Operating Room Equipment

Operating Room Equipment
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Medical Video Recorder

The DVMAXX HD medical grade HD video recorder is designed to capture and record content in full 1920 x 1080 HD. The addition of a 3.5-inch LCD monitor creates a user-friendly environment for easy navigation and viewing of live content or playback.
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Ceiling Lift
Hoyer Elara

The Hoyer Elara ceiling lift features illuminating end panels and weight indicator that allows caregivers to perform vital job duties safely and with minimal disruption to patients. It can accommodate a wide range of custom layouts to meet individual and exacting requirements and its extensive lifting range makes it suitable for a variety of settings.
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Prone Position Support
Face-Cradle Prone Support System

The Face-Cradle Prone Support System is meant for use in prone position surgeries to offer the clinician greater visibility of the patient’s face. Its fully-adjustable cushion set accommodates most adult head sizes and offers greater patient stability.
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Blade Remover
Bard Parker Blade Remover

The Bard Parker Blade Remover allows surgical team members to safely remove up to five contaminated blades per remover without the need to touch the blade, thereby protecting caregivers from sharp injuries. Its clear lid allows for easy counting of used blades, and its adhesive backing secures to any surface, including drapes, while its locking tabs prevent the blades from being removed from the device.
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Disposable Scalpel Handle
Bard Parker SafeSwitch Disposable Scalpel Handle and Scalpel Handle Cover

The Bard Parker line of weighted SafeSwitch Disposable Scalpel Handles offers surgeons the ability to safely retract, pass and disarm surgical blades in one step using one hand, thus helping to prevent sharp injuries. They offer the convenience of compatibility with a wide range of blades and sizes, and help protect surgical teams from injuries that may occur before, during and after surgical procedures.
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LED Surgical Light
Aurinio LED

The Aurinio LED OR light offers cool light to protect the tissue of patients from dehydration and ensure ideal work conditions for doctors and personnel. The power LEDs feature extremely low maintenance, are reliable and have a longer service life than other light sources despite offering maximum luminous efficacy.
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OR integration system

The Paramon OR is an intuitive and user friendly integration system that allows saving and previewing frequently used room configurations for lighting, room cameras, individual routing settings, etc. to reduce turn-around time and expedite room setup. It allows sharing of data instantly and controlling compatible surgical equipment to perform tasks and assist team members from a single location.
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OR Ceiling Supply System
Medidrant CSS OR

The Medidrant OR ceiling supply system features a twin base design for the maximum number of attachments, an integrated supplementary tool for indirect lighting with LED, and a number of connection options for power, gas and data outlets. The ceiling stand ensures greater freedom of movement, while the wide range of equipment options and models ensures optimum patient care.
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Surgical Light
TruLight 5500

The TruLight 5500 is a simple to use and lightweight surgical light that can be easily positioned and adapted to meet the requirements of any procedure or operation. Its flexible design, multi-lens matrixes, adjustable color temperature, and the optional camera integration make it versatile enough for any surgical application.
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LED Surgical Light
DL-66A | DL-66D

The DL-66A | DL-66D LED operating lights feature LED bulbs with 50,000 hours of lifetime and allows for maximum lighting level by a single button. It has an adjustable color temperature of between 3500-5000 °K and enables automatic switching off of related LED sections to prevent formation of shade on the lighting area when faced with a barrier.
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Imaging Table

The XT-15 imaging table with a non-metallic carbon fiber top tray enables excellent C-arm accessibility and maximum imaging quality at low radiation. It features an ergonomically designed hand control unit for enabling height adjustment and floating plate movements, along with a multi-directional wheel system.
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Ceiling Surgical Light

The LED DUPLEX 4LE-4LE is a ceiling surgical light designed to provide effective and flexible lighting in the operative theatre, with adjustable color, temperature and luminous intensity via an adjust dimmer placed in the dome arch. It comprises an optical plate composed of five segments, each featuring 18 power LEDS for a total of 72 power LEDS per dome, to ensure ideal lighting conditions for video surgeries by reducing eye fatigue.
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Wall-mounted Surgical Light

The WALL MOUNTED M1LE is a wall-mounted surgical light designed to provide effective lighting in the operating field, with adjustable color, temperature and luminous intensity via an adjust dimmer placed in the dome arch. It comprises an optical plate composed of five segments each featuring 18 power LEDS for a total of 90 power LEDS per dome and guarantees high reflection and great luminosity in the surgical field.
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Surgical Navigation Platform
Stryker ADAPT Platform

The Stryker ADAPT Platform is a fully-equipped mobile surgical navigation platform featuring a 24-inch HD surgeon monitor and a HD touchpad user interface with RFID-reader. Its portable and mobile design along with its small footprint allows it to be integrated seamlessly into the operating room or office setting.
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Medical Pendant

The Genius medical pendant can carry medium to heavy loads and is fitted with E-Brake electromagnetic brakes, which can be controlled via the service unit or the operating theatre’s control panel. Its large cross-section arms (113 mm) accommodate cables and tubing, and a simple position-stop system can be adjusted from outside, making it suitable for ICUs and surgical suites.
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