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Patient Warming System

The SurfaceTemp patient warming system is a resistant warming technology OR table pad that redistributes pressure and connects to the operator’s control unit via an innovative ribbon cable to provide consistent and active warming for the patient. Designed to maximize pressure redistribution and minimize skin sheer, it continuously delivers consistent heat to promote normothermia, allowing caregivers to provide warmth, comfort and pressure relief to patients in the OR without worrying about disposables.
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Control Syringe

The Control Syringe offers a good sealing performance to ensure clinical efficacy and safety of use. Its one-handed operation makes it easy to use and is available as per a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different clinical applications.
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The EC-500 colonoscope features a light weight handle for a better operating experience and a gradual stiffness design to provide doctors with the ideal insert experience. It uses a water jet for efficient and strong water pressure to enable a clean view for doctors at all times.
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Surgical Monitor

The LG-27HJ710SW features a 27-inch IPS 8MP display that delivers superior detailed picture quality. It improves work efficiency by enabling detailed observation, as well as displaying multiple imaging applications, making it ideal for surgeons who favor minimally invasive surgical techniques.
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ACE Camera

The ACE camera incorporates a newly-designed 1/3-type Super HAD CCD II sensor which provides increased sensitivity (minimum illumination of 0.25lx). It helps the camera achieve a high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines with a 10x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom, allowing it to display the smallest details.
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Biopsy Punches
Biopsy Punches

The stainless steel biopsy punches take a perfect sample every time. As a necessary instrument for an ob/gyn professional to help diagnose any irregularities of the cervix, the biopsy punches are now available with heavy grip handles.
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Surgical Light

The Nuvo Vu LED surgical light is comparatively brighter, whiter, and cooler in the operating room, delivering the most accurate colors with superior shadow control and virtually no heat emission. Its Cross Focus Technology enables the LEDs to move independently of each other while adjusting the pattern size, providing the same output on the large pattern as it does on the small pattern.
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Video Laryngoscope
CoPilot VL+

The CoPilot VL+ video laryngoscope is an advanced and award-winning airway management device developed to help providers have the optimum view of the airway when placing breathing tubes. It features a larger, brighter, higher resolution display along with powerful LEDs, and its compact and portable size makes it ideal for every medical setting, such as anesthesia in the OR, ICU, or the emergency medical responder field.
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Manual Suction Pump

The Res-Q-Vac is an easy to use manual suction pump that is capable of generating a suction of -300 mm Hg (-11.81 in Hg) by pressing the pedal with hand, knee or foot. It allows clearing of the patients' airways in a safe, quick and efficient manner during emergency situations and has a polycarbonate structure that is strong and easy to clean.
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Portable Suction Unit

The AMBUJET is a portable compact suction unit with an integral indestructible polyethylene shell that fully protects both the unit and the vase from bumps and impact damage. It is the only suction device equipped with a certified 20 G fixing system and is also the world's lightest vacuum device at just 2,65 kg (5.84 lbs).
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Surgical Table

The Practo surgical table for elective procedures is designed to improve ergonomics with the widest range of posture possibilities and is powered by smart controls that help surgeons work more fluently. It comes with improved safe working load and width extenders to help treat every patient regardless of their size and shape, and is available in three different models, with a motorized leg sections option.
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MAMBA vision

The MAMBA vision new flexible sensor cystoscope for the ENDOCAM Logic 4K platform features a thin and exceptionally flexible outer sheath with articulation through 210 degrees both up and down. It features two distally integrated LEDs that provide homogeneous illumination, along with six integrated Special Imaging Modes (SIM) digital algorithms for easier tissue differentiation.
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Surgical Table
Surgery 8900 Modular

The Surgery 8900 Modular surgical table is engineered for the complex demands of modern surgical suites and is designed for extreme loads in any position. Its modular structure allows it to be adapted to the size of the patient at any moment and reconfigured for any surgical application.
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Surgical Stapler

The third-generation endoscopic linear cutting stapler with unequaled intelligent stapling technology and GSTTM technology, ensure the staple in a perfect “B” formation and provide outstanding performance in suturing and hemostasis.
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Laparoscopy Trainer

The PLATO portable laparoscopy trainer provides round-the-clock essential training opportunities and does not require an electrical connection. It is flat and foldable, and makes use of the built-in camera of any smart phone or a tablet, making it suitable for aspiring laparoscopic surgeons.
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