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Handheld Fluorescent Imaging System
CHD3100 Series HD Handheld Fluorescent Imaging System

The CHD3100 Series HD Handheld Fluorescent Imaging System which is compatible with the 2100 series HD Fluorescence Endoscopic System features lens that comes with a white light source and a NIR source. Its industry-leading 4CMOS technology enhances visualization of tissue perfusion in real-time and enables users to switch between standard white light mode, standard fluorescence mode, pseudo-color fluorescence mode, and multi-display mode at any time during surgery.
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Endoscopy Monitor
Endoscopy Monitor

The Comssen 24 inch Endoscopy Monitor features backlit LED, 16:10 aspect ratio, 1920 x 1200 resolution (WUXGA) and a viewing angle of 178°. It offers a response time of 14 minutes (G to G), maximum brightness of 600cd/ m2, maximum calibration brightness of 450cd/ m2 and typical brightness of 300cd/ m2.
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Video Endoscopy System
Aohua AQ-100

The Aohua AQ-100 HD video endoscopy system uses optical chromoendoscopy technique to provide early cancer diagnosis and treatment in hospitals. It features a high-pixel sensor and is integrated with full-digital image processing technology. Depending on the DVI digital signals, it fully restores the endoscopic color and renders high-quality endoscopic images.
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CO2 Insufflator
AesculapFlow 40

The AesculapFlow 40 is an easy to operate high flow CO2 insufflator with central info display, integrated gas preheating and automatic overpressure gas release. It offers intuitive and simple operation with pressure pre-selection in mmHg, pre-selectable flow rate, display of gas cylinder fill level and gas consumption in liters.
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Single-Use, Flexible, Ready-to-Go Endoscope
aScope 4 Broncho Regular

The aScope 4 Broncho Regular endoscope is a single-use, flexible, ready-to-go bronchoscopy solution having a working channel width of 2.2 mm. The single-use scope is easy to set up and requires zero handling or reprocessing after use, as well as eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.
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White Light Endoscopic Imaging System
OptoMedic104K WhtNavi White Light Endoscopic Imaging System

The OptoMedic 104K WhtNavi white light endoscopic imaging system is intended to be used with endoscope, monitor, endo-intervention accessories, and other auxiliary equipment for real-time visible observation, diagnosis, treatment and image recording. 4K high resolution offers more accurate qualitative white light imaging without flickering or delay, and its patented intelligent dimming technology can prevent biological thermal burns.
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Automatic Endoscope Washing Disinfector

The COOOLENDO is an automatic endoscope washing disinfector that uses patented 9 water spray nozzle system to provide powerful top-down washing and ultrasound washing simultaneously. It uses a 7 air spray nozzle system to dry the internal channel and endoscope quickly and uses disposable antiseptic solution for complete sterilization and infection prevention.
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Endoscopic Imaging System
2100 Series HD FloNavi Fluorescence Endoscopic Imaging System

The 2100 Series HD FloNavi Fluorescence Endoscopic Imaging System enhances visualization of tissue perfusion in real-time and enables users to switch between white light mode, standard FL mode, color scale FL mode, and multi-display mode at any time during surgery. It allows real-time lymphatic system tracking, tissue perfusion observation, and accurate tumor boundary mapping, making it suitable for multiple minimally invasive applications.
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Endoscopic Navigation System
4K Ultra HD Fluorescence Endoscopic Navigation System

The 4K Ultra HD Fluorescence Endoscopic Navigation System uses innovative 4CMOS technology with a resolution of 3840x2160P to deliver vividly colored and high contrast images brought by enhancement technology with unique algorithms. The precision fluorescence imaging system features innovative coating treatment and premium optics that bring ultra-high sensitivity and provides a clear, bright image without flickering or delay.
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Portable Video Intubationscope

The A11 portable video intubationscope is a unique visualization solution for intubation that unlike traditional optical fiber scopes is flexible and durable, thus reducing downtime. Its 3.5 degree adjustable LCD display and pitching angle of 1- 130 degree allows for customized adjustment, while its horizontal rotation of 45 degrees facilitates observation by more people at the same time.
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Video Laryngoscope
VS-10 Series

The VS-10 Series video laryngoscope features a 3.5-inch HD touchscreen along with a vertical rotation angle of 0°~140 and a horizontal rotation angle of 0°~270°. It features an IP66 waterproof design with instant anti-fog technology and does not require any heating time.
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Mobile Swallowing Diagnostics

The ATMOS FEES Cart mobile swallowing diagnostics is particularly suitable for users who perform swallowing diagnostics in a ward or practice environment and comes with a chip-on-tip endoscope stored in a quiver attached to the side. Thanks to the all-in-one, large-screen PC, users can view live images or analyze stored videos and prepare reports while the cart offers storage space and shelves as well as standard rails for accommodating additional equipment.
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Single-Use Duodenoscope
aScope Duodeno

aScope Duodeno is a sterile single-use duodenoscope for ERCP procedures that helps address concerns about patient cross-contamination and patient safety while delivering the performance of conventional duodenoscopes. Its rippled-surface handle and light weight (54% less than a typical reusable scope) make it ideal for control and comfort no matter how long the procedure, while its elevator control feature allows for precise positioning of accessories.
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Single-Use Endoscope
aScope 4 Broncho Large

The aScope 4 Broncho Large endoscope is a single-use, flexible, ready-to-go bronchoscopy solution that helps improve patient safety and simplifies workflow. With a working channel width of 2.8mm, it is suitable for the management of retained secretion and a wide range of procedures.
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CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator
Erbe ECO 2

The Erbe ECO 2 CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator is a medical device that delivers CO2 via a gastrointestinal (GI) endoscope which reduces patient discomfort and post procedure recovery time. The user-friendly color touchscreen offers multiple options including a timer and various flow settings.
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