field-of-view 41 cm detectors, bringing both intuitive 3D fusion image guidance and complete workspace freedom to the hybrid operating room, covering the needs of virtually any surgical and Interventional specialty.
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Surgical Monitor
CuratOR EX2620

The CuratOR EX2620 is a 26-inch wide screen surgical monitor with full HD display that faithfully reproduces surgical images using an LCD panel with a brightness of 700 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1400:1. It features energy-efficient LED backlight with 700 cd/m² luminance for optimal viewing in bright operating rooms, along with a sleek design with fully-flat protective glass and rounded corners for comfort and safety in the operating room.
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Examination Luminaire

The VISIANO 20-2 examination luminaire offers a unique design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and highest light quality to provide the perfect examination conditions. Its superior light quality and easy handling make it an ideal light for medical exams and procedures, particularly highly sensitive applications such as neonatology or intensive care.
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