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The EC-500 colonoscope features a light weight handle for a better operating experience and a gradual stiffness design to provide doctors with the ideal insert experience. It uses a water jet for efficient and strong water pressure to enable a clean view for doctors at all times.
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The Gimmi AlphaScope line consists of high quality scopes with a rod lense system especially calculated for every scope and provides outstanding image brightness and brilliant detail representation. The use of the latest manufacturing processes and technologies, and high quality parts guarantees high stability.
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DEC Duodenoscope (ED34-i10T2)

The DEC Duodenoscope (ED34-i10T2) combines high quality imaging and therapeutic performance with patient safety features to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection. The device’s single-use, sterile, distal end cap is designed to reduce the likelihood of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infections, while its improved design allows easy access for brush cleaning with the exposure of critical surfaces of the device.
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Ultrasound Endoscope

The EG-3270UK slim linear ultrasound endoscope features a slimmer insertion tube, a smaller distal end, and a shorter bending section to help endoscopists access and visualize hard-to-reach anatomy for a wider range of patients. Its curved, linear-array transducer delivers high-resolution ultrasound imaging and great visualization capabilities, making it suitable for endoscopic ultrasound in everyday practice as well as a wide range of procedures.
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Reusable Laryngoscope

The SharnSelect brand of fiber optic reusable laryngoscopes has been tested to comply with ASTM standards for MR-conditional devices in up to 3.0 Tesla environments. The line of laryngoscopes offers a wider selection that fills current gaps in the MR laryngoscope market at affordable prices.
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Mobile Endoscopic Workstation

The WM-NP2 is a mobile endoscopic workstation that features an LCD monitor arm, central switch and cable management system for enhanced user comfort and safety. It supports easy access to all devices that are needed in surgical and medical endoscopy and can accommodate a wide range of electro-medical devices to meet the requirements of either routine or advanced endoscopic procedures.
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Balloon Catheters

Esoflip balloon catheters are indicated for dilating the gastroesophageal junction of a patient with achalasia and to dilate esophageal strictures due to esophageal surgery, primary gastroesophageal reflux disease or radiation therapy. The advanced balloon dilation technology used during endoscopy transforms patient treatment of esophageal strictures without the need for fluoroscopy.
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Endoscopic Imaging System

The Endoflip is an advanced imaging system that uses patented technology to provide an internal view of the gastroesophageal junction during endoscopic and surgical procedures. It captures vital measurements of the pressure and dimensions in the esophagus and within other sphincters of the alimentary canal to assist in motility assessment and evaluating gastrointestinal disorders.
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Dual Endoscopic/Otoscopic Camera
Insight – One

The Insight – One is a cart-type dual endoscopic/otoscopic camera system with a 21.5-inch TFT LED and is compatible with any telescope with coupler lens. It uses a LED 30,000 Lux light source integrated with 5,000 K Color temperature, with additional light source available for flexible endoscope.
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Rigid Video Intubation Scope

The A10H is a rigid video intubation scope designed for intubation of difficult airways and features a distal tip with rounded edge to reduce the possibility of tissue damage. It has a working length of 400 mm and features a 5-inch LCD screen with wide view angle along with a portable 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen.
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Portable Video Intubation Scope

The A30 is a portable video intubation scope having a working length of 60 cm and insertion tube outer diameter of 3.2 mm. It offers a 90 degree field of view and 3-50 mm depth of field, and features a rechargeable battery with a continuous operating time of six hours.
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Digital Video Colposcope System
LT-300 HD

The LT-300 HD is a digital video colposcope system that features SONY’s high definition CCD imaging module and a super bright LED light source to reproduce the true color of the tissues. It comes with Colposcope data management software and an optional workstation, which includes computer tower with mouse and keyboard, monitor, footswitch and workstation trolley.
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Endoscopy System

The HDL-330 endoscopy system offers two types of light sources to choose from, the HDL-330 with a Xenon lamp and the HDL-330E with an LED lamp. The Xenon lamp in the HDL-330 has an extraordinary color temperature of over 5,900K which is nearly identical to the natural sunlight under vertical daylight, while its Color Rendering Index of over 90 provides the most vivid image for accurate diagnosis.
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Image Processor

The HD-330 is a powerful image processor built on the DSP-based platform with state-of–the–art image processing technology for providing high quality images and offers multiple imaging technologies. Other features such as image noise reduction, edge enhancement, CHB enhancement, and improved light source help deliver sophisticated images for an excellent diagnostic experience.
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Video Gastroscope

The EG-330 series video gastroscope offers exceptional image quality and illumination, optimized control body and a 140° field of view. Its 9.3mm distal end diameter and 2.8mm forceps channel, combined with an ergonomic design, make it highly-suited for various therapeutic applications and treatments.
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