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Endoscope Anti-Fogging Agent

ULTRASTOP is a high-quality anti-fogging agent for medical endoscopes and optics that is designed to create a special layer on the surface of the optics. This exceptionally thin and absolutely transparent film makes steam condense into droplets, thus reliably preventing any fogging-up of the surface.
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Disinfection Soak Stations for Endoscopes

GUS disinfection soak stations for endoscopes enable manual high-level disinfection of endoscopes to protect staff and patients from toxic fumes, while helping meet The Joint Commission and OSHA standards. GUS stations are compatible with all disinfectants (OPA, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide).
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Single-Use 4K, Battery Operated Arthroscope

The Gen II NUVIS Single-Use Arthroscope is a first-of-its-kind 4K endoscope designed for use in arthroscopic surgical procedures that features a patent pending simplified optical train design which reduces the number of optical elements by over 60% while boosting image quality to 4K. The single-use, 4K, battery operated cordless arthroscope is FDA 501(k) cleared, CE marked, and is also compatible with most installed video towers. It will support a 4K camera system without requiring additional capital equipment and has a built-in battery powered LED, which eliminates the light box and bulky light cord.
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Endoscope Console
AdaptivEndo EndoVue

The AdaptivEndo EndoVue console provides a simple image processing solution for small diameter single-use endoscopes in medical offices, ER, and OR settings. It can be mounted on a mobile pole or easily added to an endoscopy cart. The EndoVue console offers the same upscaling and image enhancement features associated with the DuoVue console.
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AdaptivEndo Ureteroscope

The AdaptivEndo Ureteroscope meets the clinical need for a single-use ureteroscope with quality imaging and a large tool channel by providing a cost effective alternative with integrated irrigation control. It incorporates innovative construction techniques to make single-use ureteroscopes an economically viable alternative.
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AdaptivEndo Cholangioscope

Compatible with the GIVue Console, the AdaptivEndo Cholangioscope provides 4-way steering and works in concert with the AdaptivEndo Single-use Hybrid Duodenoscope. It can be seamlessly added to the GIVue Console during ERCP, mid-procedure, allowing the clinician to incorporate cholangioscopy when direct visualization is required.
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Endoscope Control Console
DuoVue Control Console

The AdaptivEndo DuoVue control console is only 3.5" tall and can easily be added to an existing tower stack. It provides the ability to operate two endoscopes simultaneously while its control console supports procedures across multiple disciplines, including urology and gastroenterology. In addition to supporting dual endoscope procedures, the DuoVue is also capable of interfacing with any AdaptivEndo hybrid endoscope and up to two AdaptivEndo single-use endoscopes.
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AdaptivEndo Colonoscope/Sigmoidscope

AdaptivEndo has designed five different cartridges for lower GI procedures with the shortest being a sigmoidoscope with a 12.5 mm tool channel. Colonoscope cartridges have been designed with options for two different diameter insertion tubes (10 mm and 12.5 mm), as well as two different lengths (long versus standard). The 12.5 mm insertion tube versions provide a large 3.7 mm tool channel and a tissue irrigation nozzle for therapeutic applications.
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AdaptivEndo Gastroscope

The AdaptivEndo Gastroscope Cartridge is used for general upper diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It comes with two Gastroscope cartridges - the first cartridge incorporates a smaller insertion tube for pediatric applications or where esophageal/duodenum patency is an issue, while the second cartridge incorporates a larger insertion tube with a therapeutic (3.7 mm) tool channel.
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AdaptivEndo Duodenoscope

The AdaptivEndo Duodenoscope is a specialized endoscope used primarily for ERCP, but also for Cholangioscopy. It is side-viewing and enables direct visualization of the major duodenal papilla en-face. The steering and elevator response provides a familiar interface for clinicians. The single-use Duodenoscope cartridge eliminates reprocessing and the related infection risks.
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Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor

The EU-ME3 endoscopic ultrasound processor provides outstanding image quality and functionality – the image quality has been substantially enhanced compared to the prior generation model (EU-ME2), providing enhanced visualization, and therefore supporting more reliable diagnosis and treatment. Shear Wave Quantification, a newly equipped feature for EU-ME3, also contributes to accurate diagnosis by providing quantitative information on the stiffness of tumor and inflammatory lesions, which is an important factor when diagnosing a degree of pancreatitis and malignancy of pancreatic cancer during endoscopic ultrasonography.
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4K Ultra HD Fluorescence Endoscopic System
FloNavi 214K Series 4K Ultra HD Fluorescence Endoscopic System

The FloNavi 214K Series 4K Ultra HD Fluorescence Endoscopic System enhances visualization of tissue perfusion in real-time and enables users to switch between 4K White Light Mode, 4K Standard FL Mode, Color Scale FL Mode, and Multi-Display Mode at any time during the surgery. Allowing for real-time lymphatic system tracking, tissue perfusion observation, and accurate tumor boundary mapping, the system provides multiple minimally invasive applications.
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Single-Use Sterile Bronchoscope
Ambu aScope 5 Broncho

The Ambu aScope 5 Broncho family of single-use sterile bronchoscopes combines the excellent maneuverability and next-level imaging needed in the bronchoscopy suite with the sterility and efficiency of the single-use concept. A variety of sizes available in storage eliminates the inefficiency of cancellations and rescheduling, while users get a brand-new, sterile bronchoscope straight from the pack every time, eliminating the risk of patient-to-patient contamination.
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Digital Video Laryngoscope
SmartScope LV Pro

The SmartScope LV Pro is a digital video laryngoscope made from high quality material with anti-shatter protection and features an ergonomic and durable design for long time usage. It comes with disposable blades to avoid cross infection along with anti-fog lens and anti-microbial handle.
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Endoscopic OR Display

The E240CG endoscopic operating room displays offers a widescreen full HD LCD panel for accurate color rendering, excellent layering, smooth and dynamic images and an expanded visual scope for clear and precise observation of surgical sites in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The display is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of various kinds of endoscopic displays or operating room and ICU displays due to its white frame, water-proof design, antibacterial treatment, compliance with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and multiple video input/output interfaces.
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