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Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation

The Acessa Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation (Lap-RFA) procedure is a minimally invasive, outpatient treatment that involves two small abdominal incisions and uses controlled radiofrequency energy, heat, to cause coagulative necrosis of the fibroid tissue. Unlike many alternative interventions, the Acessa procedure optimizes imaging of the uterus by simultaneously displaying the laparoscopic camera view and the ultrasound view in real-time, so physicians can identify and treat nearly all locations of fibroids, including those outside the uterine cavity and within uterine walls.
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Needle Holder for Laparoscopy

ERAGONstitch is a three-part modular generation of needle holder for laparoscopy that can be dismantled into three parts and combined to suit the needs of the user. Two ergonomic handle designs, two sheath diameters, three working lengths and a total of five different jaw parts cover every user requirement.
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Laparoscopy Telescope

The PANOVIEW ULTRA range of laparoscopy telescopes offers improved depth of field, luminous intensity, natural colors and a modern ultra HD quality. Optimized for high-resolution image quality, they provide uniform sharpness right to the edge and are compatible with the existing systems, matching the same light cable that is standard with 10 mm telescopes.
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Insufflator Highflow 45

The Insufflator Highflow 45 provides the user with four individual need-based hardware versions and an intuitive operating concept to save time, improve control and provide outstanding support for the surgeon. It has a flow rate of max. 45 l/min to always provide adequate performance reserves in order to master every situation and comes with preset profiles for standard laparoscopy, gynecology and urology.
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Laparoscopic Training Simulator
Simbionix LAP Mentor

The Simbionix LAP Mentor is a multi-disciplinary laparoscopic training simulator with VR that provides the widest array of hands-on laparoscopic training available across multiple disciplines. The system features 17 training modules and over 70 tasks and cases, including general, gynecology, urology, bariatric, colorectal, and thoracic surgery.
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C.A.P. HD Duodenoscope

The C.A.P. HD Duodenoscope is the first FDA-cleared duodenoscope with a disposable distal cap and is designed to improve the standards of treatment and safety for both routine and advanced ERCP. It features HD+ High Definition imaging, improved clinical control, as well as a detachable and disposable distal cap to improve access for cleaning and reprocessing.
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3D Endoscopic System
EinsteinVision 3D

The EinsteinVision 3D system for conventional endoscopic laparoscopy offers Full HD visualization and the latest in 3D technology to optimize hand-eye coordination and help surgeons maintain high concentration. It increases precision by allowing surgeons to correctly pick up delicate structures, perfectly position suture needles, and precisely separate extremely fine tissue structures.
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Laparoscopic Insufflators
Laparoscopic Insufflators

Ackermann’s range of laparoscopic insufflators provide up to 45 liters of insufflation, in-built gas pre-heating systems, external desufflation valves to avoid cross-contamination, and pressure-controlled insufflations. Their large displays show all the important measures during procedures, bottle pressure monitoring, and also offer adjustment and pre-selection possibilities.
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Spackman Insufflation Cannula

The SPC1001-M spackman insufflation cannula is meant for single-use to eliminate the difficulty in cleaning the occluded acorn end. It features an adjustable vulsellum plate and is also available with a moveable acorn option.
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Percutaneous Surgical System

The Percuvance is designed to provide performance similar to larger tools used in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries. Features include a less than 3-mm diameter shaft, sufficiently strong to hold structures, and the system requires fewer trocars and causes less trauma for the patient.
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Surgical Assistance System

The ViKY can be used to either guide and hold the endoscope during laparoscopic interventions or as a holding and positioning system for uterine manipulators. The ViKY provides support in general surgery, as well as urological and gynecological procedures.
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Video Laparoscope
Endoeye Flex

The Endoeye Flex offers HD resolution in a 5 mm autoclavable device, providing bright, crisp images that enable surgeons to see fine details during surgery. The product offers 100-degree angulation in all directions for complete visualization of complex anatomical structures.
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