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Operating Room Equipment

Operating Room Equipment
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Endometrial Ablation (GEA) Device
NovaSure V5

The new NovaSure V5 global endometrial ablation (GEA) device has an updated cervical seal, featuring EndoForm technology, designed to increase the sealing surface and accommodate a range of cervical canals and anatomical variability. The device’s AccuSheath markings are designed to improve the accuracy and confidence of seating and fundal placement. It is also equipped with SureClear technology, Hologic's unique fluid removal system, which provides integrated suction through the array by constant tissue contact while simultaneously removing ablation by products such as vapor and fluid from the uterus. The NovaSure V5 endometrial ablation system is not only outfitted to support the physician through comfort and control but is also specifically designed to cater to various cervical canal sizes.
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Single Head Operating Room Ceiling Light

The DL-6D is a single head operating room ceiling light with 68 LED bulbs and a light power of 160,000 lux that allows all functions to be accessed with the touch LCD screen located on the edge of the light head. The light level can be adjusted between 1-100 on the control panel to the exact desired light level while the light diameter of the head can be easily adjusted between 12-30 cm for wide or narrow surgical areas.
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Operating Light

The DL-62D operating light consists of one main head of 65 cm in diameter and one satellite head of 44 cm in diameter, which provides ease of use in narrow spaces. The color temperature of the lights can be selected in seven different settings between 3500K-5000K, allowing users to see the tissues in true color.
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Mobile LED Operating Light

The TRLED-SZ4M mobile type LED operating light features 2 LED bulbs having an average bulb life of 50,000 hours. Other features include a light field diameter of 1m (cm):10-28, color rendering index of 100≥Ra≥85, and color temperature (K) of 4500±500.
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Hydraulic Operation Table
3001/3001A/3001AL Hydraulic Operation Table

The 3001/3001A/3001AL hydraulic operation tables are side operating universal tables with the lifting controlled by a foot oil pump and the remaining movements controlled by mechanical transmission side manipulation. 3001 is standard type, 3001A is add base shell and stand column made of stainless steel, while 3001AL is a widening type with a table width of 520mm, and base shell and stand column made of stainless steel.
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LED Light Source
L10 LED Light Source with AIM

The L10 LED light source is designed to provide real-time endoscopic visibility and near-infrared fluorescence imaging. This enables users to perform minimally invasive surgery using standard endoscopic visible light as well as visual assessment of vessels, blood flow, related tissue perfusion and biliary anatomy with near-infrared imaging.
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C-Arm Table
Medstone5 PM

The Medstone5 PM C-arm table is an ideal complement for various applications including electrophysiology, pain management, ENT and other applications where all five table movements and high quality imaging is necessary. The table with a patient weight capacity of 227 kg / 500lbs offers ease of use with motorized movements along with auto horizontal and center home positioning.
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C-Arm Table
Medstone ERCP

The Medstone ERCP c-arm tables are ideal for any procedure that requires heavier load capacity as well as broader table width. Motorized movements together with auto horizontal and center home positioning offer ease of use while the carbon fiber table top ensures metal free imaging.
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Medical Ceiling Pendant

The SEcure-SJW mechanical surgical pendant provides a loading platform, air source and power supply for related medical equipment. The surgical pendant with single or dual-arm provides a safe, high efficient and clean environment for doctors and nurses, and is commonly used in the operating room, ICU and delivery room.
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Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

The XHT-D electro-hydraulic operating table has the lowest table board position (520mm) and a 510mm table board lift distance, allowing it to be applied in all kinds of surgeries. The comprehensive operating table offers electric push rod drive, low noise, slow and steady operation, excellent reliability and stability to meet neurosurgery and ophthalmology surgery needs.
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Patient Positioning Solution

The ARCUS 701 + CSF carbon spine frame for ARCUS and AXIS series is a patient positioning solution for in spine surgery that offers benefits such as motorized table top adjustment, unhindered access for anesthesia staff, equipment and C-arms. It has up to 240kg/529lbs patient weight capacity without floor support and a large 3D X-ray window with no limitation of movement.
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Universal Surgical Table
AXIS 500/ 600/ 700

The AXIS 500/ 600/ 700 universal table for all surgical disciplines features outstanding flexibility along with a uniquely functional design and is the most cantilevered top line OT-table. Its highest weight capacity of 220kg/485lbs for a cantilevered column table with 1450mm/57" X-ray window means more safety for all kind of patient positions, all kind of operations, all surgical disciplines and a much more stable table.
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Mobile Surgical Table
SC 5010 SEK

The SC 5010 SEK mobile surgical table takes users to the next generation of optimized procedure performance, fast and swift workflow as well as ergonomic patient positioning and comfort. It features several adjustable and/or detachable segments that support an ergonomic gentle posture of the surgeon and provides unrestricted access to the surgical area, while various accessories support a number of surgical procedures.
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Ceiling Mounted Shadowless Operation Lamp

The K700-500-II is a multifunction LED luminescent shadowless operation lamp provides uniform illumination to completely eliminate shadows and meet the requirements of all surgical operations. Its reflector system designed in CAD provides color temperature close to that of sunlight, making the tissue surface visible under natural color while its special heat-isolated radiation filter reduces heat to a minimum level.
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LED Ceiling Surgical Light

The LED700 LED ceiling surgical light is significantly brighter, whiter and cooler than other surgical lights based on earlier technologies. It provides accurate colors with remarkable shadow control and virtually no heat emission, making it more comfortable to work with than other lights.
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