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Operating Room Equipment

Operating Room Equipment
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Vaginal Speculum
Graves Vu-More

The Graves Vu-More is a titanium-coated vaginal speculum with a wider blade design and a larger view area (four cms vs. the standard three cms). It features the same classic design as MedGyn’s stainless steel version with a light-weight, durable titanium coating.
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LED Examination Light

The ACEMSO15F is a focusable LED examination light with a light intensity of 110,000 LUX and low power consumption (25 W), offering excellent light intensity, IR-free light beam, light beam focusing and long life. Its LED layout provides visual comfort and produces a uniform, homogeneous and shadowless light, making it ideal for diagnostics, minor surgery and universal applications in intensive care, recovery room, first aid, cosmetic surgery and dental treatment.
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Trocar System
TRINOX Trocar System

The TRINOX Trocar System offers a high degree of functionality and reliability, and is easy to handle with no additional handle to open/close. Made of stainless steel and almost indestructible, it is available in all necessary types, lengths and diameters along with a large range of accessories.
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Minor Procedure Light
Green Series 600

The Green Series 600 minor procedure light with the ability to control the light output is designed specifically for demanding viewing conditions. It features three white LEDs in a wider head with an integrated handle for easy maneuverability with the aim of improving patient exams while reducing environmental impact.
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Gynecological Table

The JM-4F gynecological table is suitable for any kind of gynecological examination and operation, and makes ergonomic examination and diagnosis possible for the doctor. It features Visco elastic seamless mattress that ensures hygienic conditions and patient comfort, and can be easily cleaned in accordance with hospital decontamination rules.
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Mobile Operating Light

The DL-2MB mobile operating light features high LED technology to fulfill the lighting requirements of any kind of operation and allows for maximum lighting level by a single button. Its battery system runs automatically in case of electricity failure and provides continuous energy for 2.5 hours, while its multi-functional control panel allows for monitoring of battery status and adjusting lamp functions.
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Operating Table

The OP-2P operating table features a design which can be adjusted to arrive at a suitable position for carrying out all surgical operations and maximizing operational efficiency. Its telescopic body specifications enable height adjustment at different levels and it features a wheel system made of ABS plastic with high multi-directional mobility.
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Instrument Trays
InstruSafe da Vinci SP

The InstruSafe da Vinci SP comprises eight new trays designed to accommodate the newest da Vinci Surgical System Instrumentation and consists of instrument, procedure and accessory trays, each holding a range of one to six instruments. The trays provide 360 degrees of protection for instruments during sterilization, transportation and storage, and are validated for steam sterilization in the sterile wrap configuration for the da Vinci SP instrumentation.
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Foreign Body Removal Device

The Vacutract is a foreign body removal device that is designed to safely and easily remove difficult objects from nasal and ear cavities. The single-use, non-sterile suction device features a suction cup that conforms to almost any shape and works with standard suction tubing and system.
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ENT Instrument Trays
ENT Instrument Trays

InstruSafe ENT Instrument Protection Trays are designed to protect delicate middle ear instruments, minimize handling and allow fast instrument identification. The trays meet AORN and AAMI guidelines for steam and gas flow during sterilization, and engravable plaques can be added to label sets for identification.
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Surgical Table
Dr. MAX 7000S Series

The Dr. MAX 7000S Series surgical table features a streamlined design and a fully electromotive hydraulic drive that provides multi-purpose functions. It enables optimal flexibility and versatility for effective patient positioning, while its tabletop sliding function minimizes set-up time and patient discomfort.
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Surgical Light
Dr. Lite Series

The Dr. Lite Series halogen surgical light features an aerodynamically-designed light head that reduces the amount of bacteria circulated and provides a more sterile working environment. Its specific coating filtration lens reduces the heat generated in the light cone and absorbs 99% of the undesired thermal radiation.
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iCE Series

The iCE Series Booms/Pendants provides the option of integrating Amico’s (Patient Lift Pendant) patient lift, in addition to customizing the length of the boom arm to fit the unique needs of any facility. It rotates 340 degrees in a fixed location, as well as 340 degrees around a central point and is 100% customizable for future upgrading.
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Medical Light
Mira90 LED

The Mira90 LED medical light features precisely positioned LEDs that allow for superior shadow control, depth of field and light intensity. It offers a CRI of 95, a color temperature of 4,500K and a light intensity (central luminance) of 90,000 Lux (8571 fc) at 1m (39.37 inches) which produce excellent color accuracy for minor surgeries and examinations.
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Patient Positioner
Allen Advance Table Lateral System

The Allen Advance Table Lateral System can be used with the Allen Advance Table to provide a flexing, lateral surgical patient support platform. The accessories in this set allow a lateral patient to be rotated directly onto the prone supports via the manual rotation capabilities of the Allen Advance Table.
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