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The EC-330 endoscope series delivers high quality imaging and high endoscopic performance by providing sharp, high resolution, visual and comfortable insertion of the endoscope. Its 12.9mm distal end diameter and 4.2mm maximum diameter forceps channel make it highly suited for various therapeutic applications and treatments.
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Medical Video Recorder

The DVMAXX HD medical grade HD video recorder is designed to capture and record content in full 1920 x 1080 HD. The addition of a 3.5-inch LCD monitor creates a user-friendly environment for easy navigation and viewing of live content or playback.
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Ceiling Lift
Hoyer Elara

The Hoyer Elara ceiling lift features illuminating end panels and weight indicator that allows caregivers to perform vital job duties safely and with minimal disruption to patients. It can accommodate a wide range of custom layouts to meet individual and exacting requirements and its extensive lifting range makes it suitable for a variety of settings.
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Prone Position Support
Face-Cradle Prone Support System

The Face-Cradle Prone Support System is meant for use in prone position surgeries to offer the clinician greater visibility of the patient’s face. Its fully-adjustable cushion set accommodates most adult head sizes and offers greater patient stability.
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VoIP Solution

The SigmaXG system is a fast and flexible switching system for Video over IP designed for the digital OR. Signals are transported via 10Gb optical fiber, and high-quality video is streamed without any loss of data. The scalable system is compatible with a range of off-the-shelf components.
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Electromagnetic SWL System

The Integra is an electromagnetic SWL system that combines a fluoroscopy system, treatment table and shockwave unit for effective fragmentation and accurate imaging. It replaces the need to rotate the X-ray unit, allowing for a concise design and footprint, while a user-friendly physician's console enables complete control of the procedure as well as advanced image processing functions.
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Video Laryngoscopes

The ClearVue laryngoscopes are compact and lightweight, and offer quick installation and removal of blades. Key features include an anti-fog lens, 2MP camera, reinforced screen with antishatter protection, rechargeable battery, and blades that can be reused up to 1,000 times.
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Ultrasound Endoscope

The EG-3270UK slim linear ultrasound endoscope features a slimmer insertion tube, a smaller distal end, and a shorter bending section to help endoscopists access and visualize hard-to-reach anatomy for a wider range of patients. Its curved, linear-array transducer delivers high-resolution ultrasound imaging and great visualization capabilities, making it suitable for endoscopic ultrasound in everyday practice as well as a wide range of procedures.
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Wound Healing System
V.A.C. Freedom

The V.A.C. Freedom is a portable system for advanced wound healing to promote the wound healing process, reduce edema, prepare the wound bed for closure, promote the formation of granulation tissue and remove infectious materials, all while minimizing pain and discomfort. Its LCD screen with menu interface allows for efficient selection of negative pressure wound therapy, while Smart Alarms help ensure patient safety and assist staff in providing care.
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Blade Remover
Bard Parker Blade Remover

The Bard Parker Blade Remover allows surgical team members to safely remove up to five contaminated blades per remover without the need to touch the blade, thereby protecting caregivers from sharp injuries. Its clear lid allows for easy counting of used blades, and its adhesive backing secures to any surface, including drapes, while its locking tabs prevent the blades from being removed from the device.
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Disposable Scalpel Handle
Bard Parker SafeSwitch Disposable Scalpel Handle and Scalpel Handle Cover

The Bard Parker line of weighted SafeSwitch Disposable Scalpel Handles offers surgeons the ability to safely retract, pass and disarm surgical blades in one step using one hand, thus helping to prevent sharp injuries. They offer the convenience of compatibility with a wide range of blades and sizes, and help protect surgical teams from injuries that may occur before, during and after surgical procedures.
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Endoscopy System

The ENDOCAM Logic 4K endoscopy system offers harmonized image visualization and processing entirely optimized to 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with clear, pin-sharp images in a realistic color scheme. It uses digital algorithms for easier tissue differentiation and comes with clinically developed presets for different disciplines.
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OR Integration Solution
Core Nova

The Core Nova is a comprehensive, mobile solution capable of full integration in an O.R. with fully scalable components and a wide range of paradigmatic characteristics. The IT infrastructure available in the hospital can be used for quick and affordable installation, while convenient media management encompasses a number of features, including the possibility of documentation of all integrated video sources.
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Photodynamic Diagnosis System
System Blue

The System Blue is the world’s first Photodynamic Diagnostics (PDD) light source based on LED lamps and offers the maximum color contrast for clearer tumor differentiation. A direct resection of the tumor tissue can be carried out by the bright, high-resolution and contrast-rich visualization under blue light without any restriction.
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Endoscopic Imaging System

The Spectar adaptive endoscopic imaging system provides all the features required for performing all endoscopic examinations and interventions. It configures itself automatically to the wide range of HD, 4K, 2D, 3D camera heads and video endoscopes, and immediately sends a video image of the highest quality to the user without the need for any additional settings.
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